Monday, March 18, 2019

Abolishing Poverty in The United States :: Poverty Essays

Abolishing Poverty in The get together StatesIf I had the power to abolish want in the unify States I would doit in a second. Abolishing meagreness would be almost inconceivable because there arejust to many poor pot for whizz person to serving. To abolish poverty we must solelywork to help those who are poor get out of this condition.There are 2 types of poor, there are good deal who are comparatively poorand there are deal who are absolutely poor. People who are relatively poorare poor compared to the people around them. These people unremarkably only havethe bare necessities to survive like food, clothing or shelter. They might evenhave a steady job scarce they just dont have any real wealth. In fact people whoare relatively poor are usually in the spurn 5% of the population in terms ofwealth. People who live the accede of absolute poverty can not sustain a true level of living . These people have a hard sentence getting property for food ,clothing, or shelter. People who are absolutely poor have a rough time gettingmoney to arrogate food on the table one day and the beside day they might not have anymoney to put food on the table. Not all people who are relatively poor areabsolutely poor, but, all people who are absolutely poor are relatively poor.These types of poor are found all throughout the world especially inunderdeveloped countries. In the United States a advanced well-developedcountry both absolute and relative poverty are present throughout the country.I think that absolute poverty has no beneficial purposes to society.However, relative poverty does have beneficial functions. I think that relativepoverty can make people competitive. It would do this because people always tryto do better then the people around them. This competitiveness might forcepeople to work extra time or even two jobs in order to make more(prenominal) than the peoplearound them. There are some major cost that both povertys have on society.These costs incl ude In areas of noble poverty there are usually the same areasof high violence. A second cost to society might be that some people inpoverty might become welfare dependent, this means that they intrust solely onwelfare to pay for everything and they dont even try to construe a job of thereown. These negative costs definitely overbalance the benefits.If I had control of the poverty situation in the United States I wouldonly try to eliminate absolute poverty. I first would retch the taxes of the

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