Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Politicians and religious leaders Essay Example for Free

Politicians and religious leadership EssayWhat is courage and how do slew define it? A lot of passel concur their deliver definitions of courage and a lot of them see it in many different ways. According to Websters lexicon courage implies firmness of mind and will in the face of danger or extreme bar (Courage). But in my own opinion having courage takes a lot of self self-confidence and audaciousness to be able to face superstar thing or do something that is very gainsay and difficult. A lot of people define courage in lots of various ways.For separate people such as soldiers, it whitethorn mean like fighting on a battle and approach all their enemies with start any feeling of fear or hesitation to be able to serve their hoidenish and other people willing to sacrifice their lives for the good of man descriptor and benefit of their country. In many circumstances, each(prenominal) and every various(prenominal) in the world has courage. Different types of courage u nderside be seen in their inciteions, words, whole kit and boodle and other aspects of every humans life. There argon different kinds of courage and it depends on how an individual wants to illustrate it.There be physical types of courage and moral ones. Physical courage could pertain to facing or dealing with something that has something to do with being valiant and not feeling afraid of getting physically hurt and willing to face any kind of danger that can cause an individual to maintain physically or even face death. On the other hand moral courage is cerebrate to becoming brave and the act of doing something that is deemed to be right. It shows the readiness of an individual to demonstrate the right act notwithstanding of different consequences such as being put into shame or scandal.Two different kind of courageousness yet they both share only one thought and meaning, which is being fearless and establish to face anything whatever consequence it may lead one person (We lsh). People manifest the act of courage everyday as they live their life. From infants to adults, courage is always present and can be discover to each and every individual on earth. For instance, a one year old child should bear courage to be able to learn to walk, children needs courage to go to their first day of civilise and meet new people, teachers, classmates and friends, even an adult should have courage to apply for a job and make working on a company.Another example is a man who loves a woman should have courage to tell her what he feels to achieve what he wants and he should also be ready for whatever consequence it may lead him, like knowing that the girl loves him too or it could be the other way around. Courageousness is the one who pushes somebody to do something no matter what outcome may be. Furthermore, ptyalize people such as those who have serious illness who wants to live longer should have a lot of courage to fight for their lives and survive to be able t o live longer. Politicians and religious leaders are also a good example of people who demonstrates courage.As for politicians, they have the courage to lead people and do their best to make things in order while religious leaders teaches people lessons in life and encourage people to do good and to be closer to God. They serve people and they are brave enough to do their tasks no matter what consequence they may get and experience out of their courageous act such as false accusations, mockery and scandals. Simple things in life overlook courage in order for somebody to do and face it. The true meaning of courage can be seen in every individuals heart. Being brave is to stand up for what one person believes and act on it.It is something that can be seen in every human being. Courage may sound a very simple word but it has a great meaning and esteem to every person in the world. Without courage the world would be chaotic and the world will not be a better world. Works Cited Courage . Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary. 2009. Merriam-Webster Online. 2 April 2009 http//www. merriam-webster. com/dictionary/courage Welsh, Bill. Definition of Courage. 116acw. acc. af. mil. 14 family 2006. 2 April 2009 http//www. 116acw. acc. af. mil/news/story. asp? id=123027106

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