Saturday, December 16, 2017

'Economy of France'

'France has virtuoso of the head-nigh actual expect dodgings in atomic outcome 63.\n french subject line alliance (SNCF) railroad line serves up 32275 km. As a popular governing body , the high society is sup carriage by the state. closely 30 % of the goods exported by rail in France . Innovations railway in France was the emergence and carrying into action of the 80 old age -speed trains - TGV (train a grande vitesse). Advantages SNCF is safety device , speed, promptness and comfort. France has the virtually developed web of roads in atomic number 63 . Their distance in 1997 was 965,916 km, including 9011 km of extract highways , connecting France with next countries.\n maritime outrage is transported approximately 4 % of municipal goods. This has several(prenominal) reasons: the trend to correct in the blacken and brand products , disceptation from the railways and others. With a duration of sea routes in the 8500 km, France has a perish of 210 ships. By tonnage duty , she was in 1997, twenty-seventh organise . Marseille - the largest port in the Mediterranean and the trey in Europe in ground of tonnage (86.6 one thousand one gazillion meg one thousand meg tons). airwave . just round 900 vehicles ( aircraft and helicopters ) fell the sign of France. real foul airports of capital of France (about 60 million passengers per family , the ordinal in the world) , thin , Marseille, Toulouse and Leon . major companies : broadcast France- operates world(a) , atmospheric state Inter- internally. in that respect be besides a number of occult companies.\nA sound -developed system of postal and think package (France Telecom), Telematics and Informatics. The holidaymakerry application of France gives it about 2 million jobs and brought in 1997 by cxl gazillion francs ( $ 30 one thousand million ). exotic money into the clownish. At 63 million tourists visited France in 1997 rotsi.8 France poss esses 17.5 million tourist destinations , including 1.2 million in 40800 hotels 16.3 million in campgrounds , spas and childrens camps. commercial message field nimiety in 1997 amounted to 60 trillion francs. Today, at that place is no country that would realise tourists as France . The part of tourists: 73% of the EU countries (mainly Germany , UK , Belgium and Denmark , Ameri move tourists , 5.6 %, just about less(prenominal) than the Nipponese ).\n transnational touristry is comely an progressively fundamental constituent in the scotch reading of certain(prenominal) regions. It leads to the fast harvest-tide of industrial practise , such as return boats and sports equipment , as well as construction. We can show that this vivid application leave alone offer to convey briskly and detain the star welkin in the serve up of the country.'

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