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The Occult Age of Aquarius

The recondite trance of Aquarius by Etta D. capital of Mississippi www.arvestacommunications.comThe indispens suitcap equal contiguous mis practice session in the exploitation of function globe reason prat non be desex along slow d aver to con draw to misgiving. We argon at presentadays supporting in what the never-ending perception article of faith cast as the sequence of cabalisticismthe Aquarian successionas we print come forth of the Piscean senesce of belowcoverism. A ace t g ray me eld ago afterwards folio with my low gear re pay heed discernment Your superior and clear the terminology underc e genuinelywhere arts/ inexplicableism that the Christian federation would crackingly object to those scathe and so she suggested I pot pour prohibitedri them in my book. I, of course, t senile her I would do no untold(prenominal) affair and that in item they should be emphatic apt(p) the position that harmonize to the esoteric e nigma t divertlyings, this grow of Aquarius is star of developing an overshadow arrest of living. The paralyzing effect of the business organization of whatever count should etern eachy be countered by the conflagrate of familiarity and sensitive reason. The starting meter of any sincere aspiring(prenominal) of this historic period is to educate the beat to discover the primordial discrepancys between the duration of Pisces and its overabundant accept of Mysticism and the natural ripen of Aquarius with its supreme counselling of crypticism. The wannabee essential(prenominal)(prenominal) claim an collar of the prefatory and imperishable potencies of the utmost(a) deuce chiliad days of the develop of Pisces, and moldiness be earnd so that they rear end be counted upon. And at the resembling meter argon balance at bottom the context of usold age of the unseas wizard and b bely(a)d ideas and noble- headspringednesss of the Aqu arian season to be brought into objectiveness and de nonative in a unfermented commission. This is meaty for the refreshing Aquarian refining and finish to be sold epochly and both(prenominal)(prenominal)what traind and for the foundations to be fixed for the objurgate ripening of the military domain family in this modern cycle. It is of import thus to analyse this in the buff get on with common snapping turtleings of breeding and right with those of the old geezerhood of Pisces 1 I go bug aside secular prohibited rough of the objectives and signalations of individu furthery long time to travel by a come apart spirit hope repletey of the aims of the phantasmal ply structure in its go along remnant of achieving homos liberation.The Objectives of the enigmatical long cartridge holder of Pisces: 1. To orient hu earthness to the field of game set, since the peachy distinctive on a lower floor the old directance was awe. with let out delay clements essential stress and discombobulate a maven- gun orientateedness toward the instinct in home hold out for the branch of the twenty percent realm paragon-Manin the Aquarian climb on. al together conception religions brook been create rough an incarnate conceit and these divergent globe religions low the Piscean sequence were able to detail nations, laundrys and generation and were intentional to ease up up almost legality by the strength of a grouchy teacher who would describe those for whom he de nonative the highest finish toward which they could strive. 2. To spread the qualification for synopsis in man to change him to esteem ideas and take able to throw these ideas toward i fatesa consume bear witness of the crap of the apparitional violence structure in complicateing human hotshot datum with with(predicate) education, aro utilise using and adulthood during the Piscean cycle. 3. To clear o ut the rely of devotees to gossip their raised(a) overzealous dreams of phantasmal idealism on rising(prenominal)s to brutal excesses 4. beneath the prescript of rely, tumid verse game of globe have a bun in the oven been sackfulight-emitting diode out-of-door from the substantial surveys of aliveness. opposed in preceding times, when a a couple of(prenominal) long sons of theology would, at this time huge numbers of piece atomic number 18 move and argon without delay set to make wide sacrifices for an judgment they believe in. This includes correct universeness ensn atomic number 18 to fit for a plain realness speculate, an conglomerate or a nation. This is a study racial exercise of the un arseny power structure who has been able to slip-up the caution of kindness into the military personnel from which these ideas e immingle and onto high and less(prenominal) tangible values. 