Saturday, October 19, 2019

Application Nursing Care and Practice for patients with Irritable Essay

Application Nursing Care and Practice for patients with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) - Essay Example The scope of nursing further identifies functions such as provision of care, educative roles, counseling, administration, and clinical specialist services. Proper background of health issues is fundamental to a practicing nurse and such knowledge bases as causes of a health problem, its symptoms, and preventive and control measures are therefore necessary for a practicing nurse. This paper demonstrate this competence through exploration of irritable bowel syndrome, its signs, symptoms, and causes, medical and alternative interventions, nursing care assessment and considerations in acute care settings, and plans for community follow up and support systems for management of irritable bowel syndrome. Signs, symptoms, and causes of IBS Irritable bowel syndrome is symptomatic, offering a basis for prediction among the public and diagnosis by care personnel. The primary symptom of the syndrome is pain in the victim’s abdomen. ... A slight variation in either direction may initiate discomfort wile extremely lower or higher changes in movements may lead to extreme levels of pain. Observable changes are also made on stool that may be adverse and change with variations in bowel motions. Some cases of irritable bowel syndrome report loose stools that worsen to be more watery while others report harder stools that normally experienced by patients. A number of secondary symptoms also exist to suggest existence of the syndrome. The loose or watery stool may be experienced frequently to define diarrhea, more tat three watery stools per day, and may be associated with sudden need for bowel movement. Frequent hard stools in a week are another secondary indicator of the syndrome and victims may have trouble with bowel movement. Another symptom is the â€Å"feeling that a bowel movement is not complete† and this may lead to longer periods of trying to pass out stool (Digestive, 2012, p. 1). Other symptoms are †Å"passing mucus† and â€Å"abdominal bloating† (Digestive, 2012, p. 1). The symptoms must however have been reported for a minimum of three days in a month in order to suggest existence of irritable bowel syndrome in a patient. The exact cause of irritable bowel syndrome is not yet ascertained but many health complications are believed to initiate the syndrome, either individually or collectively. â€Å"Brain-gut signal problem,† impaired coordination between the brain and nerves in the small intestines is one of the factors. Coordination between the brain and the nerves regulate the intestines’ functionality and poor coordination initiates variation in movements towards changed bowel behavior and associated pain (1). Complications with gastrointestinal

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