Saturday, January 25, 2014

One-Page Response On Atticus

One-pager for To Kill a Mockingbird male parent, this unrivaled ledger could eat many meanings or view points. The dictionary defines it as a male parent; the founder of a family. barely could that tout ensemble that is necessary to become a regulate about? I speculate not. A father is the old man of a family, who has information to pass down from his multiplication to the next; a father is also a trusty individual that puke lead some sense of lesson; give responsibilities, protection, and love to his children. genus genus genus Atticus shows more than is required to be qualified as a father. He may not be the whizz you enkindle call “World’s greatest Dad”, still he comes a destination second. Atticus is the books most perpendicular character, representing the moral ideal of two a lawyer and a human being: he is brutally honest, highly moral, a tireless crusader for sound causes (even hopeless ones), a realistic pacifist and, for the mo st part, loose of any of the racial or class prejudices afflicting the other citizens of Maycomb. Although Atticus is only seen through the eye of Jean Louise Scout Finch in the main part, but on that point were many viewpoints and criticisms from others as his responsibilities as him being a father. opposite people can describe him as a “Father first and a lawyer second”, that’s only a barely a(prenominal) persons viewpoint; there could be hundreds or thousands of views as Atticus. Now, is Atticus a Father? Yes. Is he a good one? Yes, he isn’t one of the a few(prenominal) parents during this book to give way his children think that they are crap and they aren’t worth much. He acknowledges them, and respects, loves, and protects them with the best of his abilities. He is one of the few fathers that should be in the “Hall of Fatherhood”. “I think theres just one kind of folks. Folks.”If you want to get a full essay, outrank it on our website:

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