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Creating Tourism Uniqueness To Hua Hin Tourism Essay

Creating Tourism singularness To humming Hin Tourism Essay naming Details how a specific refinement dope conduct commercialiseplace research to demote a new brand for itself. Consideration the subjects of market segmentation and product differentiation strategies. ground on your discussion, you eject let suggestions about what this terminal figure business should do in order to develop a product. Please use proper referencing.Following questions should be answered flip a short account of the fib of the reference.State its mission, vision and study goals.Analyze challenges and exploitations in relation to its marketing.Situation AnalysisCompetitive psychoanalysisCustomer analysis bone analysisDestinations marketing strategies.Recommendations for this destination to engross in the future.History of Hua HinHua Hin is one and only(a) of the most k this instantn tourer destinations for decades, and onlinely, the island has been transformed to a study touring carry hub with the well-prep atomic number 18d infrastructure and serve to accommodate millions of tourists around the world e very year.Hua Hin now can tin senior highschool schoolest standards of wellness cargon, blended with Thai hospitality. The ingredient of world-class wellness service with the charming warm hospitality affords Hua Hin the favorable wellness wellness destination of the world. in that location is more to Hua Hin than its white sand ilk beaches, fantastic flock shopping, water and land sport activities and entertainment.Furthermore, Thailand is one of leading(p) touristry destinations for decades. M all cities confuse been transformed to a major touristry hub with well-prep bed infrastructure and service to accommodate tourists around the world every year. With the public figure of tourists has been increasing every year, touristry related infrastructures have been developed. One of the infrastructures we in truth put our effort to aesculapian ch eckup infrastructure, originally to ensure all of the tourists for any emergency health incidents during their holidays. Thailand is leading Asia as a medical examination touristry destination.Major reasons that enabled Thailand to dominate this growing market atomic number 18 the low toll of medical treatments, the quality of treatments provided by hospitals and private clinics, and the highly developed touristry industry.As the population in the authority tourists searching for better feel continues to grow, the pauperism for health and wellness trips tend to increase. wellness and wellness touristry represents the recent trend to converge two of the worlds largest industries, healthc atomic number 18 and touristry.Hua Hin has been declare as the healthiest city in Thailand. The combination of health tourism hub is mingled with beautiful and natural tourism destination, with the world(prenominal) standard of healthcare perspectives. It has no doubt on the beauty of P huket Island, together with various supporting featureors ancient beaches, delicious Thai seafood, varieties of entertainment, fun shopping and tropical luxurious spa. Those combinations have made Phuket to the outstanding tourism destination in world map. messHua Hin is a coastal townsfolk in Prachuab Kirikhan Province, 200 kilometers entropy of Bangkok.It can easily be reached by car. Hua Hin has an airport which connect the seaside resort by daily flights to Bangkok, Phuket and Samui. Regular buses throw Bangkoks grey Bus Terminal for Hua Hin and Prachuap Khiri Khan many clock daily. Trains leave Bangkok Central Railway Station for Hua Hin 12 times daily.ClimateHua Hin is located in the hot zone, but new by a cooling sea breeze. The average temperature is 24C to 32C. It has one of the concluding rainfalls of any beach area in Thailand. Therefore, tourists can visit the town all year round. Due to the excellent weather and climate, there are a large number of the retir e staying permanently there. One of facilities plays pregnant roles to non-residents and local people is the medical and health go.VisionHua Hin is a world source of health tourism. It will be broadly accept as a magic place to healing and become the destination of choice for visitors whose primary intention is to enjoy health and wellness m sepa judge. Its products and services will be delivered with a world class standard to see customer needs.Mission StatementHua hin welcomes all local and international visitors with top class of health and wellness facilities which are rare to figure elsewhere. Unique identity of historical city together with natural resource and splendid long beach are attractive and draw health seekers from around the world and known as the trump of destination for wellness.ObjectivesTo take a shit tourism uniqueness to Hua hin.Strengthen Hua hin reputation in term of wellness and health destination.Increase standard of hotel and resort in Hua hin to average of 4 stars in 5 years of implementation. get to commitment of city owner to local people and educate the sustainable benefit of following destination strategic marketing.Situation Analysis commercialize analysisGrowth rates within the health and wellness tourism market are significance. Based on research, the global market coat of health and wellness tourism is estimated at 5 million trips annually. As the population in the potential tourists searching for better life continues to grow, the pick up for health and wellness trips will increase.However, even though in Thailand, wellness tourism is just in an early phase of growth, it is growing.The promise of low-cost, high quality healthcare is attracting more than tourists a year to key locations. Based on Bangkok Post 2004 Mid-Year Review, a health and wellness tourist spends an average of USD 362 a day, compared with the average pass awayers spending of USD 144 and 50 % cheaper than in capital of capital of capital of ca pital of capital of Singapore, three times cheaper than in Hong Kong, and five to ten times cheaper than in Europe and the USA.Competitor AnalysisDomestic Competitive EnvironmentPhuket has been discover only recently as one of the most well-known tourist destinations and has undergone rapid.Strength with the investment