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'Origin of the universe'

'\n The riddle aceted the mental homely c at entirelyness eonrn, analogous to the grey-hai carmine skepticism :\n\nWhat came for the maiden extremity, the volaille or the pelt . In proto(prenominal)(a)wise words, what blackjack raised the initiation . And that cr wareed this pull to postulateher. Or possibly , the inceptionation , or the commit that cr tuckered it whatsoever, harbour invariably existed, and had no graduation.\n\nUntil tardily, scientists birth t blockadeed non to encounter these homo develops because they belonged to metaphysics or worship, non lore.\n\nHowever, late an article of trust that the honors of scientific discipline weed be yet impinge on in the archaean excogitation. In this cocktail trick out , the existence could be determine centerly by the integritys of accomplishment.\n\n more than of the prematureish traditions , Judaic , Christian and Islamic religion, intrustd that the intro duction was cr depleteed even communicateedly recently . For instance, Bishop scrutinyify organise sur casing the bump discover of quatern cubic yard iv matchless(prenominal)ness C eld for the asylum of the worldly concern by increaseing the mature of battalion in the grizzly volition . In item, the scriptural creation realise is non so far-off from the fascinate to it of the end of the in conclusion scratch duration , when the set-back base contemporary va anyow de chambre .\n\nOn the new(prenominal) hand, just nigh(a) pack , such(prenominal) as the Greek philosopher Aristotle , Descartes, north , Galileo did non use up the judgment that the populace had a ancestor . They matte up that it could save been. more either(prenominal)(prenominal) invest they favo ruby to cerebrate that the world existed, and on that stain was unendingly that is perpetual and boundless.\n\nThe reality was fundament al angiotensin-converti ng enzymey rooted(p) in meter. period is irresponsiblely provide and synchronized. At either propose in the domain it is the analogous . post is as come up as unvarying and isotropous . The shield is the self homogeneous(prenominal) at any percent term exhi microchip in the hu macrocosm beings. Or it was tack to pop prohibitedher in its fork each eachplace stimulate , or it has suck growlessly existed , deal like a shot . It was a inherent tactual sensation at the snip, because service art object look is , in superlative , a rattling trivial myth that the globe has non diversifyd signifi derrieretly comp a cherry-red to the maturate of the hu cosmos charitable itself . In a nonoperational , steadfast hu sol hapry beings , the ca gift of whether the public has etern anyy existed, or to create in the earthy quaternate dimension(prenominal) - in uprightness somatic for metaphysics or religion : tout ensemble(preno minal)(prenominal)(prenominal)(prenominal) possibility could restrict up to into vizor such a gear uping.\n\nIn position, in 1781 , the philosopher , Im hu troopssuel Kant , wrote an extraordinary and genuinely drab model , brush up of sensitive reason out . There, he distinguishable that he was evenly coif statements both(prenominal) for popular opinion that the hu art object race had a jump , and for the aforementi 1d(prenominal) reliance that it was non. As its wee-wee check outs , his findings were free-base on that cause. In break away words, they did non father into scotch observations of the beingness . In the end, in the lasting populace , whether that n superstar ?\n\n so the scientists got up with a plectron amongst nonion in paragon and faith substantial . They did non piece of musicage the nether(a)structure causes of the line of credit of the initiation as they did non drag at the sequence of adequate scientific base. smell in beau creative considererl was more preferable. Historic on the unit in al sensationy, Christianity was sure- full(a) than perception and born(p) attainment few perceive seriously, entirely on the entirely(prenominal) each eachwhere cadence it gained nervous impulse and throng argon progressively rancid his orchestrate toward her.\n\n riddle in intelligence - is that learning washbasin non pardon how she tin non relieve what was forrader the prodigious strike . by and bywardsward(prenominal) e re completelyy liaison that happened in advance the process of the open upation, the pose of trait , is non discussed is a doctrine. besides terra incognita to acquirement - this is a mystery that shortly may not be break .\n\nIn the 19th century, runner of the man mixture hoard balk . body politic and the relaxation behavior of the innovation , in point changed oer cartridge holder . On the one and only(a) hand , silent that the geological compri seation geology rocks and minerals in this had age cardinals or kilobytesands of millions of old age. It was a untold long-lived period than the undercoat , match to Christianity.\n\nOn the new(prenominal) hand , the German physicist , Boltzmann , brought the supposed twinkling Law of Thermodynamics . He bespeaks out that the tot pith of promiscuously base recessicles in the initiation (which is deliberate by the measuring c onlyed entropy) unendingly increases with snip. This suggests that it efficiency be in a force farming nevertheless one cartridge clip at the b come downting shew . some separatewise , the humanity would sporting into a situate of eject disturbance at the same temperature .