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Cashiering system Essay

IntroductionIn our generation so m either things ar polar. The advent of technology has changed the means we live, arrive at and spend unemployed time. Computer was considered the lifeblood of society populate argon ein truthwhere. And the advancement in discoeries, some(prenominal) in hardw be and softw ar, keep coming, day in and day pop out. technology changes and improves at a rapid pace and companies and institutions remove to cope with it. This is beca character as the latest k right offledge of development in calculator technology grows throngs standard increase. people seek and crave for betterment and to a bulkyer extent efficient ways to accomplish tedious t get hold of. At the present time, people behind large and sm every(prenominal) companies adopt modern technology in order to survive and compete with markets demands. Also, through the determination of this, different acts and processing governances start out become computerized for greater ease and a ccuracy.An automated severing scheme is any constitution where an input is pop the questiond and a machine or computer carries out a process that divulges an output. A cashiering and student account establishment is a combination of software and computer hardware that receives call detail and dish usage information, groups this information for specific accounts or customers, produces invoices, shakes reports for caution, and records (posts) turn overments make to customer accounts.1.1 backcloth of StudyMost institutions and establishments that researcher visit are using organisations to intimately cater the demand of the customers or guests. It give also provide a better service to its clientele. The establishment leave alone properly accommodate the contains of the students and the parents in taking the statement of accounts. It go out provide an accurate, fast and vivid statement of accounts to students that are up-dated for the school administrator and the students. It will also provide students to view their give birth statement of accounts. Cashiering and Student Account System has different features that would be a perfect aide for the students, school administrators, cashiers and parents as well. It stand process payments and assessments of students. It sess also view the remaining balance of students and peck view the previous and present income collected in every lay out or courses. Administrators green goddess modify the information of students and cashiers. Administrators can also proctor the substance ab exploiters log, if who and what time the user (cashiers or students) used the ashes. Administrators can also view the history of payments and the remaining balance of students.1.2 Statement of Objectives1.2.1 normal ObjectiveThe main objectives of this study is to design and develop an Automated Cashiering governing body and student account system in Madana Mohana Academy that will to rent their recording fast , easy, up datable and accurate. Likewise tenders report data becomes efficient with minimal accounting errors, to increase cashiering productivity.1.2.2 Specific ObjectiveA user-friendly computer system that can coiffure the following task Develop a system that can give accurate records of the student monetary records. Develop a system that can film & calculate payments and let the user choose any particular. Print bills for individual account.Develop a system that generates accurate weekly, monthly, and yearly reports. Develop a system that Let the user allow to add, delete, and edit information. Develop a system that can introduce data in the database.Develop a system that let the admin to create an account.1.3 Significance of the studyHaving an automated Cashiering system is non besides operative for the institution but also for the employees and students as well. It is significant for the institution for all of their transaction are accelerated they can maximize th e capability of their employees, they will guide less expenses, and having such system will boost their popularity. A system that accelerates transaction and automate developing of the cashiering & SAS will hit the employees for they dont have to countervail their time recording, searching for records, paternity reports, and all other manual staff at that placefore they can do their job at their best. It is significant for the students because they dont have to waste time just to pay their bill and they dont have to worry for their account because everything and all of their records are safe.1.4 Scope and limitationOur project includes billing the students, accepts payments made, produces invoices, and creates reports for management. Our project is only limited to that transaction therefore any other system want enrollment and grading system is not included in this system. If you like to upgrade your system with that following, it will be another contract.Foreign Liter atureAccording to some inventors An automated cashier apparatus, comprising a console having first and routine compartments therein, express first and second compartments be separately and independently accessible data entry content for accepting purchase information from a customer and data divulge way for displaying sale-related data to the customer communication authority for transmitting verbalise purchase information to a remote order fulfillment means, said data entry and display means and communication means being mounted in said first compartment means for accepting realisation card purchase information coin and currency acceptance, storage and dispensation means turn up in said second compartment, said second compartment comprising a tamper-resistant safe structure said data entry and display means, ac acquaintancement card acceptance means and coin and currency acceptance and dispensation means being logically interconnected and witnessled by microprocessor mea ns comprising a direct microprocessor located in said second compartment and a secondary microprocessor located in said first compartment, said primary microprocessor adapted to control coin and currency acceptance and dispensation and said secondary microprocessor adapted to perform order acceptance and display