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Children's Welfare Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Children's Welfare - Essay Example On my part, I strongly believe that corporal punishment should only be given as a last resort. As long as there are other ways to correct the behavioral problems of a child, parents and guardians should not implement corporal punishment. We must understand that corporal punishment can lead to abuse and abuses suffered by young children often leave lasting imprints in their personalities. Is corporal punishment a form of child abuse? Technically, child abuse is different from corporal punishment and we should be very careful about equating the two together. All I am saying here is that corporal punishment has the potential of escalating into abuse. Note the abuse is a blatant disregard of the rights and feelings of the child which often involves injuries on the part of the child. Example of abuses on children is kicking, punching, burning and the likes. On the other hand, corporal punishment is geared towards letting the child experience pain without sustaining injury for purposes of controlling or correcting the wrong behaviors of the child (Larzelere, R. E., Klein, M., Schumm, W. R., & Alibrando, S. A., Jr. (1989). A popular example of corporal punishment is the traditional spanking. One of the leading arguments against the implementation of corporal punishment at home is that the act embodies a kind of aggression. When a parent becomes so angry that he or she exhibits aggressive behavior such as spanking, the child may misconstrue the action of the parent or guardian as a kind of norm. Note that young children learn by imitating their parents so there is a big possibility that when the child is repeatedly exposed to aggressive behaviors, he or she will also adopt such attitude (Parke & Slaby, 1983). What is really scary here is that the child may see aggression as a way to subdue or control the behavior of another person. For instance, when a parent spanks a child for not following orders and then do not explain the child later on why he or she

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Persuasion Techniques In Advertisement Media Media Essay