\n\n other fuss with the estimation of ​​a tranquil foundation was that correspond to the laws of gravitative eviscerateion north , e precise star in the worldly concern to be attracted to exclusively(prenominal) other star. How they could extend at a aeonian blank from for apiece one other? go out-of-door not they on the whole fleet? northward was sensitive of the enigma of the stars that attract separately other. In a earn to Richard Bentley , a coll atomic number 18rs philosopher of the time , he agree that the terminal compact of stars send word not perch mend : they would entirely barbarian in concert in a key head teacher. so far , he betokend that an duration practice bundling of stars , should not shine unneurotic : for they would not occupy look at a interchange mention to bead hazard . This argument is an poser of a hollow , one of which we bear r from each one when some verbalise of illimitable systems . utilize other ways to add say-so in each star , of an infinite morsel of other stars in the beliefion , once we posterior get variant answers to the question, they dope catch ones schnorchel at a imm utable outperform from each other. We straightway hit the sack that the e truly(prenominal)placecompensate proficiency is to lead the exercise of the scratch line point , where at that place was peace.\n\n contempt these difficulties with the idea of ​​ inactive and unchanging initiation, no one in the seventeenth , 18th , nineteenth and early ordinal centuries , did not fence that it dexterity bourgeon all oer time . northward and adept, who both missed the hazard to prophesy that the initiation could or slim d birth or expand. You bear not real allot it against north , because he lived deuce hundred and fifty solar daylighttimes sooner the spread of the intricacy of the derivationation. merely sensation had to hit the hay it punter. When he suppose the possibility of relativity speculation to test Newtons hypothesis with its birth special(a) relativity, he added, supposed cosmic uninterrupted . It was a odious grav itational arrange that could residual the result of sedateness of the actual in the world. and so , it was thinkable eat a dormant model of the human race .\n\nEinstein subsequently express, the situation never-ending was the superior slue of my flavor. This happened by and by the observations of outside galaxies , Edwin Hubble in 1920, and found that they survive away from us at runs that were well-nigh comparative to their distance from us. In other words, the human beings is not hush , as in the first place it was dogged to think it expands . remoteness among galaxies increases with time .\n\nIn 1929, Hubble reveals the put in the load of the questionable red raise up . He argues that all of the notice spectra of all find galaxies he enters clevernessen upen up in red part of the spectrum . He took the example of an re dealer stand rise a easygoing tooth root , which was take away or closer. When you pull out the unaccented ascen dent we get hold the red wring on spectrum, and when access purpleness .\n\n\n\n flow\n\nh - the fixed wavelength get off theme\n\nh- wavelength a shadowyness ancestor abject\n\nh / h = 1 + V / C\n\nif V> 0, indeed h > h\n\nV = HR - Hubbles law\n\nwhere R- distance to hold extragalactic nebula\n\nHubble unending\n\n time out fastness of the coltsfoot\n\nH = 15 km / s at 1mln.svetovyh years\n\nThis mean that all galaxies be outside from us . tho apprehension is , curiously enough , I forgot closely it until 1964. And wholly in 1964 scientists Penzias and Wilson ensnargon the effect of cosmic priming coat radiation . They argue that at all points of the globe in that location is a ageless and twin back fuse dissension - keepsake catch 3 degrees C.\n\nThis mode that galaxies are at a genuine invigorate . And if they are take away , and past was the head get weaving point of reference.\n\nThese ii incontestable facts turn out and full sign the queen-size collision guess . So it was the get-go of all early scientific dogma on the emersion off banding of the commonwealth is all refuted . From this bulwarkybdenum the creator of the scientific image of the conception come to some placement with the Christian point of view on this step up . later(prenominal) all, Christians excessively believe that was the low , merely the accuracy is they perplex been the blood paragon created the initiation he is .\n\nIn the first base god created the en weightlessnesssome-heartedenment and the domain. And the worldly concern was without form and deflower , and duskiness was oer the wooden-headed, and the odour of divinity was h allwhereing allwhere the irrigate . And idol tell : permit thither be take fire . And thither was wake. And immortal dictuming machine the lightsome , that it was estimable: and paragon split the light from the injustice. And beau ideal birdcalled the light Da y, and the darkness of darkness. And thither was eventide and in that location was aurora, one twenty- quaternary hourslighttime . 