of international healthcare facilities, Phuket now can provide highest standards of wellness and medical care, blended with Thai hospitality. The ingredient of world-class healthcare service with the charming and warm hospitality makes Phuket the favorable health and wellness destination of the world. There is more to Phuket than its white sandy beaches, fantastic bargain shopping, water and land sport activities and entertainment.Phukets hospitals provide patients with access of highly dependent medical personal. We emphasize that such international accreditation is the key successful factors and is a guarantee of our commitment for best medical services.The rapi d changes of our planet now bring us to more challenging era. The world has been changed, both in positive and negative ways, and the most worried ontogeny to our mankind is the development of the sickness. In another word, may I say, sickness has no barriers, anyone aliment in anywhere in this world would have chance to work through any kind of sickness or diseases. And most of the time, sickness can be cured only for the permission time. With this believe, Phuket is the best place for medical treatment, as we possess the edge when it comes to the availability of services. And you will found that there is no queue or frequently waiting time for medical treatment in Phuket. internationalist Competitive Environment more countries now actively market themselves as health and wellness destinations. This further magnification of health and wellness tourism has positively impacted incoming tourist receipts by boosting average spend per visitor and reversed the public trend toward s shorter, more frequent breaks. It has also provided an element of stability to the travel and tourism market, as activities are generally in-door thus avoiding the bothers and fluctuations of seasonality.Source commercialise RegionGeneral Competitive EnvironmentCompetitive StrengthsIndiaLong history of wellness from folk know-how, such as Yoga, Ayurveda and Unani.Fast-paced life way increases demand for wellness tourism and alternative cures.Diversity of tourism destinations and experiences.Unique experience in heritage place and hotel.A very long pattern of hotels is present in the country that can fulfill the demand of the tourists.There are international players in the market such as Taj and Oberoi International Chains. thusly, the needs of the international tourist travelers are met piece they are on a visit to India.India presss a readymade tourist destination with the resources it has. Thus the magnet to pull customers already exists and has potential grow.Quality a nd Range of Services. inexpensive cost.SingaporeStrengths as a tourist destination.Singapores land use planning, order controls and environmental regulations in destination management.Innovation, ICT and Singapores business sophistication factors.Implementation of the guilt model by Singapore to maintain sustainable tourism (Visitor, Industry, Community, Environmental).Achieving international-standard cookery and acquiring improvedKnowledge skills in the hospitality tourism industry, to change Singapores emplacement as a top Human Capital worthiness destination.The significance of Singapores destination brand values.Partnering of tourism and hospitality industries to support Singapores tourism development.Partnering of tourism and hospitality industries to support Singapores tourism development.Sourcehttp//, 31 Aug 2010 concourse on Tourism in India Challenges Ahead, 15-17 May 2008, IIMKhttp// .php/en/home/latest-news/425-competitive-tourism-destination-lessons-learnt-from-singaporeIndiaIndia is one of the worlds oldest civilizations, which is mysterious to tourists. It is considered a land of contrast of ancient fartherming and unsophisticated techniques in one area to bustling, cosmopolitan cities in another.While much of the country is poorly developed, a medical tourist can outride assured that their hospital and, for a expense, their hotel will be extremely advance(a) and pristine. Venturing beyond these, however, a traveler is virtually guaranteed to suffer from diarrhea and enteric parasites are common even for cautious eaters. Likewise, the odds of contracting a just disease are low, however some(prenominal) additional vaccinations are strongly recommended that are not necessary in the other hubs.India is set itself as a primary global destination for the most-complex medical procedures, and is committed to delivering these services by obtaining US Join t Commission International Accreditation to religious service in increasing US market share. India deals with a higher semblance of major cognitive operation tourists than minor surgery and check-up tourists than the other major hubs, which has effrontery rise to specialist hospitals across India.It is the cheapest destination. Most estimates claim treatment costs in India start at around a tenth of the price of comparable treatment in America or Britain.These hospitals are far out of the reach of most Indians and cater specifically to foreign tourists for very specific needs for example some centers will commission strongly on heart surgery while others will deal with articulate replacements. These specialist hospitals are very new with top rate medical teams, high volume and experience in their specialty and the best equipment available. naughty volume of heart surgeries does not translate into high volumes overall, however, and these hospitals rely firmly on agents, espe cially on the internet, to recruit prospective patients. These facilities also offer procedures that are rare or unavailable in the United States, such as hip polishing or resurfacing, which is a popular surgery for medical tourists.The most popular treatments sought in India by medical tourists are alternative medicine, bone-marrow transplant, cardiac bypass surgery, eye surgery and orthopedical surgery. India is known in feature for heart surgery, hip resurfacing and other areas of modern medicine.The south Indian city of Chennai has been declared Indias Health Capital, as it nets in 45% of health tourists from abroad and 30-40% of domestic health tourists.77 Other major cities where medical tourists are catered to complicate New Delhi and Mangalore.By 2015, Indias medical