Persuasion Techniques In Advertisement Media Media Essay Introduction The main theme of this paper is to discuss the topic of persuasion in the media through the usage of several examples to explain some of the techniques used to perform this function. Persuasion is one of the many different types of communication that exist, and the best way to begin to define the persuasive communication is primarily giving a definition of what communication is. A quite widespread definition about what communication is would be to say that communication is the action or process where there is an exchange of information of any kind between two or more individuals. Also, it is important to understand that this process is dynamic, transactional, it affects both the sender of the message, and who listen to it and receive it. Persuasive communication is outside our consciousness, since it influences us and manipulates more than what we usually realize. We often hear about the power of specific communicators. We also know that those who control information are very powerfu l. When we talk about the power public speaking, we are only recognizing what experts have known for years, we recognize that communication that influences others is a powerful weapon. The main problem is that the persuasive communication is a tool that can be used for good or bad purposes, to change behaviors, but in one way or another it is important to recognize that it is a powerful tool. For this reason, although the communication fulfils different functions, the purpose is this paper is to show how in the media through the marketing advertisements, we can also use persuasion as a tool to persuade the audience into buying a product. Elaboration Likelihood Model (ELM) Slim Fast In this ad for Slim Fast, the target audience is middle class females who are in a stage of their lives in which they have a successful career. Women are very aware of their weight usually more than men do. Also inside their main audience target, the ad appeals minority females in their 30 and older since this is the time when most start to achieve success climbing the career ladder and at the same time most already have family making it more difficult to take care of their bodies since time is now limited and there is no much room for exercise. The quick and easy answer is Slim Fast. Therefore, the ad shows that a woman in her 30s can have a healthy and thin body because she uses the Slim Fast product. Even the name is persuasive, Slim-Fast, this implies not much work, for people in a hurry to lose weight. In the ad they used as spokesperson a celebrity, a person women could identify with and the before and after pictures are always very effective to persuade audience this is a trusted product. This audience is all about success, and to represent a person who is being successful in life, we must be thin. Not being able to take good care of your body, especially for women in the professional work environment could be seen as a failure. The ad utilizes strategies from the Elaboration Likelihood Model(ELM) to persuade its audience. First the ad uses visual elements to motivate the usage of mental processes to motivate audience to accept the persuasive message. The ad makes good use of the analysis results to understand the audience in order to come up with the ad strategy. In the ELM model the ad used the peripheral route by the celebrity endorsement since it is a way to connect the audience with the product since it helps the receiver think about something that the person is familiar wit h(after all weight lost, is a Fact of Life-TV show where the celebrity being used in this ad became popular back in the early 80s, period when the target audience where in their late teens) and to rely on audience lack of capability to achieve the goal to reduce weight. Lastly self-esteem is effectively appealed by this same route since by gaining audience emotional involvement to demonstrate if the actress selected was able to do it, the audience can do it too. Social Judgment Theory In this advertisement for Mercedes-Benz, the target audience is upper middle class individuals who are coming up in the professional ladder. Young executives like to demonstrate in the way they dress, what they eat, and more important what they drive, that they are successful people. For most people cars make a social status statement, and what better statement to show everybody how successful we are, by getting a Mercedes-Benz. The biggest challenge for many people in getting such a prestigious car is the cost, and in the ad, they already give the solution; raise expectations, but not the payments. The persuasive message is why settling for less if now you can get a Mercedes-Benz for an affordable price. This ad uses subliminal persuasion since in the picture the car is driving up, or heading up. In other words, once again, we see the message about moving up the professional ladder. In addition in the picture the cars wheels are in motion, another subliminal message of the always m oving and fast-paced on how people judge individuals who are working towards achieving their goals. It is interesting to see in the picture the lack of color to give the impression of a classical and somewhat elegant item. This advertisement utilizes strategies from the Social Judgment Theory to persuade its audience. My interpretation of the use of this theory in the ad, is that when people receive the nonverbal message, they immediately judge the ad message based on how they view and measure being successful, and to be able to own this car, will give them the prestige they view as representation of the success they are experiencing in their personal and professional lives. The message was crafted keeping in mind an audience who has a high ego-involvement based on their values and views of how they measure success and this enable a high level of acceptance/agreement with the message. Professionals in their social networks and affiliations usually will agree with the majority opinion more often than not, and in this type of groups most of them own or wish they could own a Mercedes-Benz. This is a result of high ego-involvement, or taking on the groups views/judgments as ones own. Subliminal Co-Creation Theories In this lipstick ad, the target audience is women-young adults in their 20s 30s who are not afraid to express themselves. They want to look sexy, they want to feel sexy for the opposite sex, and they are looking for company and what better than using a red lipstick. Young adults are always looking for action, are not afraid of risks, and in this ad we see two nice looking adults who are not afraid to demonstrate to each other how they are feeling and what they want. The persuasive approach is very graphic and it is used by having beautiful women with white complexion to highlight the redness of her bold, shiny lips. The use of sex appeal, and color, is part of the persuasion process to convince audience it is ok to be beautiful and this lipstick will give them the lips theyve always wanted and it would drive men crazy. The subliminal approach continues with the way she is using the lipstick (girls mouth open while using the lipstick) and the man kissing her, suggesting that she feels sexy wearing the lipstick and it could lead for more than just a kiss. The Co-creation process is clearly used in this ad since it leads audience to co-create what is going on or what is about to happen with the couple in the picture. Once again this is a very effective approach to appeal to the main audience this ad is targeting since they are in their prime age and are interested to attract the opposite sex. The picture is not complete since we cannot see where th ey are, are they dressed or not dressed? or what their eyes look like, giving audience the opportunity to imagine different scenarios where the action is taking place; her apartment, his house, or at a club. The co-creation process is used by omitting information in the picture which helps audience co-create their own unique scenario with the expectation that this will help persuade potential buyers to get the product since once we co-create a unique scenario it can have a more effective appeal to me as an individual. Compliance Gaining Theory Kama Sutra Condoms In this ad for Kama Sutra condoms, the target audience is adults in their 20s to 30s who are self-confidents and are very clear of what they want and are not afraid to ask for it. Men self esteem many times is measured by the capability to satisfy women, and the ad provides an answer to this dilemma. This ad persuades men with the message that they not just will have sex but they will be able to enjoy it more because they would achieve to experience it for much longer by using this condom. In the other hand Women are also persuaded with this ad, since the message is that not only they will have safe-sex by getting protection, but it will not limit their capability to be satisfied. The picture shows a good-looking people which also appeals to audience by sending this message that good-looking people know how to have fun. I believe sexually explicit pictures attract attention, are interesting and engaging, and direct processing resources toward the sexual stimulus and this lead to a p ositive attitude towards the product. This advertisement utilizes strategies from the Compliance Gaining Theory to persuade its audience. The persuasive message is very interpersonal by clearly establishing the promise that the people who use this product are rewarded. The product clearly sends this message by writing in big letters right in the front package: long last. There are different elements of this theory used in this ad, since also I can see the debt factor playing in the persuasive message, since most men feel like they owe women the pleasure of sex. In addition, self-feeling is very evident since using this product will make both feel very good by having a long and fulfilling time. The esteem element is also played in the ad since the ad establishes that by using it, the partners will be satisfied. In summary both female and male audience will be positively influenced by this ad by appealing to their self-gratification. CONCLUSION We can see how in the media and in particular advertising, the process of persuasion is critical in order to achieve success through the process to convince the audience to acquire certain products, either goods or services. To achieve persuasion, advertising media uses different methods and strategies to present a product or service as something necessary for the consumer. We are surrounded by advertising everywhere. Posters in the subway, clothing brands, advertisements on television, making us feel we are constantly being targeted by persuasion messages which are impossible to get rid of it. Advertising is executed by people and, therefore, is subject to the same virtues and their same defects but, what is very important is to acknowledge that it is a powerful communication tool. For that reason, it is important to learn more about the different persuasion strategies that are used in the media in order to determine when we are being targeted to get something that really we do not need or convince us to change our principles.

