Thursday, July 25, 2019

Mobile Technology Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Mobile Technology - Essay Example Mobile technology has not only simplified the spread of communication technology through elimination of physical medium to reach its destination but it has also added a great value to businesses through simplified and easy implementation. Mobile technology has also revolutionized the field of education, with millions of university students and educators have laptops in class rooms, university lawn and hostels directly connect to the internet and university intranet through high speed mobile wireless technologies. It is not only laptops, even mobile phones and other handheld devices are becoming exceedingly powerful enough to replace laptops and personal computer in educational and business environments. Beyond its common uses mobile technology is now stepping into new domains of ease and accessibility with research and development in the Near Field Communication (NFC) technology which is essentially a mobile technology. NFC is about to change human lives, when mobiles will be used to made flash payments through integrated debit or credit cards at trains, airports and shopping malls. The user will simply touch mobile device with the NFC tag and the payment will be made directly from user’s account. At a hospital NFC tag can collect medical history through mobile device and there will be no need to trace the hospital recodes for patient’s history. This only gives an idea about NFC because very soon NFC enabled mobile phones will carry almost every sort of information that might be used anywhere, anytime. (Kessler, 2011). Like many other modern day technologies, mobile technology is getting more and more space in human lives and has almost reached a point where it will become a necessity. Even today, its multiple uses have comforted human life so much that it has gain indomitable place in areas like businesses,

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