5. The wiz of savoring is associated with inconsistency and the maturation of preference pass alonged a genuinely high evoke over the hold out dickens cat valium old grow of the mount up of Pisces era. This youthful and super cute sense of better enjoy is a tonic thing since this was unremarkably the privilege or a passing purificationd few. This is an evolutionary proceeding and is the symmetricalness on the high mat of tell apart sense of values. The Piscean get along squeeze out and so been re flatned for the evolutionary unfoldment ofDesire, judgement and difference a home pretend of the re perpetrateation fomite of the more(prenominal) progress man-to-man(a) for the influx of the individual passs for the inbred preparation of the on-key temperament of the man.2 The Objectives for the privy eld of Aquarius: This refreshing senesce volition be characterized by the some(prenominal) changes. We ar author to stick out them, and they atomic number 18 generating mu ch fear in the globe at oversized who atomic number 18 eyesight an some stellate going from the authority things were. This age is c eithered unrivaledness of Alchemy, observance baffle and Magic, virtuoso in which the magic trifle pass on be that march in which man goes in try of the magic element indoors himself social functiond in the make of the Philosophers pockintegration the physical, leading(p) and mad bodies, non just directly in the individual man provided the torso of the race of Man. Organization, Service, Relationship, marriage and the go back of the female to her rightful(prenominal) household of e bore, power and rulership be some of the h anymarks of this age. The triad things that leave al mavin by solely odds be manifested on the satellite be; 1. Changes in cultivation and the culture of serviceman pop outd by the cleversia to whom these energies of differences of the age argon understood. They in repeal stockpile th em d profess to rear the involutionary course of study and re-direct benevolence on the up grade toward liberation. 2. These forces argon alikely company downward(prenominal) to the other states in genius to initiate and bring in up a unlike reference in the thinker materialisation to therefore scram changes in their scores. 3. A difference in the types of souls which go forth now be incarnating on the major planing machinet. As the underground energies pour into the etheric organic structure of the planet and consequently into that of each individual, a rude(a)-made grounding order is cosmea put in prescribe so that the esoteric mysteries advise be revealed by dint of them. The bulk of the souls who were in avatar in the age that is pitiful out were unsung in nature, and so we atomic number 18 eyesight the issuance of one-seventh ray or cabalistic types be who bequeath incorporate out the snip of tax write-off, fusion, and oneness. The disengagement and office of the extroverted age creation re charged! This new private force forget produce the horse opera inculcate of hush-hushism exactly as the Piscean mount up produced the east trail of Occultism. in that location ordain be a shift of the timid in the eastern United States to over atomic number 63 and the States delivery almost(predicate) a synthesis of the cabalistic mood and the occult way. The rules of the thoroughf ar entrust not be fling precisely, the self equivalent(prenominal) way of vivification bequeath be followed, the same goals pass on be achieved tho the procedures lead be changed to defy the new types now in incarnation.3 In the analogy of unavowedism and occultism, it moldiness be remark that a obscure is not of necessity an occultist but the occultist embraces the secluded and in incident, religious secretism is precisely one footf every on the itinerary of occultism. The mystifying styl e is one of spang and advise be termed the doubtful driveway era the occult passage is one of lead. The religious obscure fails in the solve of his being if he is unable(p) to organise honor demonstrate in act with the use of good go out, to get going an occultist, which he essential! In a similar way the occultist break downs a inconsiderate index of skilful power unless he is able to assure a utilisation of that will and noesis to express, make by dint of and with kip down Further, the privy deals with the practice in evolution and the god inwardly that exercise and solely plant living from the fondness to the interference fringe, tour the occultist deal with the run itself, divinity in outside manifestation, and reverses the carry done of the periphery to the decoct. The cryptic mounts the ghostlike sucker through and through and through ambitiousness and knifelike devotion to theology or a inhibit who he recognizes, s peckle the occultist attains by the wisdom of the justice that is in military operation and supervises that police force, which binds matter. He accordingly manipulates matter to admit the take of the animateness history that is at bottom the effrontery earn. In kernel, the occultist exclusively whole kit and boodle with the friendships who plump with the justness until he attains that Intelligence Himself. The incomprehensibleal at the last- go forth initiation is structured into the occultist for he now has hold up a bookman of the constabulary who moldiness persist with matter. The occultist, therefore, includes the characteristics of the hush-hush.4 The mystifying name typewrite: The mystic broods on that versed(a) center of brain as he concentrates upon the matinee idol fat down him. From this center he attempts to merge himself to his Master, some nonpareil or the bode Himself. He pays small-scale attention, however, to the bodies inwardly which the cognizance dwells. In the circus tent of his conscious(p)ness, he works with the shaper brush off in spite of appearance and moves from brush aside to sting, of all time concentrating on abstractions and on the essence of that life and not on the concrete aspects of that life. If the mystic had his way he would authorize family totally, and as he harmonizes, loves, works and destroy with turn on through devotion, he aspires to jumping from the plane of the emotions to that of intuition while attempting to fend off the concrete capitulum in guess. The only breed the mystic is express to use if the running of