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Reidy: HIST 137, evidence ace In order to fulfill the certificate of indebtedness of evaluating the effectiveness of these texts at illustrating American husbandry during the 1920s, we must amaze with a common understanding of what exactly that American gloss was. Based on my research, I would define the foundation of American tillage of the 1920s as a battle against Progressivism and Fundamentalism; a good deal described as a culture struggle. This culture war was deeply intertwined with ethnicity and religion. Progressivism is rooted in the ideals of individualistic granting immunity and freedom of choice, where every person is soereign everywhere their destiny. In the 1920s, Progressives alike valued individual rights free from religious obligations. This is in everlasting(a) contrast to Fundamentalism, which believes that individual actions should be constrained by religious and moral obligations, specifically the rules and teaching of the Church, because God is t he source of last authority. The culture war between Progressives and Fundamentalists is illustrated in the Prohibition Movements, in the debates over the new roles of women, in Nativism, in the Red Scare, in the fight for rights for the working class and people of color, and in debates over the proper role of the government. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
Alan Dawley in American Liberalism and the Struggle for referee Between the Wars summarizes the major dynamics of the 1920 culture wars. In protagonist aspect, the dynamics arouse of internal contradictions among opposing social forces, and, in another, out of the imbalance between the chan ging life of the coalition and the existin! g form of the state. In either case, the growing incongruousness between the way Americans lived and the way they were governed forced them into a counting with their traditional forms of liberty (Gordon 19). How does Larsons book summertime for the Gods concomitant to an understanding of American culture during the Twenties? 1 Reidy: HIST 137, Essay One I believe Edward Larsons book Summer for the Gods: The...If you desire to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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