Friday, April 19, 2019

Alabama Immigation Law Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Alabama Immigation Law - Essay ExampleHence, illegal immigrants even though not entitled to public benefits are given equal ingress for the simple reason that in that location is presumption that they are present in the US legally. The main thrust of the Act is to give jobs and operate where these are dueparticularly US citizensto satisfy their needs onward illegal aliens. It is also think to create a fair living environment for legal citizens and immigrants whom must be accorded sole access to the basic necessities and to live the American dream, namelydecent job, pay, health care, education and other services that taxpayers bend onerous for. It is the task of this paper to examine the cause of the Act in general. Understandably, the purpose of the rightfulness is laudable as basic social services are now exclusively reserved to legal residents. This is in accordance with the fundamental reason for the existence of governmentto provide its legal residents decent living co nditions as well as to protect them from harm. However, the Act, despite its seemingly protective characteristics, is strongly opposed even by its legal residents not only as it curtails civil liberties but the economic benefits touted for is far from happening. By truth of the Act, legal residents are prohibited from transacting or doing business with illegal immigrants. The prohibition comes with the threat of criminal pursuance should they employ, house, transact or otherwise enter into a contract with illegal immigrants. Even simple acts of bounty or humanitarian actions in favor of illegal immigrants come within the purview of the prohibition which factor criminal liability against the legal residents failing to verify an individuals immigration status before extending the needed help or assistance. This oppressive Act led to the massive exodus of migrant workers to other parts of the US with more lenient immigration laws leaving farm lands, construction sites and other ent ities requiring hard labor without dedicated, skilled and reasonably paid workers. The lack of manpower is one of the most noticeable effects of the stern immigration law. The requirement of nationalization or legal documentation before being trustworthy for employment ushered economic slowdown instead of a booming economy. According to an article published by the Immigration Policy Centre entitled Bad for Business How Alabamas Anti-Immigration Stifles State Economy, the new(a) law has already caused untold hardship for Alabamas business and citizens. Alabama is predominantly an agricultural state that employs a gravid amount of labor force. (American Immigration Council) Callous hands and people willing to get their hands fetid are conditions for employment. In 2010 alone, unauthorized immigrants comprise 4.2% or 95000 workers (American Immigration Council) and as a result of the new law, undocumented residents have crippled the operation of local businesses as they had to flee to other places for the fear of acquiring caught. Interestingly, one of the main purposes of the Act is to provide employment for unemployed Americans however its valiant purpose is discomfited as only few Americans have signed up to take the

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