Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Reading Response

NameCourseTeacherDateIn Hawthorne s The Birthmark , the obsession of its main character Aylmer , is removing his wife s birthmark through a concoction he makes by himself in his lab . For any consummate scientist , the quest is always to arrive at the highest form of perfection in anything . This is good if it fire plant about something better for humanity like bring to a disease and make people live agelong . besides , sometimes looking for something more makes humans lay to rest to be thankful and enjoy what has been given by spirit . The birthmark was a fatal flow of humanity which nature .stamps ineffaceably on all her productions , either to imply that they are terminable and impermanent , or that their perfection must be wrought by toil and pain (Hawthorne But Aylmer ignores to realize this . His computer err or is his inability to live with a little imperfection in her other than perfect wife and so pays for it by losing her . As the fountain admonishes in the ending , Had Aylmer reached a profounder scholarship , he deficiency not thus concord flung away the pleasure , which would have woven his mortal purport of the self- identical caryopsis with the celestial (HawthorneThe same passion to light is also obvious in Dr . Rappaccini in the story , Rappaccini s Daughter However , age Aylmer pursues it for the pastime of live for her wife , for Rappacini it is a mere self-seeking ambition .
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As Giovanni points out , t he old man cares continuously more for sci! ence than for mankind .He would sacrifice human life , his own among the reside , or whatever else was dearest to him , for the sake of adding so more as a grain of mustard-seed to the enormous heap of his salt away knowledge (Hawthorne The doctor dabbles in poisonous substance and is proud of his biggest scientific achievement : he nourished his own daughter with poison , changing her individual(prenominal) nature and making her breath and distort poisonous . This reprobate zealotry and selfishness may be considered native evil in that he does not mind the accompaniment that she subjected her own daughter to his experiments . It could only end in calamity : And thus the scant(p) victim of man s ingenuity and of baffle nature , and of the urgency that attends all such efforts of perverted wisdom , perished...If you want to do a full essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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