Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Outsiders

In chapter one Ponyboy introduces himself and the gang (The Greasers). He talks move up the Greasers and Soc s. Greasers belong on the east and the socs belong in the western hemisphere side of the city. Soc s is proficient a short give-and-take socials and there called socials for for joining social groups and that greasers just had greasy centripetal hair he talks about the characteristic of Two-bit, soda ash pop, bet, insurgent, Darrel, and himself. And how hardened is for strong and tuff is for cool. Pony boy got jump, the socs give tongue to if he needed a haircut and the his brothers came to the rescue. Theme: dont think livelihood is for ever. gingerly: cautious, careful, or wary Fierce: menacingly wild, savage, or  inimical Gem: Howd you like that hair cut to beat just below the chin? This gem really got me because I though Pony boy was going to die. Chapter 2 The next night, Pony-boy and Johnny go with run to a double skylark at th e screw movie theater. They sit behind a pair of Soc misfires, and linger begins to talk dirty in an flack to embarrass the girls. The girl with red hair turns around and nonchalantly tells him to stop, plainly Dally continues to make suggestive remarks. He goes to subvert Cokes, and Pony-boy talks to the red-haired girl, blood-red Valance. They talk about the rodeo and about Soda-pop, whom red-faced describes as a doll. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
She asks what became of Soda-pop, and although the admission embarrasses him, Pony-boy says that Soda-pop dropped out of school to piece of work in a gas station. Dally comes back and offers a Coke to Cherry, but she throws it in his face. Dally! tries to put his strengthen around her. When he will non listen to Cherrys protests, the commonly quiet Johnny stuns Dally by revealing him not to bother the girls. Dally stalks off, and Cherry and her friend Marcia soak up Ponyboy and Johnny to watch the movie with them. Two-Bit, one of Ponyboys friends, comes to proclaim that Dally has slashed Tim Shepards tires and is going to have to passage of arms him. Tim Shepard is the attracter of another greaser gang....If you want to get a affluent essay, order it on our website:

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