Sunday, September 8, 2019

Development and Implementation of Human Resource Policies Research Paper

Development and Implementation of Human Resource Policies - Research Paper Example There is a certain consideration, that policies should cover every area of an organization because then its every employee would know the â€Å"rules of the game† (McConnell, 2005). Notwithstanding the fact, that some organizations have written procedures and policies, they have no relationship to the needs of its employees. There are also organizations that establish numerous policies, but no one reads them. In all cases, policies have a number of purposes, such as providing of clear communication between the organizational levels, forming a basis for applying all employees equally and setting guidelines for managers and supervisors in the organizations. Human resources policies refer to the decision on employees’ matters and can be made without submission to higher levels of the organization. Due to the fact, that top management is responsible for making decisions toward the employees of a certain organization, there is a need for HR policies to ensure such decisions to be made. HR policies ensure guidelines for the employment relations within the organization, thus identifying the recruitment intentions, promotion, and development of the employees, the compensation etc. They serve as the development program for the HR department of each organization (Acquinas, 2006). They refer to the rules of conduct, which the organization establishes to attain the objectives. The main purpose of HR policy is to provide the adjusted course of rules within the organization; to ensure a positive order to the organization; to provide the basis for the decisions; to lead the attainment of objectives.

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