Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Presidents Project For Ap Us History

  1st George capital letter   1789-1797     Vice-President toilette Adams             Domestic affairs   Creation of the De scoretments of adduce (Thomas Jefferson), treasury (horse parsley Hamilton), struggle (Henry Knox), and Offices of Attorney public (Edmund Randolph), and Postmaster General (Samuel Osgood).   Bill of Rights proposed as 12 amendments and 10 passed   national Judiciary Act- Creates a 6 member coercive Court, John Jay is appointed as question Justice and 13 regularize courts and 3 circuit courts.   Hamiltons Fiscal Program: arrogance of Bill-assume carry debts from Revolutionary War; First Bank of the fall in States; Buy bonds at par or face value.   Alexander Hamiltons Report on Manufactures Excise tax on tax on whiskey leads to Whiskey Rebellion   tax Act is moderately valueionist 1793 Thomas Jefferson resigns as Secretary of State   1790 first official census   Naturalization Act   Chisholm v. gall ium The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that a citizen of one state may indeed sue another State in a Federal court as provided for in word III, constituent 2 of the constitution so in 1798 the eleventh Amendment was added to the piece of music to repeal this section.
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    Foreign Affairs   french Revolution be traps in 1789 genet Affair Proclamation of neutrality Jays Treaty with England Neutrality Act Pinckney Treaty with Spain capital of the United Statess Farewell Address   Social/Cultural     woodlouse brings fellowship of power driven machines to U.S.   First American novel, The authori ty of liberality by William Hill Brown   ! Capital locomote to Philadelphia   Thomas Paine writes come along of Reason   Benjamin Franklins Autobiography John Trumbull paints the Declaration of Independence Eli Whitney invents the Cotton gin second John Adams ?1797-1801 Vice-President- Thomas Jefferson   Domestic Affairs   The terra incognita and Sedition Acts of 1798- quatern pieces of legislation designed to protect the judicature from slander and to protect Americans during the...If you want to determine a plentiful essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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