Friday, February 26, 2016

Bahi’s Proclamation

Bahis ProclamationTell it on the trials of Natchez,Publish it on the paths of Southhampton, Virginia. permit the children of the knackered rejoice, Let the echoes of lives knightly triumph.You mountains of Denali, you swamps and bayous of Lafourche,Erupt with great joy, swamp your banks with great tides.For yes in this life-time, in this season, in this ageHas the hopes of the slain, the tears of the struck and fallen been fulfilled.Let the silent whispers from the cotton fields of Vicksburg, The muffled words in the dark woodlet huts of Pottawatomie,The tears of the aborigines, the wails of those in bondage,The anguish of the childless mother of many,The bereavement of the motherless child,From the caked intentness of our ancestors yellow, brown and ebonyProclaim that in this life-time, in this season, in this age,Has the whispers, words, tears and wails been heard.Today we rise, From the shores of the motherland, to the beaches of sojourning lands.Today we speak,From the a nimalisation of the spirit, to the dehumanization of my people.Today we match,Underneath the shadows of those that came ahead us,On the wings of those who upraised us, to proclaim insolent and clearYes we can.If you want to consider a practiced essay, order it on our website:

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