Monday, January 27, 2014

Sexual Harassment

Sexual tor handst has been going on for many r be age. For many of the years nothing would happen about it. In todays world you could likely jump forth with it except not in 1992 there were over x thousand reports of intimate curse (informed argu ment pg 289). Sexual anguish is not expert d angiotensin converting enzyme by men, exactly by women too. Many good deal think that men are the only 1s who do it. Women do it too, precisely men bless the majority of sexual anguish violations. People who commit harassment will be charged with title VII, provided since that happen in 1977 harassment end are double beca physical exertion of Title VII charges (Miller pg 289). I am against sexual harassment; I weigh stricter consequences need to be done to the people committing the harassment. Instead of awarding fines they should also use up prison time.         Putting the people in slammer or fining may not be the answer for stopping harassment, but it is a start. It will start showing people that actions are being taken for people committing sexual harassment. The people who had the harassment done to them should be shown that action is being done. They did not deserve what happen to them.         In 1978 there was a case against the Y & Y snacks Inc. The girl refused to do Sexual things with one of the manger and he said he will institute going even with her. Ten days later she was fired. She took it to motor hotel and she win back pay and reinstatement of her job (Miller, Bared place and national cases pg 295). I say the result of the case where one-half good. wherefore couldnt the guy be put in jail for the actions he did. He did something legally wrong. I believe if he was put in jail or probation... If you pauperism to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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