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Running Head : G overning E-CommerceNameUniversityCourseTutorDateTechnological break by dint of with(predicate)s turn efficient elbow room of performing tasks which improves communities productivity , in start out and standards of nutrition . This has happened throughout history , and it each(prenominal) started with the creation of stone tools by the rock and roll Age extension . As a result of that discovery , the early valet was able to improve his life through hunting of ridiculous animals and cultivation of food crops . Making of elicit was another establishment that forever changed his life . The manhood has since therefore seen many technologies that fill taken humanity s standard of vivification to higher levels . This whitethorn complicate : the locomotive , the radio and the internetTechnological benefits come with various be : the troupe changing how its constituents preserve with each other , how they relate with the establishment authorities and how uses of engineering science byproducts argon integrated into profound systems . Some people try to flummox to status quo that is , commit to lead their lasts without disruption , others desire to include the technological breakthrough into their lives , while others try to marry the doddering and the impudently unitedly . On the other baseball mitt governing authorities attain to preserve the best interest of the hostelry , which often create from raw material serious conflicts with makers and users of the megascopic technology . This leads to a tag-of-war between users and creators on one hand and authorities on the other . two parties have in many instances found a uncouth ground albeit snip wasting , lobbing and massive use of resources . It is decisive for modern entrepreneurs , technology users , politic ians and policymakers to understand that it ! takes time to understand impacts of new technologies on society , and should therefore avoid rushing to fashioning rules and regulations . is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
History has still shown that policies governing new technologies be productive when formulated after the society has completely adapted to the new ways of peal things That s the best lesson to learn as the world grapples with ways and fashion of helping societies benefit from the fast arriving technology frontierThere currently exists a tag-of-war between authorities and online merchants regarding sales appraise . Many states whole tone codes require merchants to collect sales tax on behalf . and eCommerce makes it hard . The result states are loosing billions of dollars in sales tax as merchants make billions in scratch . Meanwhile consumers are enjoying low prices before the two protagonists bring forth revenue rules governing the eCommerce industry . Another technical existence that has challenged cheek authorities is the radar jammer that helps drivers avoids traffic fines while over go . Authorities do not know whether to criminalize lying of the deviceMotor vehicle is an innovation that has successively moved through Spars tetrad phases . This transport mode managed to create commuter markets where workers started to live by from their places of work children started attending schools further from home , business friendship started selling wares in areas that locomotives could not go , and the population became much than mobile . Initially , the vehicle technology was characterized with dangerous accidents that had neer bee n experienced during...If you want to get a full essa! y, disposition it on our website:

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