tourism sector is expected to experience an annual growth rate of 30%. Estimates of the value of medical tourism to India go as high as $2 billion a year by 2012.Advantages for medical tourists include reduc ed costs, the availability of latest medical technologies and a growing deference on international quality standards, as well as the fact that foreigners are likely to face a language barrier in India. The Indian government is taking steps to address infrastructure issues that deflect the countrys growth in medical tourism.Ministry of Tourism India (MoT) is planning to extend its foodstuff Development Assistance (MDA) scheme to cover Joint Commission International (JCI) and National Accreditation Board of Hospitals (NABH) certified hospitals. A policy announcement of this inwardness is likely soon.However, tourism in India can be impressive and at the same time quite un homey. Its infrastructure is very poor. Although excellent hotels and western sandwich restaurants are available, they are extremely expensive. India has magnificent sights to see, however, from Hindu shrines to Islamic monuments and palaces and a vibrant modern culture.Conclusion India is a good choice for major surgery, but it is necessary to make sure you are going to a hospital with a strong track record in your set officular condition. Tourism options after treatment are not as comfortable as the other hubs but are among the most interesting.SingaporeSingapore has a world-renowned and well-established healthcare and medical system. Based on the WTO (2007) Singapore was voted the outperform Medical/Wellness Tourism Destination by TravelWeekly (Asia) Industry Awards 2007. There are a dozen hospitals and health centers with JCI accreditation.91 In 1997 (published 2000), the World Health Organization ranked Singapores health care system sixth best in the world and the highest ranked system in Asia.92Patients from developed countries such as the United States and the UK are also beginning to choose Singapore as their medical travel destination for relatively affordable health care services in a clean cosmopolitan city.ProsThe WHO ranked the quality of healthcare in Singapore as 6th in the world.Singapore is a highly urbanized, orderly and spotless country so medical tourists should not expect the same chaotic environment that are typical in other Asian destinationsThere are several JCI-certified hospitals and healthcare facilities in Singapore.English is one of Singapores official languages and is spoken by all doctors and medical staffAlthough the cost for medical procedures in Singapore is not as low compared to India or Thailand, the prices are still demean then Western Europe and the USA.ConsMedical procedures and treatments done in Singapore are more expensive compared to other Asian medical tourism destinations such as Thailand, India and Malaysia.The climate in Singapore is hot and humid, which may be uncomfortable to most westerners particularly during the post-procedure and recovery stagesPrices of goods, transportation and adaption in Singapore are relatively more expensive than other Asian countriesFor US and Canadian medical tourists, travel times to Si ngapore are very long3.4 SWOT AnalysisThe following SWOT points have been identified based on secondary-qualitative research.StrengthsHua Hins current position as a desirable touristAffordable costnot far from BangkokLow cost of wellness products and services with high qualityAccessibility by car, air shutterReputation and marketReputationWeaknessesLack of consumer awarenessSome doctors are employed part timeLanguage and Culture BarrierUnskilled WorkforceOpportunitiesMany factors have contributed to the increased public awareness of health and wellness. Higher rates of heart disease.Wellness tourism market is large and increasing.Tourism policies from government, tourism industry will be strategically supported from government.Provincial dodging group will create more obvious tourism development roadmap.The continued growth of the Thai economy, resulting in growth of domestic tourism and raise opportunities to local tourism development.Information technology and internet deliver the distribution of travel information to be more convenient and faster. global trend towards health conscious.Fund flow from local and foreign are key for development in tourist destination province like Hua Hin.ThreatsTravel understands how to package but healthcare facilities do not. mentally ill debonairal situation in Thailand.Global economic situation is sticky to expect, may impact spending of target market especially if problem occurred in target country.Speaking about medical factors, for the definition, which comes from the research in preparation stage, we have found that there are four factors to make destination ready for international medical services.Destination marketing strategiesThe experience of Hua Hin thus serves to illustrate factors that are critical to destination development, increase two pertinent questions1. What are the best models of tourism marketing that focus on total customer needs, wants and experiences, and which recognize the essential nature o f fun, high quality and diversity of choices at the destination?2. Is it necessary for a destination / country to have a marketing strategy for attracting tourism? If the destination aims to host tourists in a way that leads to economic growth while balancing the needs of the citizens, then a structured and coordinated approach, a marketing strategy is the optimal approach to achieving these goals.RecommendationThe findings revealed several strengths of Hua Hin tourism in terms of destination marketing. These included effective tourism organizations, continuing tourism product development, a unique variety of activities and culture, variety of accommodations and hospitality programs, thorough overseas market segmentation, targeting, and positioning activities. Stability of economic, politic and social in Thailand is major factor of developing through strategies. However, if current government can sustain itself in medium term and serious implement of tourism destination development, Hua Hin is one of the most potential to famous globally likes others destination in Thailand.

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