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Analysis of Fifteen to Eighteen from Marilyn Hacker’s Selected Poems :: Hacker Selected Poems 1965-1990

Analysis of Fifteen to Eighteen from Marilyn Hacker’s Selected Poems In the poem 'Fifteen to Eighteen', Marilyn Hacker uses the rebellious years of adolescence to analyze the effects an illness can have on the relationship and family roles for both parent and child. Diabetes puts the mother and daughter in opposite roles than are traditionally seen at this age. The illness which occurs at least over the last four years of this girl's childhood forces her to grow up prematurely, take on some of the mother roles, and suffer the sacrifices that accompany it. Jessie Potter in Judith Viorst's book My Mother My Self discusses the impact that motherhood has on sexuality of the mother. "[The mother] may have been an interesting sexual partner until her child was born, but now she is too tired, too busy, she says the children take up too much of her attention. It's all culturally induced, but the result is that [the mother] goes underground sexually until the kids are grown."(59) Just as the role of motherhood often leads to giving up sexuality for a period of time, this daughter more immediately gives up masturbating to deal with her "child' of the hour. As the mother becomes the one who needs to be cared for, the daughter is forced, just as mothers usually are to give up their personal needs and desires when they become mothers. These sacrifices are not healthy for the mothers, nor is it healthy for this adolescent to be in this position of responsibility at such an early age. The poem leaves the reader wondering what will happen after the g irl is eighteen, who will care for the mother? When the daughter leaves home, she will most likely feel guilty for leaving her mother who can not care for herself. This guilt is similar too to that which so often accompanies parenting. The physical fighting and swearing in the poem are present as a way of showing how this girl is being forced from her childhood and thrown into adulthood and motherhood. "I was in shock again. I swam/to my surface to take care of my mother."(144) The liquid which is spilled during the evening is symbolic of the death of the daughter's adolescence, which reoccurs during each episode. "More often, enough orange juice got down,/splashed on us both"(144) And just as the daughter is totally in the role of caretaker, the mother snaps back and is once again in role of mother caring for her daughter, concerned about the scratches on her daughter's face.

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Nanak and the rise of Sikhism

