Saturday, March 9, 2019

Bugsy Malone and a short comparison Essay

In this scene when Peter comes back and surprises them, it almost as if they deliver e genuinely thing they have said to have not happened, which is representative of children, they are relieved to see Peter and are happy. Further on in the scene John tries to regain his pride by pretext he knows closely the way the wop got out ect. At the oddment of the scene John and Peter join forces as I were to go to the top and find out what id happening, this ingredient was playacted quite well, it was toilsome because the lines all sound the same and remembering them was not easy, the rest of the company stayed in character really well.The last few scenes are precise short and consist of John and Peter scaring the rest of the group acquire pretending they have been caught, the rest of the group played this part very well, and acted as children would in this kind of situation, Me and Fraser were not on stage a lot but played it fairly well when we were. This entire play was very dif ficult to perform because of lines, accents and movement ECT. We tried to use spot effectively and we used costume to add to the effect.I think that everyplace all we did quite well performing this piece. Bugsy Mal whiz and a short semblance As I do not know much about Bugsy Malone, I will only write a brief part on it, the basic out line of this story is that children who are impersonate into bighearted situations, in the reverse to Blue Remembered Hills, are gangsters who fight against individually other throughout the play, Bugsy is the leader f one gang. The gangs compete with things to fork out and get better than the other gang, instead of using guns, they use rouge guns and water pistols.I think in comparison to Blue Remembered Hills this shows the pocket-size amount that children and adults know about each others roles in life. The two are very similar in the way that the children in Blue Remembered Hills are put in a very immature situation, and the adults in Bugsy Malone are put in a very adult situation, I both play the characters have very different fears and emotions to one another and these are expressed well throughout both plays.

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