Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Report Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 9

Report - Essay ExampleIn India, the impact of technology has seen her make commendable strides in the coffee bean industry.Italy, Brazil and India are all exporters of coffee. From the culture differences in these nations, it would be preferable to lay coffee shops in Brazil and Italy compared to India. No place comes to mind more(prenominal) readily than Italy when you think of passion for coffee per excellence (Halevy 57). A large proportion of Indias production is for export. One may also argue that at that place is less competition if we decided to put a chain of coffee shops in India. This is in comparison to Brazil and Italy.The Brazilian coffee grocery has been persistent over time and the projections for the next four years are seen to be positive. According to Euromonitor.com, the on-trade channel is expected to grow to a value of 35% by 2019 (28). In Italy, market fluctuations are prevalent, and the industry is widely hit by the global recession and unforeseen inflatio n. Indias coffee industry faces the same challenges. Therefore, it would be prudent to venture in Brazil despite the stiff competition.Taking competition as one of the factors differentiating these countries, investment in Brazil should be make in the form of mergers with the existing coffee operators. This will lessen competition. However, investment in Indian will require fully owned shops and less or no mergers.Taking geographical location as a factor, the rural and semi-urban India is driving the economy of the coffee industry. In Brazil and Italy, the urban areas promote the market for coffee consumers. As a marketing strategy, India will see more coffee shops set, in the countryside, to drive

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