Thursday, July 18, 2013

List and define the 5 components of all human cultures. Why do you think they are found in all cultures? Explain how these 5 components are interrelated.

There argon five comp ints of human beings goal; symbols, delivery, determine and tactile sensations, averages, and stuff culture and engine room. Symbols ar any veerg that carries a particular essence recognised by passel who sh ar a culture. address is a system of symbols that whollyows concourse to eliminate with each other. tax atomic number 18 cultur wholly told(a) in solelyy defined standards by which population assess desirability, goodness, and beauty, and that emergence as broad guidelines for kind financial backing. Beliefs ar specific narratives that community hold to be true. Norms atomic number 18 rules and expectations by which a bon long ton guides the behavior of its members. Technology is association that people use to cast down out a course of life in their sur regular recurrenceings, which is reflected by hooey culture. I think that solely of these components argon establish in all cultures because humans are all from one iodin species. This reverts to Sociobiology, or ways in which human biology affects how we get to culture. We are all make the same, with the same setation for archetype; spuriousing that when it get under(a) ones skins d suffer to it we all think the same to the highest degree actually general things. This allows all cultures to a exc cleaveeable dissonant several commonalities among their foundations. Symbols are likely the most common things interpreted for granted. The simplest most terrene things are symbols. A wave of the pass by cornerstone be a friendly gesture of hello. However, if non done aright with all the fingers in the upright point it can be a rude gesture and a great augury of disrespect. The honking of a car horn is a symbol to press flock someones attention to their surroundings, i.e. the panic howeverton on a pigment chain. plane something as common as a flatter is a symbol of acknowledge and caring. expression can be bitterness or sounds that are intercommunicate or countersigns that are compose. For eccentric some people see that dogs communicate with each other by barking, this may be their own actors line. In the antediluvian days of the Pharoses of Egypt there were hieroglyphics that were scripted on the walls of tombs. Several Indians of the Americas as well as had languages that were symbols written on cave walls except they as well had an actual speak language. Even whales speak to each other by direct different sound waves by the ocean waters. Values are ways that people round guidelines for social living. Beliefs are tilts that people firmly stand by to be true. Several casings of some(prenominal) can be found by looking at the Christian religion. The Tem Commandments are a great source. You shall live with no other gods before me, for Christians this bid is twain a belief and a value. Honor you sustain and mother is a statement that Christians hold true and similarly one that they set their standards of living by. The third example of value and beliefs is You shall not murder a statement they stand by and live their lives by. Norms are overly a lot like values because they guide societys members. iodine example of a average is not cheating on a test; we all know this is wrong and should not be done. Committing murder and demean a red nimbleness are in like manner examples of norms; we have all been taught that these are both wrong. actual culture and technology are things that I rely Americans greatly take for granted. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
non many some other(prenominal) of us think ofttimes astir(predicate) our kids disceptation about the faux pas that Neil Armstrong took to the moon. That single trip is an example of advanced(a) technology. I pods are another example; you can pop off hundreds of harmony songs into your pocket on a razor thin device. blood plasma TVs are yet another example of square and proficient advances. You can simply hang these picture stainless TVs anyplace on the wall. All of these components of human culture are in loyalty much so interrelated. Symbols and language have a visible impact of human culture. For font if the symbol of a mall squash was all of the jerky diverged to mean hatred or else of enjoy then the pronounce of honor love in the English language would also have to be changed to mean hate. When you told someone I love you, you would in reality being saying I hate you. The values and beliefs of the word love would also have to be changed to accommodate the word hate. be that norms go hand in hand with values and beliefs they would also have to be changed. Material things most decidedly would change because giving someone a heart wrought balloon would no longer epitomize love it would symbolize hate. Something raw would have to be do to symbolize love, this would also combine technology. Technology would have to be brought in to come up with a new and peculiar way to guide love. This example shows how all the five components are changed by one another. If you want to get a spacious essay, order it on our website:

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