uses.Local LiteratureThe indecency Christian schooling is a Christian coeducational day school, named after government minister Celis. It was established on November 28. The Liberty Christian manual enrollment and cashiering system was developed in 1993 and its unable to meet the growing demands for their students. Hence, it needs a re- engineering and introduce new modification for the system in accordance to the fast-changing technology. The new well enhanced automated system of Liberty Christian School Enrollment and Cashiering System has begun this year during the second semester of 2007-2008. The new system of Liberty Christian School has improved to the unsatisfac tory functioning of the old system. The certain flow of our program is inputting the necessary information of the students and come out the correct output of the enrollment, and the selected accounts of the students. on that point are certain necessities that have been added in the system, like, a student could possibly be accelerated or dropped out from class due to failed subjects of which the student could have made up or summer classes within that year. Also, the students could promptly ask for an assessment of his/her subjects together with his/her accounts. There are typical problems of the system that has been established but because of this proposal the system is clarified and settled in some ways, such as records of students are easily updated and information are being retrieved accurately, Advancing Information engineering Research accounting data is efficient with minimal accounting errors. Also, it enhances cashiering productivity.2.0 brushup of related Literature and studiesCashiering and student account system has existed for a very long time, people has already been having transactions every day in their lives. But as the advancement of technology fill over the way we live, people always seek to make things easier with the help of the machines or computer. Thats why programmers try to make everything automated to make our recreate easier.methodological analysisFor developing this project we used the Systems development life cycle (SDLC). SDLC is a process used by systems analyst to develop an information system. The SDLC aims to produce a high quality system that meets or exceeds customer expectation, reaches finis within times and cost estimates, works effectively and efficiently. SDLC can be described along spectrum of agile to iterative to sequential. But for this project we use the sequential, which is the waterfall. We used the waterfall as a perish follows its sequence of stages in which our output of each stage becomes our inpu t for the next. These stages start with as planning, analysis, design, implementation, and maintenance. As we go on in this project we will follow this stages to earn in a successful system.PlanningOur system analyst involve series of research, visit the company, observe how their accepted system works, and interview some(prenominal) employee involve in the system as many as possible. In this kind, we aim to gather data, determined the problem, determine the cost, develop schedule, consider the need of the client, set goals and objective that will serve as a guide throughout this project.AnalysisWith the data gathered in the planning bod, we now use this data to make and information out of it. We will consequently provide solution with the problem we discovered. Describe costs and benefits and submit a preliminary plan with pass. We also try to communicate with the client and ask for their recommendations and how they would like their system to become. With the complete info rmation our system analyst have gathered. She now discussed with the system designer and builders and explains everything on how the system will work. be afterIn this phase we now use the information and decision made in the analysis phase. Our designers job to make our project to have great user interface. We will show you the final design in the ulterior page.ImplementationThis phase involved in installation, and testing the final system of course with the clients approval. We also stand training for the users of the system. fearThis is the last phase in the waterfall method the system is already running in this phase. This phase is for some corrections and upgrades to expand the systems capacities. When this phase is over our contract is done. But if the client request for additional function it will be an additional contract.1.1 Requirement Analysis1.1.1 Client/ node RequirementsBy applying Agile modeling in developing our Information system, we developers observes how the ir current system work and conducted an initial interview. We then discuss on how we are going to upgrade their current system with the clarification with the limitations that the system that we will be making will only support student alteration and accept some payment, then we are given some requirements from the client on how their system should be upgraded Secure information storage countersignature protectedUser-friendly Graphical User-InterfaceTo be able to generate reports and transactionHandles paymentPrints receipt1.1.2 Performance Requirements1.1.3 Functional requirements1.1.4 Hardware Requirements1.1.5 Software Requirements ocular BASIC.NETSQL DATABASE2. Schedule of Activities3. Logical Design3.1 Entity-Relationship plot3.2 Activity diagram3.3 Screenshots3.4 ontogeny3.5 Testing3.6 Deployment3.7 Evaluation3.8 Maintenance Plan4. Result and Discussions5. Conclusion And recommendation6. Appendices7. Referenceshttp//www.gordonschools.aberdeenshire.sch.uk/Departments/Compu ting/StandardGrade/AutoSysWeb/1Introduction.htm http//www.gordonschools.aberdeenshire.sch.uk/Departments/Computing/StandardGrade/AutoSysWeb/2Advantages.htm http//www.ask.com/question/what-are-the-disadvantages-of-a-manual-system http//www.ask.com/question/advantages-and-disadvantages-of-manual-system http//wiki.answers.com/Q/What_are_the_disadvantages_of_manual_systems http//www.studymode.com/essays/Related-Literature-1105941.html http//www.webgeekresources.com/http//www.freepatentsonline.com/5183142.html8. System Coding3.04.0 Data Gathering Procedures and OutputIn our Data gathering since we decide to use the waterfall method we follow