Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Public use Heliports Essay Example for Free

Public use Heliports Essay Introduction   Ã‚  Ã‚   Heliports is a small airport variable only for use by helicopters. In the heliports we have windsock which are for the direction of the landing of helicopters, and also heliports contain one or more helipads which have limited facilities such as lighting and fuel. In larger towns, heliports are usually situated closer so as to give quick service to customers. Heliports give advantages in terms of travel to many urban destinations or even to the city’s airport which can be more much faster than driving there. In the hospitals, we have helipads for faster service so as to give emergency cases of the patients more quicker service in terms of remotes areas. Heliports have no orientation and no standard fashion like runways because of its service to customers and the space which it occupies. Heliports, the light usually consists of a circle or square of insert lights around the lift off area and another around the overall landing area in the take off area. Issues and challenges facing the development of heliports   Ã‚   The public perception in the growth of heliports is that the excessive noise produced by the helicopters which encourage noise pollution in the urban and rural areas whereby noise which comes from cars, music and people are less accountable by public. Also the reduction of traffic jams on the public used roads by vehicles. Development of public use heliports one has to believe is not the road to riches, but the way to manage it rightfully and generate income is difficult, thus the challenges are just like any business venture. Heliports could be viable but to venture into this business you need to have revenue and building infrastructure so as to hire a manager and partner.   Ã‚  Ã‚   The development of public use heliports must be designed so as to attract the travelers and to modernity the landing and service facilities which are supposed to be used in the heliports. The creation of heliports in the cities is the negative effects on the adjacent residence and to get the land so as to set heliports is very difficult around the cities because of discouragement of noise pollution. In other cities, heliports are said to harbor traveling of terrorists and other awful activities. The heliports managers must watch costs, and understanding profit and loss statements and their impacts. Managers must be good so as to promote the business and maintaining a good relationship with local communities and the government.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   One of the core challenges facing public use heliports is the private heliports, where the private use their own price to attract the costumers and also the service which are rendered by the company. The issues of availability of fuel, hangars, and maintenance of heliports must be focused as the first challenge that degrades the development and this also brings the problem between the manager and property owners. Citizen in different cities have tried to complaint about the manufacturing of the heliports, this is because of noise, geographical issues, economics and the level of tourist that brings the site of positioning of heliports to be difficult and challenge to developers. Even in a city with no noise complaints, city planners are adopting the view that the public doesn’t consider heliports the best use of land. Unfortunately, there are cities which have public use heliports, but city officials felt that a new convention centre parking lot would better serve the public and generate revenue as opposed to expenses. (Bednarek, 2001). Reference: Bednarek, J, R. (2001). America’s Airport. Texas A M University Press.

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