Saturday, July 27, 2019

External and Internal Environment Analysis Essay

External and Internal Environment Analysis - Essay Example Its different branches serve their respective localities. I will discuss the environment of the branch that serves my community. External Environmental Analysis External environment of Human-Care Organization consists of all those elements in the remote, industrial and external operating environment that impact upon the design of its strategic plans and define its competitive position in the market. The environmental variables or these elements are important to identify here. In the remote environment, most important are the technological and legal forces that must be dealt with quite efficiently and changes in whom must be kept track of to reach effective strategic options to a problem. Changes in the technological world define the competitive situation of this organization thus it places great stress upon learning and implementing new technologies that help the organization bring together its clients and legal service providers on a collaborative platform. In the industrial environ ment, the most important factors affecting this organization are the competitors and the potential entrants in this business. The organization has to keep constant check on the changes occurring in the competitive market so that such decisions should be made that keep the organization at par with its competitors. The operational external environment involves the clients most importantly who come to the branch and report their complaints about any unfair treatment they may be receiving from other citizens or from the government. Their satisfaction is vital for the sustainability of this organization and hence they are one of the most important external environmental factors affecting its integrity. Effective communication with clients and regular contact with them until the problem is resolved is one of the main objectives if this organization. Internal Environment Analysis Just like external environment, the organization gives great importance to its internal environment and lays ou t such strategic plans that guarantee that all internal factors are working properly and in nice coordination. Internal environment is defined as â€Å"the conditions, entities, events, and factors within an organization that influence its activities and choices, particularly the behavior of the employees† (WebFinance, Inc, 2011). Internal factors mainly include the mission statement, leadership, organizational culture comprising of employees and management, and resources. Strengths Although all of these factors are very important for the sustainability of the internal organizational culture; yet, the leadership and the employees are the most significant factors that drive the organization. The leadership of Human-Care Organization is provided by Henry Steve who is known to be a proficient and ethical leader. His leadership has provided the company with such a motivational platform where the whole management and labor works in harmony to achieve the organizational mission and the objective of the mission statement. Moreover, the employees work in collaboration and are kept happy and satisfied with their jobs. This has improved the workplace culture and job satisfaction. Employees are given their due rewards and regular bonuses to motivate them to do hard work. Their problems are listened to and solved.

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