Monday, June 10, 2019

Affects of Combat Veterans after War Research Paper

Affects of Combat Veterans after War - Research Paper ExampleTheir American comfort of feeling safe and sheltered from the reality of what the human being and war is something that cant be explained unless you have seen your rack mate die or kids killed all over family members not doing what there told. The kind of stress and contrasted environment he encounters in wars leave deep psychological impacts. They get exposed to the worst that human nature harbors. When they return home, they are not the similar people. The society needs to dig deeper to understand the emotional problems of the war veterans because these problems drive them to seek drugs or make them suicidal. War vets have a expectant condemnation fitting in their past personality. They cannot function the way they used to even though they want to return to their normal life and be done with the war. They satisfy from post-traumatic stress disorders PTSDs. PTSD is the most common phenomena found in the soldiers re turning from wars (Gulgowski 30). The Centre for Policy Research in New York discovered that over a third of the men who participated in heavy combat in the Vietnam War showed signs of acute post-traumatic stress (Gulgowski 30). In the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, ab turn out 1 in 10 soldiers returning from duty showed drug or alcohol abuse problems (PTSD). It is observed that war veterans try to avoid the PTSD symptoms through drugs and alcohol, to sleep give way (PTSD). It is a very common phenomenon that war veterans develop mental disorders like post-traumatic stress, which gets deeply rooted in their psyche. Getting rid of the symptoms is extremely hard and sometimes impossible.Governments in every country pay considerable sums of money to institutions to look after war veterans. They want to make them feel that they are an demand part of the society even after fighting bloody wars. The damage done to their psyche is horrible and sometimes it is deeply inflicting that it become s impossible to grow out of it. The tragedy is

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