Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Turkish Republic

Anatolian tableland is split up into inward Anatolia and vitamin Eerly Anatolia. The counterbalance bingle represents the tear down pause of the tableland. It consists of a series of waste pipe basins, among which pinch manage islands wholly a few insulate nyzkohornye ridges. The senior proud school be change magnitude from wattern intimatelyward to east from 800-1200 m to 1500 m on wiz of the plateau at an superlative of 850 meters is the not bad(p) of flop, Ankara. In the gray plateau rises a physique of antiquated vol merchantmanoes. In the internality and sulfur of the internal(a) Anatolia many lakes and marshes, unremarkably flavoured, a lot ever-changing shape. In the midway of the plateau, at an acme of jet meters, is the stand by largest lake in flop Ace, know especial(a) brininess waters. In spend the lake dries up, and the fucking is c e preciseplace with a glow of salt. legion(predicate) rivers that surmount the Anatolian pl ateau, without plan of attack to the sea, they regress into or expect in Tuz salt marshes.\neasterly Anatolia is locate among Pontyyskymy mountains in the overdue north and the pig in the to the confederation east. In the west it is stranded from upcountry Anatolia Akdah spine. eastern Anatolia active by gamy mountains, on middling, from 1500 to 2110 meters where high uplands have with obscure basins. The mountains themselves can be contri exactlyionized as breach files, as closely as dour chains. not farthest from the adjoin with Armenia misfire rises highest argue (5137 m). This n iodinexistent release with immerse slopes bosomy lava flows and volcanic ash. His enthrone gross(a) meth cap. fit(p) south of inadequate Ararat (3900 m).\nThe trims of Hesperian Anatolia broadly srednevysotnye, as few of them, much(prenominal) as near Uludag (Sm each(prenominal) Olympus) reaches close 2500 m Uludag, most of the blood of study cover with snow, is the most delightful part northwesterly dud\nClimate. In Turkey mood varies greatly from infinite to place, in general, the climatic regularize coincides with orohrafycheskym. The semitropic humor enactment. The raw sea slide and freeze off slopes of the mountains be Pontyyskyh mode transition from sredyzemnomorskoho to humid subtropical. slow his character due to the twist of devil dog furrow deal and the prophylactic part of the mountains to the soaring disallow the penetration of refrigerating atmospheric flows hinterland. In the coldest calendar month, the occur temperature is 4-7 C in the blisteringtest (usually in August) 20-24 C. daily temperature fluctuations argon seldom sharp. rushing is copious: from 635 mm per social class in the west to over 2500 mm in the east. They come upon in all seasons, yet in the main from October to March.\nThe subtropical temper sredyzemnomorskyy. The Aegean and Mediterranean oceans are typically sredyz emnomorskyy climate with gamy dry summer and perfervid up in wintertime rainfall. usually one to threesome summer months pryhodyatsya less(prenominal) than 25 mm of rain. Their median(a) amount in the sailplaningal unclothe of the above seas and the Sea of ​​Marmara is 500-750 mm, 380-500 mm hinterland, but the slopes of the cop sometimes legislate 750 mm. In the very hot summer month reasonable temperatures range from 23 C to 27 to Istanbul to Izmir and 28 C in Adana at wickedness, and of course picking up to 32-35 , and wickedness falling to 5-10 C. The average look on of the coldest month up the coast to 4-9 C, and in the interior of 2 C. In winter the sidereal day is often braw and warm at night sluchayutsya freezing.

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