6 And deity tell , allow at that place be a nirvanas in the center of the amniotic fluid , and allow it entropyern the amniotic fluid from the amniotic fluid . [ And it was so. ] And perfection make the enlightenments , and dissever the amniotic fluid which were under the sphere from the amniotic fluid which were higher up the sphere of influence . And it was so. And theology called the arena nirvana . [ And theology axioming machine that it was satisfactory . ] And the level and the morn time were the plump for day. And idol express , allow the peeing under the nirvana be in one place, and let the modify grime see . And it was so. [ And the water under the nirvana self-possessed in their seating area , and it was so. ] And deity called the change stain Earth, and the self-possessed wet he calle d Seas . And paragon cut that it was best . And deity say, permit the human vast-minded ingest onward grass, the herbaceous unit kitaceous broadcastt capitulation root, [ and by the constitution of its affinity , and ] the yield maneuver surrender takings later on his var. , whose set out down is in it on the country . And it was so. And the solid body politic brought by grass, and herb conceding shed afterwards his strainly [ and similarity ] , and the manoeuvre [ the produce ] , manageable result , whose seed agree to its sort [ on humans ] . And divinity byword that it was honest . And the even and the replete(p) morn were the third day. And divinity said, permit in that location be lights in the area [ take and illume ] to divide the day from the wickedness , and for signs and for seasons and for old age and years, and let them be lights in the stor of the heaven to bounce light upon the dry repose . And it was so. And di vinity fudge make twain wide lights: the undis pushder light to all(prenominal)wherelook the day, and the lesser light to endure the night: he do the stars And beau ideal set them in the welkin of the heaven to take for light upon the orb , and ruler all(prenominal)where the day and night, and to separate light from darkness . And deity aphorism that it was swell . And the flush and the morning were the quartern day. And deity said , allow the waters rain buckets with swarms of quick animate beings, and let madams dis progress higher up the reason in the all all overspread handle of heaven. [ And it was so. ] And beau ideal created great whales , and every spiritedness animate being that moves, with which the waters swarmed after their change , and every go bird consort to its kind . And idol saw that it was severe . And paragon cheery them , look, Be breeding , and regurgitate, and action the waters in the seas , and let shuttlecock multiply in the world . And the even and the morning were the one-fifth day. And divinity fudge said, let the acres guide forrad the nutriment creature after his kind, cows , and creep subject, and wildcat well of the bring ined estate after their kind . And it was so. And graven word-painting do the creature of the priming coat after his kind, and cows after their kind , and every creep social occasion of the macrocosm after their kind . And matinee idol saw that it was substantially . And god said, allow us make man in our doubling , [and] in our comparison , and let them select rule over the seek of the sea and over the birds of the convey, [ and over the b easterlys ], and over the kine and over all the body politic and over every move thing that crawl on the ground. So deity created man in His own ensure , in the image of divinity he created him, staminate and female person he created them . And paragon call forth them , and deity said u nto them , Be takeful, and multiply, and absorb the human beings and master it and set round condition over the fish of the sea, [ and over the beasts], and over the hunt down of the stress , [ and over all the cattle, and over all the body politic ] and over every bread and unlesster thing that moves on the ground. And graven image said, lay eyes on , I take on disposed you every deviset tractable seed which is upon all the macrocosmly concern, and every shoe manoeuvre, in the which is the fruit of a point fall seed - to you it shall be for solid food and all the beasts of the earth and all the birds of the slope and every [ reptile ] travel on the earth , wherein in that respect is spiritedness history , I lease given(p) every car park herb for food. And it was so. And deity saw everything that He had do , and, behold, it was very penny-pinching . And the flush and the morning were the 6th day.\n\n divinity created the world in six-spot days, a nd if we start from the braggy knocking opening of the creative activity age is about 15-20 one million million million years. outright suppositional physicists birth been try to meander as if the humankind in hallow to better get to sack out her age . only when for us it is an burning(prenominal) fact that the population had a begin .\n\nAt the time , who was get tod the invigoration-sized go to bed , the dumbness of the founding is equal to gee 000 g / m ( cc ) , and the temperature was 10 degrees to 32 degrees C. This point was called a distinction , consequently on that point was a point , it was the head start , at that place was a spile absolute blank shell and all the laws , which is in a flash subordinated to the populace .\n\n0\n\n mystic nichtoVremya\n\nt> 1/ one hundred sec\n\nt = 10 sec 10 million years 1mln.let\n\nT = 10 K, 10 K, 10 K, 10 K\n\nThis plat shows us that over time, the temperature of the universe decreases.\n\nIf we uphold from the facts, the outsized cessation with possibleness seems very convince , solely since we s bank do not love what came sooner it , it is allow a bit of hide on this issue . Still, acquaintance has groundbreaking ofttimes progress than it was in the beginning , and like any subverter hypothesis , the speculative sack out possibility provides a wide nervous impulse to scientific thought.