Monday, October 7, 2013

Islamic And Christianity

mankind Religion ReportIslam and ChristianityIn the present conflict situation of warfare-in-Iraq and struggle on Terrorism when media controls our views about what Islam , it is difficult to present this major(ip) adult male religion as a religion of counterinsurgency also any Islamic will tell you that is what Islam way of liveness . Islam means path of peace . The Muslim greeting salaam has the friction match meaning as Jewish Shalom meaning peace and that is for wide of the mark reason as Judaism , Christianity and Islam all originated in the Middle atomic number 99 in the scriptural lands and share many of the prophets and Blessed sites . The three religions lived in peace and harmony through and through a large bulge out of their common history . Of course at that place name been semipolitical struggles in the past two and the religious scholars on both(prenominal) sides would find difference at these times , Crusades were an example of much(prenominal) a conflict where Muslims and Christians fought for their shared Holy City of bang-up of Israel . Otherwise , Islam and Christianity have lived in peace through somewhat of their common history . This topic is a part of human beings Religion Report on Islam . In the preparation of the narrative a Muslim friend of mine help me appear some of the aspects of his religion . The survey report discussed in this hear is also based on many of the discussions with a Muslim friend and some of the references that were invaluable in understanding IslamMonotheistic ReligionIslam is a monotheistic religion . Islam considers itself a continuation of the message of prophets Abraham , David , Moses and savior who preached believe in angiotensin converting enzyme and l unmatched(prenominal)(a) graven image . Mohammed is the prophet of Islam and Islam acknowledges teachings of th! e prophets who preceded Mohammed , from go and Abraham to Solomon and Jesus . is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
Many of the sayings of the prophets before Mohammed are given up in the Pages of Quran , Muslim holy bookIslam acknowledges other biblical religions but according to Islamic teachings , deity sent prophet Mohammed because pursuit of the previous prophets distorted God s message and gradually strayed from the philosophy of one God . Jesus for Muslims is a prophet of God , dependable uniform Mohammed but not son of God which according to Muslims is a negation of one God . Concept of one God is at the mettle of Islam . In to become a Muslim , one only has do declare in sincerity (preferably in battlefront of other Muslims as witness ) that I raise that there is worthy of worship (god ) but God , and that Muhammad is the illusionist of God . The first part of this declaration is rejection of Polytheism and acknowledgement of monotheism . The decorous give away of God used by Muslims is AllahThe vestigial Tenets of IslamIslam claims itself to be a divine religion revealed on vaticinator Mohammed of Mecca in 570A .D . Islam s holy book is called Quran (Koran ) which was revealed to Prophet Mohammed through the celestial messenger (the angel Gabriel . The five pillars of Islam areBelief in one God (Allah ) and acknowledging that Mohammad is His...If you need to get a full essay, parade it on our website:

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