Thursday, February 21, 2019

My view on scent of woman

This film Is to the highest degree a young man named Charles who studies In a middle civilise and the e Thanksgiving Day he wants to go home with his family, scarce he has not enough moon y so he Is going to work as a companion of Colonel Frank who Is a strange, blind, Ion Ely man. First, Charles wants to send away this task for money, but when he lives with the Colonel, he shapes himself. On the early(a) hand, there Is a terrible social occasion disturbs him, w hither he should range the true about who have done the thing which makes the guide master embarrassing and have destroyed the school rule.The headmaster tells chart sees that if he doesnt tell him the true he will be fired. At the end, he doesnt tell who d this thing, and Frank is proud of him, the students from this school excessively cheer up of r him. In my opinion, this film is very good. non only because of its wonderful story but also I t tell us that we should maintain our principle. Nowadays, more and mo re people are selfish, but Charles can maintain his principle, its difficult for him to do that. Because he doesnt tell the true that he will be fired.At first, I see this films name, I think this film maybe about the woman, but when I finish this film, I know that this is not about Oman but about cardinal men. I am moved by this film, because there are many a(prenominal) reasons for me to move by this film. The most moved screen is that when the woman says that t Charles wont be fired from school, almost all students cheer up for him. That is not only Charles personal win but also the invigorate that keeping principles win. In this film, there is another man who makes me impressed, his name is Frank.Frank is blind, an d because of this makes him go to the bottom of life, but the tourism of New York hell him find himself, and he finds the life passion again. Nowadays, more and more persons lose themselves they are selfish, dishonest, and s nobles. They lose their spirit. But i n our society there also are people like Charles. So when we meet the setbacks, we should remember the Colonels banter Persons life Juju SST a few decades, the most important thing Is to not let their own, and malting a com plate soul. Because of a broken leg missing arm Is not the ugliest, Incompleteness Is t he soul of the ugliest

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