Friday, September 13, 2019

Introduction Business Law Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

Introduction Business Law - Case Study Example Bahrain Consult is obliged to deliver the stated goods to Gulf Retailers premises and the person delivering the goods must confirm the receipt of purchase with the buyer. The contract provides an offer to buy or sell the goods fpor the acceptable price in relation to the offer given according to FOB terms. Bahrain Consult agreed to deliver the stated goods to Gulf Retailers according to the given specifications. Gulf retailers ordered for 300 tons of alluminium at a price of 500 Bahraini per ton. According to article 31 of the business contract law, the supplier is obliged to deliver the goods at the specified place, in the specified quantity and quality and in a timely manner. Article 35 also obliges the Bahrain to deliver the stated goods according to thequantity, quality,a nd other specified describtions. The law only applies if the quantity and time are fixed on the contract. Barhain Consult was bond by the contract that specified the specific goods and the specified quantity to be delivered between 11am and 3pm on Tuesdays. According to article 33, if the CIF contract states that the seller must deliver the goods before payments are made then the seller has no other obtion than to abide by the rule. Gulf Retailers agreed on the contract that Barhrain will recive a deposit of 250 Barhaini Dinars and the balance to be cleared upon arrival of goods. Both parties are bond by the contract and therefore, the buyer is obliged to collect the goods and pay for the balance as per the purchase price agreement. However, article 38 states that the seller has the authority to countercheck the goods with the purchase order before giving out the payments. It was agreed between thew two parties upon the delivery time and day. Article 34 of CIF act provides an obligation for the seller to deliver the goods at the time and place specified in the purchase order. Section II provides an obtion for the third-party to conform the goods and ensure they are delivered

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