Sunday, May 5, 2019

Risk Management Assessment Summary Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

guess Management Assessment Summary - Essay ExampleTatum (2011) notes that Risk management is a logical influence or approach that seeks to eliminate or at least minimize the level of risk associated with a business operation. In the health sector, there are a couple of risks that can be pointed bulge out off hand. Miller (2011) quotes the Joint Commission in-charge of the certification of healthcare organizations in the United States. The commission identifies types of risks in the healthcare industry and also defines risk management in the health care industry as clinical and administrative activities undertaken to identify, evaluate, and reduce the risk of injury to patients, staff, and visitors and the risk of loss to the organization itself. In apprisal to the target set by the infirmary, undertaking risk management at triplet Hospital would therefrom mean taking steps to identify all possible risks, while putting in ready structures to critically evaluate the risks and c oming out with prompt solutions on how to reduce the effect of the risks.At Trinity Hospital, triad common risks can be pointed to. These risks have been with the hospital for long and needs to be curtailed if the hospital is really keen with achieving its set target of improving healthcare delivery and increasing number of patients it attends to. The three risks are deaths during medical operation, employee turnover and financial meltdown. These three risks are transversal meaning they cut crosswise all spheres of the hospitals management. It is not one sided but then has to do with the activities and roles played by almost every employee and management member of the hospital. The risk of deaths during medical operations affects the organizations badly in the nose out that it gives a very bad image of the hospital in the sight of the public, seeking for improved healthcare. In the hospitals bid to reach out to more patients in the

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