Sunday, July 28, 2019

Corporate Social Responsibility Report Assignment

Corporate Social Responsibility Report - Assignment Example Externally the company strives to comply with its legal responsibilities based on law, legislation and its duties as a taxpayer. Still, the company has a responsibility as a member of the society, community and environment which it operates. It has to offer due diligence, care and protection to that environment. Therefore, Total is socially responsible because it has invested heavily in the development of human capital, protecting the environment and its enhancement of how it relates with all its stakeholders. The company treats all its stakeholders in a manner deemed acceptable in a civilized society. The business is economically profitable, adheres to the rule of law, ethical and socially supportive. The multinational covers all the four tenets of corporate social responsibility which explains the success in its operations.Taking into consideration that CSR is a designed policy to ensure that public interest is promoted proactively so that the growth and development of the communit y is realized, I would market the CSR of Total as a member of the marketing team in the following ways. ... This applies to a company operating in vice products like Total that has faced so many environmental suits due to oil spills before. As a result of this Total has an opportunity to still penetrate the market. Secondly I would strive to make the customers feel fulfilled, this is derived from the fact that customers normally only purchase products that is vast in its CSR activities (Hopkins, 2004). This makes the customer feel a sense of gratitude and fulfillment hence loyalty to a company. It is important for the public to understand the CSR activities of the business because; as a result, most customers will always want to associate with companies that return back to the society apart from just making profits. The customer loyalty created ensures increased consistent sales making CSR a very powerful marketing tool for most companies and Total in specific. As has already been mentioned, CSR will also make customers feel a sense of gratitude and fulfillment. This has the potential impa ct of product patronage hence translating into brand and loyalty to the company. Intensified CSR is able to calm down the perception of the public in the event of a large public relations crisis hence lessen the impacts of the negative publicity (Hopkins, 2004). As it has been witnessed CSR has the power to benefit both the society and the environment on legal, moral and ethical basis apart from the contributions of the same to economic growth and development. The results of CSR are far-reaching as it surpasses its impacts on mere individuals and localities. It crises crosses the whole society, communities and a whole large settlements. CSR policies, programs and processes are strategic and has a series of business related benefits to the operations of any form of profit oriented

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