Friday, May 3, 2019

Domestic Poverty Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Domestic Poverty - Research Paper ExampleAll these are to assist in understanding domestic impoverishment and how it occurs as well as the executable slipway in which it can be resolved. Various scholars have studied the issue of domestic poverty both in the context of the United States and in the context of other countries. One of such scholars are Danziger & Haveman (2001), who studies and assay to understand various parameters of domestic poverty in the United States as well as how it has been increment since the times of the World War II. Collier & Dollar (2002) discovered that strengthening domestic institutions and policies regarding national riches could be a useful tool in dealing with domestic poverty. Imig (1996) brought out some of the issues that declare anti-poverty groups unable to effectively deal with poverty. However, there are very few attempts do to explain realizable solutions to the issue of domestic poverty and this is what makes this research very imp ortant. In this research paper, I mainly cuss on the information from the internet as my major source of information. In this paper, papers written on previous research about domestic poverty are used. To make the information derived from this research more accurate, I have relied mainly on virtually up-to-date books and research journals written about poverty. This is what we knell use of secondary data in a research finding and it is widely used by researchers in their research due to its advantages. One of the major advantages of this kind of research method that has made me to take on it in my research is that it is inexpensive to undertake since it does not require data collection procedures. In my research, I was able to obtain different factors thought to have played a major part in contributing to domestic poverty. According to CQ Researcher (2007), one of the factors, that fuel poverty in the United States is Katrina devastation. Hurricane Katrina coused major destruct ions in the United States (Brunsma, Overfelt & Picou, 2007). Another factor is coming in of foreigners especially from poor developing countries and the genteelness inconsistencies among the American citizens. Another factor that has played a very great part in causation domestic poverty is the increasing gap between the rich people and the poor people. This has actually made most of the American to continue suffering in poverty despite their hard work in attempt to earn a living. In my research I also found out that, most poor people are women and among these women a greater percentage are single parents. I also found out that majority of the poor people are not educated beyond game school levels. Moreover, according to 2006 national census, majority of people living in poverty are the children and the grey people (CQ Research, 2007). We also discovered that majority of the areas are most affect by domestic poverty are the southern regions of the country. In these regions, the cash allocated to antipoverty programs is very little in comparison to the poverty levels in those regions. The practicable solutions to the problem of domestic poverty are actually any activity that can withdraw a cause of the domestic poverty or activities that empower the stirred people. Since the majority of people affected by poverty are women, we can have gender empowerment of these women as one of the possible solutions to the problem of domestic poverty. The reason why I have identified this as a possible

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