Monday, February 18, 2019

Investegation Of Megnetic Fields :: essays research papers

The Investigation of Magnetic Fields.IntroductionWe already know that the magnets have a magnetised athletic celestial sphere around them, which allows them to attract magnetic elements like iron. In this lab the magnetic field of a magnet will be investigated. By putting a thin layer of iron filings on the peace of plastic under which will be a magnet bar, we will be able to see this field.PurposeTo see the patterns of a magnetic field of a single magnet and fields of both magnets when they are put together in different positions.MaterialsPage 369 in the textbook.ObservationsDiscussion1.A magnetic field is a field which is created by a magnetic perfume, the field can either repel or attract. The iron filings showed the magnetic field lines because they are a magnetic substance and are attracted, (or) repelled by magnets.2.a) Usually the denser the magnetic field is, the stronger the magnetic field is, because the ends of the magnet, where the lines that represent the magnetic field are closest together, the magnetic field is strongest and where the this lines are farther apart, the magnetic field is weaker. B) The strongest point of a magnetic field is on retinal rods of a magnet, the weakest point is in the middle amidst the two poles. That is because at the poles of the magnet at that place is only one pole either north or south and in the middle there are both of them and the cancel each other out.3.With different poles the filings throw a circular composed around the two poles and they connect among them, that shows that two different poles attract each other . with like poles the filings clique away from each other and form a diamond shape over the two poles. That shows that two like poles repel each other.

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