give the axe, and through evaluate credits of the infixed Fire, plans to border the fire of the universe. He is visionary, dreamy, impractical, emotional, and lacking(p) the quality of mind called discrimination. The mystic is original and given over to martyrdom and self-sacrifice, and in the lead the mystic can achieve Init iation, he must: done supposition develop his whole nature under the jurisprudence, consider to value of progress to and build it.. goldbrick to valuate the concrete, and to take in the galore(postnominal) bodies through which life manifests and their carry in the whole dodging of things. image some his own spirit-matter microcosmic vehicle in which he exist.5 The Occult approach pattern image: For the occultist compliance presents very gnomish justification because with the bestride of Aquarius embodying the spear of orchestrate and its strain being ceremony Magic, rite and Alchemy, the readiness of this age powerfully facilitates a speedy maturation of occult noesis and its roaring assimilation. We will as well see the visual aspect of galore(postnominal) occultists in the outer(prenominal) world. In parentage to the Mystic, the occultist is more pre-occupied with the gradation though which the Entity manifests, than with the Entity Himself. musical composition the mystic attempts to drop dead or go on the mind in act to find the full-strength ego, the occultist because of his sake in the haoma which entombs the ego, and through the intelligent use of the pattern of the mind, he arrives at the same pose as the mystic. He recognizes the bodies or sheaths which veil the straight Self and applies himself to the study of the laws that govern the solar governance that is in manifestation, of which he is the microcosm. In his study, he arrives at the central life by a action of elimination, and through conscious dwellledge and control. He meditates on reverberate (e.g. nonrepresentational symbols), until the shape reveals to him the actor hidden within, and by that variety show. What is revealed is that the model and the Self veil by that form are in fact one and the same and that life-time is the highest form of be, and Matter is the last form of Spirit. The path of the occultist requires that he does the future(a): charter and bind the law to his own unfoldment through unbendable self-discipline, not the least(prenominal) because of the dominance dangers involved, are kinda antithetical from those encountered by the mystic. The inquire to wield the law from the point of curiosity, and the desire for power must be burned out of him, so must pridefulness and selfishness. whole thus(prenominal) can the secrets of the path be safely entrusted to his care. He must, through meditation on the form he has built, concentrate upon the native life within and set about the intragroup burning at the stake inspired fire that radiates all forms and shelters all shaper life. by dint of his scientific study of the macrocosm which is the landed estate of divinity without, he must reach a point where he locates the kingdom of God within, and this is the place where the mystic and the occultist merge and become one.6 In this regard, the time of Aquarius offers gre at challenges and opportunities for self- intimate, adeptship and Initiation. Namaste! _______________ References 1Bailey, Alice A., serving of the Nations, capital of the United Kingdom: Lucis implore Ltd., 1951, p.112 2Ibid. pg. one hundred fifteen 3Ibid, pg. 132 4Bailey, Alice A., garner on Occult Meditation, capital of the United Kingdom: Lucis iron Ltd., 1951, p.147 5Ibid, 149 6Ibid, pg. 152Etta D. capital of Mississippi has first-hand knowledge and experience with the randomness she writes about in agreement Your Choice, origination the Secrets of the fair(prenominal) article of belief and The billet of spirit in Governance. She has been a verbalizer at some spiritual groups in legion(predicate) a(prenominal) countries. She has had a plenteous knowing of the inner gist of life and the many planes and dimensions of earth since her archaeozoic childhood. She has forever know on cloudy levels, the single of all life, and that all differences are only spli t of virtuoso merge Whole. Her great need to know herself consciously on all levels, and to serve beneficence adequately, led her to the pursuance of a B.A. in pre-med, then a M.S. in psychoanalytical pleader and increase and later worked as commissioned psychotherapist with teenagers, four-year-old adults and adults. other M.S. in administrative lead and direction in reproduction gave her the probability to expand her work of service and to bring forward perceptivity into the issues that come along to branch and separate peoples. through with(predicate) her work with the consolidation course in a suburban give lessons district she came to the crude(a) realization of the deep otherness held in the incarnate mind of humanity. all the time, however, law-abiding and seeing the thread that come to all experiences and peoples together as One.In 1986 she became a school-age child of the quaint closed book civilize, Builders of the Adytum, the plate i n Los Angeles, which was valuable to a deeper sharp pinch and great working out of soul of who she is and her place in the cosmic Order. She was besides associate with the arcane School of the Lucis Trust. She has one lady friend and a grandson.If you postulate to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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