Thursday, January 31, 2019

Film Review: Mindwalk :: essays research papers

Film Review Mindwalk     If a good moving-picture show is unmatchable that makes you look at, Mindwalk must be superb. However, I encounternt until now read the book it was based on and I can label that the book must have been better. The actors are laughable, and the physicists accent changes with each natural scene. Furthermore, the transitions to each scene are as smooth as sandpaper. The part of this movie wasnt, and with good reason, to be glamorous though. As many of our Hollywood movies are. The fast action, sex, blood, money crazed movies that we all love. The fact that Mindwalk was based on a book also gives some explanation to the choppy scenes, as many omissions were probably made. Financing played a role in the actors chosen for the movie, a kind of ironic humor if you value just about it in context to what the entire movie is about. All of this in mind, and the fact that it was a lengthy 2+ hours it could never be a smash hit hit. I, on t he contrary, enjoyed it. Some of the issues raised are those that many of us think about often, or maybe I am just hoping that Im non the only one.     As one of the many disdain majors, the idea of my job being meaningless, or al least not a significant benefit to society has crossed my mind. I am in college to compete in our materialistic society for the highest paying job. In other words, Im in it for the money. Perhaps the crisis of perception is something for me to think about, maybe even more than others. I know my reasons arent in bound with the value system I like to portray I have and live by. Yet, I still compromise them giving myself the excuse that I am doing it all for my future family, or something like that.     The crisis of perception is in my life, and everyones. For instance success for most comes from an education. However that success isnt associated with the knowledge, just now with the money you make as a result. The physicist used the crisis of perception exercising as an explanation of how to fix everything wrong with the world. Explaining that focusing on one piece cant work, and that everything is interconnected. She uses the example of a mortal with gallstones. A western medicine physician would take the gall vesica out.

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