Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Research paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words - 15

Research paper - adjudicate ExampleOver the years, the region has become the centre for conflicts as the United States has been keen on safeguarding its divert and those of Israel in the region. This vast region is generally very hot and dry while its soil fiber is sandy soil, which does not support plant cover.Ideally, the Middle atomic number 99 mainly comprises of the Arab culture but it excessively accommodates other minute descents of the Turks, Iranians, and Israelis. Therefore, the most common religion in here is the Islamic religion. Over the years, this Iraq is a rich oil-producing region across the founding, but poor administration has influenced its stunted economic growth. With most of the world nations being oil and petroleum reliant, economic growth was inevitable due to heavy supply of these products. With this, this render will delve into the environmental issues and problems in the Middle East region, especially Iraq and the impacts of the same. Further, the f ocus will also be on the ways of influencing positive relationship between the USA and the people of the Middle East within my personal view.The attacks on American soil of the 9/11 terrorist bother by the Al Qaeda in 2001 was the turning point as this made the country to scale up its efforts towards hold insurgency on its soil and in foreign lands. The result of this was a pledge by chairperson George Bush to wage war on terror to the point that this would no longer be a threat to the progress of this super power (Fontenot, Degen and Tohn 16). This led to the funding of military activities in Iraq in an feat to destroy the threat that Iraq posed to other nations such as Israel through its leader Saddam ibn Talal Hussein because of their alleged possession of nuclear very destructive weapons. The American administration at the time pledged that the military activity in Iraq was a way of protecting Israel because it was prone to such attacks. In essence, the dead-end street bet ween Iraq and Israel began in the 1980s when the latter

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