Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Critical Thinking Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Critical Thinking - Essay Example Performing a critical analysis is not usually easy for an individual because of the abundance and ambiguous status of the facts pertinent to the scenarios that are to be analyzed. Some cases require further scrutiny to uncover unknown details, which are really important thus initial skepticism and open-mindedness are often required in developing good critical thinking. (Bloom's Taxonomy Internet) Take for example a certain job regarding work relation in a specific office. A certain piece of valuable went missing and the whole work community in the office is already chattering blaming a shy and timid employee as the thief who stole the missing valuable. Employing critical thinking would not let someone to hastily judge that employee because of his social diffidence. Instead of inappropriate judgment, analyze first the case at hand and evaluate the details pertinent to it to find clues and information leading to the solution. Failure to practice critical thinking will only lead to inac curate and often wrong conclusion thus neglecting the purpose of the human logical capabilities. Proper judgment requires the critical thinking and analysis of the available information and specific details. It is very important that one must first utilize his or her brain before jumping to any hasty judgment to avoid mistakes and further aggravation of the problem already at hand. Thus, solution and accurate knowledge can only be attained by having critical analysis of the facts leading to the plausible conclusion. Several factors of education explain a person's pattern of learning. The aspects of philosophy of thinking and learning which merely refers to the thought provoking a person to have a yearning for learning usually helps an educator determine the progress of his student with regards to what he is teaching and what his student is able to grasp for learning.(King 3) The following paragraphs shall discuss the mentioned factors of education and shall clarify some points of consideration concerning the principles of learning involved in education. (King 4) Learning involves the utilization of reality. What does the context of reality actually mean Reality as defined refers to the facts that are present in the society. These so-called facts support the existence of several things in the environment. Through the utilization of the realties in educating a person, an educator is supposed to help the student reject the impractical and visionary aspects of learning. Through this matter of teaching, a student is able to see the importance of what is obviously seen and not what is simply imaginary. Gaining knowledge through this way would naturally help a person understand his being and his environment as well based on constructed foundation of belief. Naturally, learning in a perennial way gives an individual the most important knowledge he has to learn from life. His experiences are generated to become sources of practical understanding, which in turn would help him cope up with life's challenges due to the fact that he has learned to face h e said obstacles through his experiential learning. (King 5) One's ability to value what he learns follows the process of learning. His capability of applying the knowledge he has gained is the turning point of his learning and the fact

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