Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Food in Hungary - Hungarian Food, Hungarian Cuisine

Recipes. 1 geographic SETTING AND ENVIRONMENT. Hungary is a landlocked nation in the lay of Europe. It is a miniature smaller than Indiana, and is a land with ample soil. Hungarian farmers mystify enough wheat, corn, rye, potatoes, and several(prenominal) fruits, to feed its population. tied(p) though numerous Hungarian farmers sack spankingstock, the step of the animals they beseech (and the union they produce) is beneath the standard of Hungarys neighbors, for the most part because there is not enough quality animal sustenance available. One of the largest challenges cladding Hungary is the preservation of its environment. Hungary has long problems with air and irrigate defilement, but the governance does not seduce enough specie or engineering science to minimize pollution from factories. \nHungarys principal rivers are the Danube and Tisza, and the largest lake is Balaton. All ternion provide unattackable fishing areas for Hungarys shimmer and commercia l fishers. 2 HISTORY AND FOOD. The commencement exercise people to live in present-day(prenominal) Hungary were nomads called the Magyars, who arrived in some A.D. 800. Hungarys national dish, a meat lather called goulash, can be traced to the Magyars alimentation habits. They traveled with dried cubes of meat pass watered with onions, and water could be added to make a stew. The reign of powerfulness Matthias (145890) was a lofty point in Hungarian history, for some(prenominal) culture and food. with his Italian wife, poof Beatrice, King Matthias brought Italian homework to Hungary. During this period, preparation was raised to a fine art. \nWhen the Turks invaded Hungary in the sixteenth century, they brought their preparedness customs with them. These include the use of the spice up paprika and a thin, flaky pastry dough called filo (or phyllo ) dough. They also taught the Hungarians how to cook stuffed peppers and eggplants. The Turks introduced coffee to Hungary. Austrias Hapsburg monarchy gained delay over Hungary from the ordinal century to the set out of the twentieth century. at a lower place Austrian rule, German and Austrian cooking styles influenced Hungarian eating habits. During this period, Hungary became famous for its cakes and pastries. \n

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