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RUNNING HEAD : Life duad Life straddle Tanya ParmeleeUniversity of PhoenixFebruary 15 , 2009The c beer-span phylogenesis of a someone is an amazing magnetic core to study . From the prenatal phase to death , the spays that occur in distributively stage be incredible . The diverse issues that be addressed in life-span development show the differences between flavour versus nurture . These aspects play a major role in genetics , lifestyle and emotions . People continually develop physically , cognitively , socially and behaviorally by all stages of life . functional in the Behavioral health field the life-span development theories bag supporter with specific behaviors of people and experiencesAccording to Santrock (2007 ) personality can be better understood if it is examined developmentally Behavioral Health coun selors indispensable provide clients proper context and explanations . This can be achieved done the basic theories of cognitive , biological and socio-emotional development principles . Research in these beas has been done and evidence has been found that life requires stability and sub (Myers 2007 . Stability enables us to depend on others and flip motivates us Children that are with La Paloma Family operate are offered stability and change . Many come from very unstable environss and are recitation to change in negative shipway . So as Behavioral Health Professionals we are there to provide commanding stability and changeThe life-span development stages and the actualiseing of the environment that clients come from rank provide Behavioral Health Practitioners the ability to counsel a client in an effective way Chapter one of Santrock (2007 ) assessed motley theorists and concentrated mainly on other(a) childhood development . These principles help to give insi ght on an individuals behavior patterns from! early onSantrock (2007 ) make an interesting point about the environmental determine compete a major role in a person s development . The chapter explains Piaget s cognitive developmental theory relates to a person s behavior and how one adapts to the environment around . is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
The children that I form with are highly affected by the environment that they are in Many come from broken and ignominious homes . These environments are tough and chaotic , so in hitch the kids precisely know how to react to things in certain ways . at a time placed in group or boost homes these kids debate with their current environmental issues . At La Paloma Family Services a client s behavior is seen as an adaptive pipeline that is motivate by a biological desire to pose vestibular sense (La Paloma , 2008Vygotsky s cognitive theory emphasizes the impact of social and ethnical environmental relationships . What goes on around us with peers and the culture we are in influences us . There are a manikin of cultures that are put together in group and boost homes . The girls I work with come from various backgrounds , which affect how they move with each other and with staffIt is imperative for the Behavioral Health persistence to understand the life-span perspective . Erickson s theory of development identifies the different stages of life . The stages go from prenatal to death , with each stage in an optimal period...If you want to get a full essay, hostelry it on our website:

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