Friday, January 24, 2014

The Sniper Caracter Analysis Demo

Kosta Kakavas Character abbreviation Who really knows someones motives for victorious someones life? nearly reasons would be for self defense, attack, victory, jealousy and maybe just insanity. This temperament analysis get out be analyzing the Sniper and his motives for cleanup spot his enemy. The three points that will be used in this analysis will be: the scenario the character is involved in, background history, and the evolution of the story. This story takes distinguish in the 1920s when the polished state of warfare in Ireland broke out. families were carve up and mavin was set against friend. this statement really gives us a well idea on what the Snipers motives be. Because this story takes place in the civil war, and the sniper and his enemy were in combat, we can pretty some(prenominal) hand any motives other than attack and defense. When pile are in war, they but think of two things: kill, and do non induce killed. This means that the snipers mo tives were pretty much to kill his enemy, and crusade himself at the same time. In this story, it states that his eyes had the cold twinkle of a fanatic. That his eyes were were deep and thoughtful, eyes that were used to looking at at death. A person who is not experienced when it comes to killing and lug like that, wont get a sniper and go on a roof and start killing people with a different view on the independence of the British nation. Normally, only people who are experienced in the war field of view will engage in war activity. People who are not will stay kinfolk and mind their business. As time passes, and circumstances start to change, so can a persons motives. For instance, the snipers motives were partially for attack and partially for defense. As the story progressed, his motives changed. At the point where he got shot, his motives went from attack to survival. He was planning on how to escape without the enemys knowing by dissembling he died. taking off his cap, he placed it over the muzzle of his r! ifle. hence he pushed the rifle slowly upwards...If you desire to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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