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The Passing Of Arthur And Excalibur :: essays research papers

John Boorman adapted the Passing of Arthur in the movieExcalibur. Movies ar not the only adaptations of Tennysonspoem but there atomic number 18 several art and music adaptations. Examplesof these adaptations include music by Loreena McKennit andpaintings by John William Waterhouse, Howard Pyle and ArthurRackham. In Bela Balazss Art Form and Material Balazs statesthat a good adaptation is a reinterpretation of the original. Boorman uses nature and color to re draw the air of theoriginal text. These techniques enhance the richness of themovie, provide a some(prenominal) in depth view of Arthurs life and make thesetting more interesting.Tennysons descriptive writing allows the reader to form pointed pictures. The tune Tennyson creates focuses a loton the beauty of nature. During the scene when Bedivere throwsExcalibur in the lake he describes the area with zigzag paths,and juts of pointed rock, the shining levels of the lake...thewinter moon, long cloud and frost. He produces an atmosphere ofbleakness and despair. Tennyson concentrates on the image of the winter moon durationBedivere tries to get rid of the Excalibur. This picture makesthe reader think that the setting is a winter shadow. Accordingto Websters dictionary, winter symbolizes of coldness, misery ordeath. overwinter is the season when living things die. The moononly comes out during the night. At night people rest fromtheir busy lives and do nothing. Night closely tie in to winterbecause both are very dark and bleak times. The deprivation of lightshows the sadness happening to Arthur. As Arthur passes the onlylight he has comes from the winter moon. The reader gets thefeeling that Arthur is heading there. Tennyson chooses darkwords and images to create a very desolate and gloomy setting.Sidney Lumet states in Making Movies there are nounimportant decisions in a movie. Production designers repose alot of effort to recreate the original text. The setting is avery important factor in maki ng a movie. It contributes to muchof the style of a movie. Settings reflects many of the film film directorsinsights and opinions. There are times where the director goesto great lengths just to form the perfect scene. They leave nodetail spared. According to Lumet, a directors goal is tocreate a setting so that the audience feels apart of the moviesworld. When the director needs to find a setting for his/her movieLumet recommends to find places that are closest to what youwant to end up with. If the setting needs to be changed it canchange the atmosphere and become expensive too. Art focussing

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