Friday, June 14, 2019

Political Posturing Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Political Posturing - Case Study ExampleAlthough seeking to determine the political aspects that are convolute in the ongoing investigation would necessarily require a much different scope of research, this particular analysis will seek to be whole neutral and concentric upon perceived and possible violations of law that have taken place as well as seeking to explain these to the reader. Finally, as a means of analyzing the Solyndra debacle within the terms of economic thought, this particular analysis will consider the words and philosophy of Milton Friedman. With regards to the first potential law that could truly well apply to the Solyndra collapse and actions preceding this, the reader can and should understand that unlawful and unethical accounting practices have been evidenced within businesses and corporate entities for as long as the government has been in existence. Such unethical and illegal accounting practices have been the cause for the collapse of much(prenominal) c orporations as Enron and Lehman Brothers. Ultimately, the desire to utilize in such a process is born out of two distinct factors (Antle, 2012). The first of these is with regards to re investing an un well-to-do economic situation as a favorable or neutral one. Similarly, the secondary reason for engaging in such an unethical and illegal practice is due to a hope that by affecting such a sleight of hand, the firm will be able to turn around its fortunes and proved to be profitable in the very burn down future. Accordingly, individuals within the decision-making structure of Solyndra are accused by the federal government of accounting fraud due to the fact that federal prosecutors believe they misrepresented trace profitability and earnings data as a means of securing further federal aid and loans. Although it is not the purpose of this particular analysis to seek to seek Solyndra based upon the accusations which have been elaborated upon bus far in the analysis, it can and sho uld be inferred that although these charges are distinct and severe, it is not unheard of within the corporate beingness to engage in such practices as having been defined. This does not make them better in any way shape or form however, this is said to present an overall level of understanding within the mind of the reader that such an unethical and unlawful set of actions falls well within perceivable and judge outcomes that such a firm might have engaged in. If indeed such accusations are true, and ethical framework which could have helped Solyndra to steer clear of such a disastrous course of action would necessarily have been with regards to refusing any further loans based upon faulty or incomplete information.

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