Thursday, March 28, 2019

Men and Nursing :: Nursing Essays

Nursing is a profession that I shake ceaselessly been fascinated with. Nursing is defined as wellness promotion, health maintenance, health restoration and providing care to the sick and dying (Kozier and Erb). There are atomic number 23 values essential to nursing, which admit altruism, autonomy, human dignity, integrity and social justness (AACN). Nursing is a profession in which the nurse uses caring as a central concept. Some other characteristics of the nursing profession include art, science, advocacy, and offering holistic care. Nurses use critical thinking in line of battle to problem solve because every patient is unique. The nursing process when assessing a patient includes, data collection, analysis, planning, imple work forceting, and evaluation. Nurses need to be able to deal with sort in stressful, fast paced, hectic environments. The treatments and technology is constantly changing indeed nurses need to be able to make quick and important decisions. When the great unwashed think of a nurse they normally come to the conclusion that roughly nurses are women. I would have thought the same, due to the qualities I have mentioned. I would like to research why men are entryway the nursing profession. I incur that a male would join the profession because of the hours a nurse works. Men who like to fish and hunt evict work as a nurse three days a week full time and have four days to enrapture leisure activities. The nursing profession is drawing more men into the product line and usually thought for the same reasons as women. By a serial of an ceremonial, a survey, an interview, and a personal history, I will prove that men join the nursing profession because of money.In the observation I sit in a waiting area of a cardiology floor in a hospital. I noted the nurses running around like chickens with their heads slice off, as patients were coming back from cardiac procedures such as a cardiac catherization. Th e floor nurses were mostly women and only a few men filled the hallways. The stress on the floor was high you could just feel the tension building as the floor became full with patients. In the observation I was looking for how many male nurses were working and what there response was to the stress.

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