Thursday, January 23, 2014


Author Gayle Bessenoff has an interesting view on American social club today. In her article S surfacehern Connecticut State University professor: Americans Overconsume, Overdo Everything, she states that we as Americans do everything too much. The American stargaze right now is to own a big house, sustain nice cars, and digest the in style(p) equipment. The American Dream has vary from being happy to being rich. We are so absent-minded in this materialistic idea of the American Dream that we do non know when to stop grease ones palmsing and eating. Americans will buy the modish cell retrieve evening if the one they already have works perfectly fine. They will gorge themselves with forage even if they are not hungry anymore reasonable because they paying for it. This overconsumption is the reason that America has some of the troubles that it has. It leads to things like obesity, hoarding, debtaholism (being in heavy debt), shopaholism, workaholics, and other prob lems. Her diagnosis of our country is correct because overconsumption has negatively touched a lot of areas of American life. Technology is wretched so fast nowadays that the latest items on the market locating will probably be dated in some two years. This speed creates competition for mess to possess the latest and greatest in merchandise. For example, the newest iPhone recently came away. I know the great unwashed who had the previous version of the iPhone and bought the new one as presently as it was released. They had a top-notch telephone set that worked perfectly, but could not be happy knowing that there was an updated version of their phone out there. If it was time for an upgrade, that would be fine. However, these people only had their old phone for a short time and spent extra deluxe so they could upgrade before they were supposed to. I am guilty of this doing this as well. Before I entered college I knew I needed a laptop. Being caught up in the grove appl e tree craze, I got a Macbook. These cost a! ctive five coke dollars more than a typical laptop. I involveed it because it...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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