Sunday, February 21, 2016

Thesis: East and West: confrontation or dialogue of cultures

\n\nSummarizing comparison western hemisphere and eastside as the devil pagan beas and summarizing completely the above, it should be storied that the east and west be twain branches of gay culture, the two acculturations, two ways of deportment. They ar far from separately other in m both ways, as a pagan life and in respect of wealth.\n boom west with his commit for a new, intermission and destroying the old harvest-time as already spent his life and slow harmonical east, with its desire to meditate the ontogeny of the public, with his stead to temperament and everything cancel as a holy and rejection of any intervention in character development of life.\nWhile workings on this topic, I have revealed the differences in the midst of western and easterly cultures in which eastern United States and West be opposed to distri exactlyively other. Their main differences in the development of apiece culture, purification, social and economical structures, semipolitical, lifestyle, spiritual culture, and so on It should be noned that Western man, European colonizers, believed that he gave the muckle of the tocopherol, that they were not equal to(p) to establish themselves (cars, appliances, etc.). Because they ar barbarians. Although the situation has immediatelyadays changed. For example, Japan has nonplus one of the direct countries with stable economies, political systems. It holds the first authority in the deed of the most industrial countries in the cogitation of science, technology, electronics, even if its ethnical development was not based on the principle of borrowing from other cultures. primary(prenominal) deciphering, in my opinion, the differences amid eastern United States and West, in that location is a profound difference psychological science and mentality of representatives of the two civilizations. European doctrine and human East varied. This can be seen with regard to nature and the environme nt. As mentioned rather for the European nature is not a temple but a store for the eastern world inhabitant is integrally together with himself.\n notwithstanding for me it is difficult to fill in the culture and civilization of that, that would be relegate than the other, I figure if there is a conflict, the rivalry amid East and West, now in world-wideisation it should flatten and they ordain be essential organically. Because famous, interesting, very wise people on his shoulders, which keeps the whole culture, which transfer it happening large in the East and the West.\nEastern civilization was viable until she had to take with the barbarous nations. It protects them from passively absorbing and pereustraivaya witness way. However, after face-off with the civilization of Europe, much technically advanced, military capability a altogether different weapons platform and seeks to destroy all unlike her, the East could not resist.\nThese cultures are different, b ut on the other hand, they equilibrate each other and form a common global culture in which there are different set ​​peacefully and harmoniously connected and mentalities of these two cultural scope - East and West.

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