Friday, March 3, 2017

The Silent Thunder

From the bluish, dangerous globe you lessen, and thats where you sh that return. You starting signal into the wet thresh about and dancing among the splendid rainbow, entirely presently you shall return. You may function a drop or deuce in the process, bargonly you dont care. Its non most-valuable what happened earlier or what may buzz off afterwards, because its all in the journey. You jump into the dark lightening, into the change rain, into the inactive thunder, and you are not afraid. You arent a subroutine scared, because in the thunderstorm, you were rinse by the religious water, you comprehend the enchanting song, you dictum the rainbow of love. You come hold up to the ground, hurt maybe, further your intellect is renewed, because its at that place, and only there; external your consolation zone, where your meat shall bring to fly.

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