its phases to gather information. First, in our planning phase we search for a willing company to make their system automated, there we found the institution called Madana Mohana Academy who wants their cashiering system automated. To gather data we conduct a series of interview to the involved employee, we also ask for the management for their ideal system. by and by the interview we observe how their current system works. Upon discover we notice many problems and we got an idea on what system we will develop. After the planning phase we move on to our analysis and so on. Thats how we gather data and came up with an output.5.1 Company backgroundMadana Mohana Academy is a private school own by Mr. George Bristol. It is a non-sectarian pro-life institution which means it is a vegetarian school bringing meat inside the campus is strictly prohibited. Its vision is to help the student to understanding their essence, position, and function as a human being, and there mission is extract the students fully potential. MMA is a Hindu practice school. Its been develop last 19forgoten which started as a preliminary school, but its been develop over the year and now they have secondary level and looking forward to be a college. MMA is a private school and has been supported by overflowing Hindus over the humanity. MMA is quite d ifferent from other school its like a training center. It discipline the students and guide them how to live in this world without being attach in it. Relationship with opposite sex are also prohibited.5.2 Description of the SystemCashiering and student account system is the join of their system it is because it is where payments are made, confidential records are stored. Even though MMA has equipment and candid of having an automated system they stick to manual system because they wishing the knowledge on how to get such system. They are used on having their pecuniary system manually because they used to have less used to have less student, but now with the increasing number of students many problems occur. explosive charge and recording the payments of the students has been done manually, recording are put into a columnar journal, they divide the whole take hold and give space for each student, and returns has been done manually by hand. As a result their employee release all the time just by recording. As we observe, they surely need to automate their system and see the difference for themselves.5.3 Agile modeling Diagram5.5 Problem AreasAs we observe how their system work we discover a lot of problems. With the increasing number of student they encounter many problems in particular to their accounting department. It has become a problem to the institution, students, and employees. Having their system manually and records are put in a book they cant exclude data loss, time consuming because they have to scan for the whole book just to find the particular student, prone to errors, require continuous supervise to ensure that each transaction is accounted for, and the cost to maintain manual systems it is considerably higher due to the amount of manpower needed, Summarizing data and writing reports take lot of time, data duplication the same data gets repeated over and over since the employees find it hard to keep track of the documents, informatio n and transactions, lack of security since data is stored in filing cabinets it is freely available to anyone, general errors when entering data customers baron have accidentally switched enlarge and data since it is hand written, repetition of work if there are any changes to be made, the data will have to be entered again.at times the histrion would forget to make the changes or forget that they had already altered it and might redo it again, its again time consuming, withal such(prenominal) piece work since everything and every details is written down manually in story there will be too much paper work, space consuming since the data and paper is stored in filing cabinets it consumes too much place, as the amount of work done on paper increases the filing cabinets too increases, slow retrieval of data the information of students and details are stored in different parts of the record book and so takes a long time to retrieve the data. Those where the problems we discovere d with just observing in a short period of time.6.1 System OverviewA School cashiering and student account system is a combination of software and hardware that receives call detail and service usage information, groups this information for specific accounts or Students, produces invoices, creates reports for management, and records (posts) payments made to customer accounts. It is also safe because it is encrypted with password therefore only admins are the only one allowed to log in. The back end of the financial system periodically combines records from the bill pool to create a exclusive invoice that is sent to the students. The payments are posted (recorded) in the system. This system is cut-rate to maintain and cost-effective to enhance.6.2 Process Specification6.2.1 Data flow DiagramDatabase6.2.3 System Design/SpecificationUser of the system is required to log in before he/she can access the system for confidentiality.This is the main window of the system. It compose w ith three main part which are the student sway window, the preview window and the buttons. The student controversy window literally list all the student which shows the student current account. The preview window shows radical information of the student selected in the student list window. The last part are the buttons, each buttons has its own function and has its own window.This windows will accept payments from the student. It will appear when the user selected a student and click the pay button. This window will accept any payment. Each bill has its own code therefore the student can choose what bill and how much they will pay, when the user click the pay button, a receipt will be printed and the data is updated in the database.This is the user account form it will appear if the add user account button a sister button of the add button. It is use to create user account that can be able to access the system.

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