Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Problems- Machine Design I

Q1 . hinderanceing on the lancet from gears and support from bearings is depicted in the figure belowFor this shaftLength of the Shaft L 2 .0 mLength of section AB LAB 0 .5 mLength of portion BC LBC 1 .0 mLength of segment CD LCD 0 .5 m ?D4 (1 /32 3 .14 (5 10-2 m )4 6 .1328125 10-7 m4Given , Modulus of the shaft material E two hundred 109 Nm-2 (1Where , `g acceleration due to gravity 9 .
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8 m /s and ` is supreme buckle of the shaftTherefore , maximum deflectio n ` of this shaft privations to be calculatedThis shaft nether the given loading and support condition nookie be seen as dispassionate of a simply supported impart (Part AC ) and a Cantilever beam (part CDTherefore , one need to calculate maximum deflection in deflection in these two split and the higher of these two values brook be interpreted as maximum deflection of this shaftMaximum deflection in scarce Supported Beam (AC ) portion ?AC ?CDTherefore , for calculating essential angular frequency of the shaft ?AC will be usedPutting the value of ?AC in par (1Natural Angular relative frequency of the Shaft will be rad /s 3628 rpmTherefore , it can be concluded that scathing rpm of the shaft is little than 7200 rpmQ2 . Here Radial Load L 1000 N RPM 200Shaft Diameter d 50 mm 5 10-2 mBecause the load and rpm argon high therefore , L /d ration should be...If you pauperization to get a undecomposed essay, order it on our website: Ord erCustomPaper.com

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