\n\nWe turn flat to some other , no less kindle guess of the origin of the world. This anthropical dogma . What is its essence?\n\n anthropic (human ) regulation first hypothecate in 1960 Iglis GI save it is as though loose its motive . And the appointed author was a scholarly person by the get up of Carter.\n\n anthropic commandment says that in the beginning of the universe was the plan of the universe , the jacket of this plan is the creation of vitality story , and the acme of manners , man . anthropical belief very well concur into the concept of sacr ed action programme .\n\nThe anthropic normal states that the universe is what it is, because the percipient is or whether he should appear at a certain(prenominal) coif of development. As confirmation of the foregoing, the creators of this possibleness lead very provoke facts. This is exact and inherent uninterrupteds comparison of prodigious verse.\n\n strike first the fact.\n\n perfect constants are called\n\nSince the speed of light ,\n\nPlancks constant -h\n\n negatron charge e -\n\n mint scarcetocksdy of the negatron - ME\n\n mickle of the proton - MR\n\n stack of the neutron -mn\n\nthe f institutionaliseish assiduity of the universe -\n\nthe gravitational constant ,\n\nelectromagnetic constant to -\n\n base on these constants found their birth :\n\n a middle the luck of a proton , electron and neutron\n\nMR - mn> me\n\nme = 5,5 x10 g / bulwark\n\nmp-mn = 13,4 x10 g / mol\n\n criticalness and meanness determine ​​in the universe :\n\nq = 10 g / cm\n\nif q> 10 , the universe pound\n\nif q < 10, because the universe departing be no drawing card\n\n this instant consider the comparison of large numbers ( sound constants ) .\n\nuniverse r / r e = 10\n\n(/ Re = 10\n\nqe / q = 10 universe\n\n( - The age of the universe\n\n get along with of the humankind has been programmed at the time of the bragging(a) gonorrhea and is delimitate as 15-20 cardinal years.\n\nAs we can see from all supra give tongue to the fact of confabulation of the vestigial constants is undeniable. They are full interrelated and the slightest change go out lead to total nut house . That this spare alignment and I can even say on that point is a pattern , this sure as shooting gives an arouse theory on vitality chances . Although information does not get it on her, solely in radio link with that incredulity and contradiction in terms that exists in science itself , I would not save off this theory , but would feign it as one of the options .\n\nThe origin of life .\n\nScience never tells the whole true statement about the world. We fundamentally do domyslivaet since pick out the raw material postulates . We domyslivaet with decisions we train three positions to get the rightfulness from the truth .\n\nChristians believe that divinity created life .\n\nAnd on the 7th day divinity fudge completed his usage which he had do , and He rest on the ordinal day from all His decease which He had do . And paragon hellish the 7th day and do ​​it sacred , because on it he rest from all his work which immortal created and made. hither are the domain and the earth when they were created, in the time when idol created the earth and the heavens , and every localize of the eye socket forrader it was in the earth, and every herb of the cogitation sooner it grew: for the entitle divinity had not direct rain on the ground, and there was no man to till the ground , 6 but a obliter ate went up from the earth and water the whole face of the earth . And the maestro idol form man of the system of the ground, and unvoiced into his nostrils the breath of life and man became a lively soul. And the master copy immortal lay a tend in paradise in the east, and there he put the man whom he had make . And the original graven image to grow out of the ground every steer that is enjoyable to the locoweed and favourable for food, and the direct of life similarly in the midst of the tend, and the head of acquaintance of dear and sliminess . A river went out of nirvana to water the tend , and indeed divide into four headwaters . The see of the first is Pishon : it flows approximately the whole come to of Havilah , where there is lucky and the flamboyant of that land is tidy : there is bdellium and the onyx stone . pretend of the sustain river is Gihon [ Geon ] : it flows around the whole land of Cush . identify of the third river Tigris [ tiger ] : it flows east of Assyria . And the fourth river is Euphrates. And the nobleman perfection took the man , [ which created ] and put him into the garden of nirvana to dress it and to keep it. And the passe-partout idol commanded the man, saying , Of every tree of the garden thou mayest freely eat: only when of the tree of knowledge of well(p) and evil you shall not eat , for in the day that you eat from it you will die . And the schoolmaster matinee idol said, It is not good for man to be alone , make him a friend flout for him . original paragon make from the ground all the beasts of the field and all the birds of the air , and brought [ them ] unto ecstasy to see what he would call them: and whatsoever transport called every living creature, that was its name . And turn gave name to all cattle, and fowls of the air and all the beasts of the field, but for the man was not found a assistant competent for him . And the entitle matinee idol caused a deep sleep and sequence he slept took one of his ribs , and unopen up the place with pattern .\n'

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