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Term Paper Guidelines

GENERAL GUIDELINES The run along study Report should be written using General Guidelines below and should contain the adjacent parts 1. guise page Cover page Title summon Abstract Page Acknowledgements (optional) Declaration defer of table of contents List of Figures (If Applicable) List of Tables (If Applicable) List of abbreviations and symbols (If Applicable) 2. groundwork (2pages) 3. Literature survey (3pages) 4. intervention Acknowledgement Table of Contents guise Page Declaration Cover Page 5. Conclusion and Recommendation (1page) 6. References (1page) 7. Appendices Guidelines on Content WRITING YOUR PRETEXT PAGESCover Page the page should display call of Institute assimilators Full Name (as it appears on the Faculty Register) Students ID figure of speech (as it appears on the Faculty Register) touch Internship Start and Finish Dates Cover Page should be in regular format as shown below GHANA set up OF MANAGEMENT AND PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION TERM PAPER REPORT St udent Name Student ID NO Title Page should be in standard format as shown below GIMPA BUSINESS SCHOOL GREENHILL COLLEGE Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree Of Month, Year Abstract, Acknowledgement And Table Of ContentAbstract cover where your internship/work was conducted (name of company, department, location, type of business). Summarize your internship goals, activities, and accomplishments, highlighting key knowledge or skills gained. How did this internship benefit you, and how did it benefit the company? The abstract is limited to half page. It should be 1. 0 line-spaced, using only one lieu of the paper, and should be in spite of appearance the internship report margin requirements. Acknowledgement/Dedication If you wish, you may include a page with a brief note of inscription or credit rating of help received from specific individuals.Declaration it should read as below I, the undersigned, obligate that this Internship Report is my original work and that it has not been presented in any separate University or Institution for academic credit. Student full name and ID .. Signature .. Date. Table of Content Internship report should have a Table of Contents for the convenience of the reader. If figures or tables are used in the text, a separate List of Figures or List of Tables should be included as per pretext page guidelines Introduction of the Organization and line AnalysisThis chapter should include the following Branch of trade / field Structure (size, departments) Field of (business) activity / responsibilities Problem analysis description of challenges the intern screwd( but should be managemnt related and not own(prenominal) issues) This section should answer the following questions What is the full style of the judicature? fountain a brief history of the company, full mailing address and germane(predicate) web links. What is the type of ownership of the system of rules? What sector does the organ ization operates in? Provide an organizational chart of the organizationWhat are the problems observed How the problems surfacelined travel the organization Why management should pay attention to the problems Literature Review Students should place their internship/work in the context of their world of study/ metier e. g. marketing, finance etcetera As candidates for an undergraduate degree, they should demonstrate your familiarity with the literature that is applicable to their experience, and ability to evaluate that literature critically, and to apply it in the practical mickle of the internship i. e. in relation to the problem analysis.Include minimum of five(5) references in your literature review. Discussion How has knowledge acquired during studies at Greenhill assisted in resolving issues in your organization (issues mean challenges, opportunities etc) Indicate how the internship/work attunes to the your study program, future plans work or further study This is the h eart of the report. Explain what was learned from the internship/work. The student is to cut into a vivid description of the business they did during internship based on their area of study and any other extra duty performed.In this section the report should answer the following questions What skills and experiences were gained from the intership/work? What kind of responsibilities were undertaken during the internship/work? How are the activities carried out during internship correlated with classroom knowledge? How the internship will influence interns future vocation plans? It should express the following Evaluation of the assigned tasks and the individual work slaying Implications for future study and career planning Comparison of goals and expectations with actual experience Social conditions during internship(atmosphere, work climate, mentoring situation) Conclusions and Recommendation This section should include the following A summary of key conclusions derived from the I nternship experience. General observations about the sector in which your Internship organization operates References students need to support their work with available literature, for instance the company website, pamphlets, publications etc. Use the APA Format of referencing Examples include 1. One author (Jones, 1995) or (Jones, 1995 Smith, 1996). 2.Two authors (Jones and Kane, 1994) or (Jones and Kane, 1994 Smith, 1996). 3. More than two authors (Jones et al. , 1995) or (Jones et al. , 1995a Jones et al. , 1995b Smith et al. , 1994 Smith et al. , 1995). References are listed in alphabetical osrder according to surname and initials of first author. Use the following as an example Rochlin, M. W. , Itoh, K. , Adelstein, R. S. and Bridgman, P. C. (1995). Localization of myosin IIA and B isoforms in cultured neurons. J. Cell Sci. 108, 3661-3670 Number Of Copies You will need to bind one official copy of your Term Paper Report.Submit spiral bound copy to the Grennhill College Secre tariate (SB 219) Paper, Font And spatial arrangement The Term Paper Report must be printed on standard size, white, A4 (8. 27 * 11. 69)80g/m? paper Use double line spacing throughout and print on only one perspective of the paper. Use regular, unadorned print (i. e. New Times papistical), 12 crown font size for text. Scientific names of genera should be underlined or printed in true italics Print in black and white Chapter headings can be in different font but should be consistent in the whole document MarginsThe Term Paper Report should have a minimum margin of 1-1/2 inches (for binding purposes) on the left side of the page 1 inch at the right side 1-1/4 inches at the top and bottom of the page. Pagination All pages except the title page should be minuteed. This includes full-page photographs, charts and graphs, the bibliography, and appendices. For the pretext pages, use downhearted Roman numerals (ii, iii, etc. ). Page i is the abstract page, but the page number is not prin ted on this page. The first item on the Table of Contents list should be the Abstract.This will be followed by the title page, and dedication or acknowledgment section you may wish to include. This is numbered in the small roman series, with the page numbers displayed. The remainder of the internship report is numbered with Arabic numerals (1, 2, etc. ). The page numbers that are displayed must be centered at the bottom of each page, within the bottom margin. Style The Term Paper Report is expected to be analytical rather than descriptive. It should contain accurate, factual information together with sound arguments, conclusions and recommendations.

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