Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Wisdom Tradition and how life is best lived Essay

Wisdom Tradition and how life is best lived - Essay Example They determine whether one lived his or her life the best way or not. This has always been the way of life for communities that have been guided by the teachings of their religious books. Besides, clergymen can be used to teach a number of people in the field to bring about the desired final effect. Plato and Augustine observed that all religions in the world did share number of specific truths. Among them are the wisdom books and teachings that are used to guide the respective folders. Through the perennialism theory, the various religious groups in the world have various truths that take care of their flock’s social, intellectual, and psychological needs of a given culture over a period. A number of people that include the founders of the various religions, prophets, and philosophers have further echoed this. Despite the fact that the scriptures might oppose each other superficially, one can distinguish a common doctrine for the final purpose of human life (Brown, 88). Through Socrates and Augustine, a number of philosophers have gained insight on what is meant by wisdom tradition that has been of the great contribution to the development of the field. Plato had a clear picture of what wisdom is. He defines it as the best thing in life. Essentially, he comes up with three platonic images of wisdom to make his wisdom perception clear. The icon of leaving the cave depicts wisdom as a factor that enlightens and illuminates the mind and the nation. With its possession, one is at the verge of having a new dimension of life. The second iconic point is wisdom as the tool that cares for the heart. Primarily, it does insist on ensuring that the knowledge is put into practice (Brown, 89). Most significantly, he professes that to mean that he is ever willing to learn. One must remain committed to learn and satisfy the intrinsic

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