Friday, March 4, 2016

Finding Freedom Through Language

Ive been told face majors argon a small-minded (or maybe a lot) uppity, or snobbishlike theyre out with their carmine pens, ready to ground to the world that grammar real does matter. Even speech from experience, Ive certain my sh ar of pedantic papers that ar just spread over with critique, and the margins are fill up up with this horrible scrawl give tongue to you how inadequate of a writer you are. Its a grand feeling. And I trace it: grammar has its functionsit sets a general standard that helps us all intercommunicate more than efficaciously and professionally. Really, I tug it. But Ive put up, and I moot that when your texting, or blogging, or got your little facebook shoot the breeze box open, or simply talk to friends, I weigh thats when phraseology becomes liberating. Where some great deal have music, or sports, or compensate the blessed a couple of(prenominal) have intelligence and math, constitution has unendingly been my outletmy kernel o f expression. And even talk to some adeptthat predilection of spoken expressionhas been something that frees me, but its writing more than anything that Ive found a cult for. George Orwell once give tongue to that all writers are vain and self-loving and its straightforward! Seeing your thoughts translated to something physical is so reward; its only for the selfnot for the professor, not for a grade, just for the exemption to write it.
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