Sikhism is a religion that is originated in India, the origins for this religion come from the teaching of Guru Nanak poet and religious teacher and his successors . The teachings of Sikhism emphasize on the principle of equality of all humans and rejects discrimination from caste, creed, and gender . Another important concept from the Sikhism religion are faith and justice . Sikhism is a monotheist religion , which is that they believe in only one god. The Sikhism traditions and teaching come from the history , society and culture of the Punjab. This monotheist religion was founded in the fifteenth century in the Punjab nation . It is the fifth largest organized religion in the world and the fastest growing . Followers of the religion are known as Sikhs and number over 26 million across the world . The vast majority of this followers live in the northwest India, in the Punjab region and in Demi. Sikhism comes from the root of two religion , which are Hinduism and Muslim. Nanak teaching are what brought these two religions to form together into Sikhism , which was the most significant attribute of Sikhism that attracted my attention the most , the teaching of Nanak and how it formed a new religion . Before Nanak , there was Kabir who was born Muslim , Kabir started combining Hindu bhakti with Muslim sufi mysticism and taught the path of love of god . Kabir traveled his message across the north Indian plain , we he collected followers . The most significant being Nanak . Unlike Kabir , Nanak was born into Hindu parents in 1949 , in the Punjab nation. Nanak was born into a a family of business men and followed along with his families path and also became a business man and married and had to kids during his earlier life . Nanak was so influenced by Kabir and driven by his spiritual quest of god that he left his family to spread his beliefs like Kabir. Nanak was what brought the religion of Sikhism to life his teaching and beliefs really moved people , which what spoke out to me the most of how a man can develop a new religion form his beliefs and his teaching. The turning point in Nanak’s life was when he was around thirty and he was bathing in the river where he disappeared into the water , while everyone was thinking he had drowned . When he disappeared he spoke to god , in where god challenged him to remain unpolluted by the world and to practice charity , ritual bathing , service , and meditation . After Nanak had gone through this and appeared again he mumbled his message â€Å"There is no Hindu ; There is no Muslim â€Å" , which were a significant part of the journey of Sikhism. After this religious encounter , Nanak had with got his teaching from Sikhism expanded and got more intense . Nanak wandered through the Punjab region , teaching his message to anybody that would listen , he combined both Hindu and Muslim into one each bringing their own unique attributes to Sikhism . One of the most significant words that came from this religion where â€Å" Realization of the truth is higher than all else, Higher still is truthful living â€Å" , this words come from Nanak teaching and philosophy. Sikhism is one of the worlds most growing religion with more than 26 million followers around the world , all result of one man and his teaching and experiences and the combination of two religions . Sikhism is such a strong religion that has held itself as one of the fifth largest religions worldwide and will continue to do so , which makes it fascination on how the teaching of two religions brought a whole other religion form teachings that has its own set of values and views.

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A Civil Action/ Irac Style Format

A Civil Action FACTS: This movie, A Civil Action, is about a lawsuit that began with the death of twelve people, and eight of those twelve people were children. This all takes place in the little city of Woburn Wells, Massachusetts. This is a small city that has two companies that are located really close to the cities river. One company is called W. R. Grace Company and the other is Beatrice Foods. Jan Schlitnmann is the main attorney for the plaintiff’s side along with his partners; Conway, Gordon, and Crowley. The attorney for W. R. Grace was William Cheeseman, and the attorney for Beatrice foods was Jerome Fatcher. Anne Anderson initially told one of Jan’s partners her story and put many calls into their office. However, she never a response from them! So Anne put a call into Jan Schlitchmann while he was on a radio show. Jan and his partners discussed the case and Jan agreed to go and meet with Anne and the family member’s of the children who died from Leukemia. So he went to the city of Woburn Wells. Jan saw the companies W. R. Grace and Beatrice Foods and thought it would be a goldmine for the law office to take on the case. Anderson told Jan that she and the other families were not looking for money in this lawsuit. The families only wanted an apology from the companies and for someone to clean up the area and make sure it would not ever happen again. The drinking water that the town had been drinking was the problem. The water had somehow been contaminated with trichloroethylene and silicon (used to water proof leather). Jan was going to prove in court that W. R. Grace and Beatrice Foods knowingly contaminated the river that was located in Woburn Wells and by contaminating the river it caused twelve people to die from leukemia. ISSUES: Did the drinking water that was contaminated with Trichloroethylene and silicon, by W. R. Grace Company and Beatrice Foods, cause the leukemia deaths and other health problems in Woburn, Massachusetts? LAW: Negligence:   is a  legal  concept in the  common law  legal systems mostly applied in tort cases to achieve monetary compensation (damages) for physical and mental injuries Wrongful Death: is a claim in common law jurisdictions against a person who can be held liable for a death DISCUSSION: Big corporations generally only see things with dollar signs. The goal of any corporation is to make the maximum profit that they can while providing a good or service to the community. W. R. Grace and Beatrice Foods show this statement to be true throughout this whole movie. They are continuously trying to make this â€Å"issue† go away by throwing money at the family members, trying to make the suit go away and not fix the real problem. W. R. Grace Company decided that the best place to dump the T. C. E. was in the river behind the plant. This had major effects on everyone that was in close proximity to the river. It got into the drinking water, which was said to have caused 12 deaths, the reason of some miscarriages, and seizures among other health conditions, from what the claims are that is. The company tried to cover up this kind of thing as much as possible by buying people off. They think that if they give people money for their losses than everything will be alright. For huge corporations dealing with billions of dollars these payoffs are only a drop in the bucket for them. Even a million dollars to any family is an incredible amount of money and often the money becomes more important than the real issues behind the problem and can't be passed up by a family struggling to get by. The benefits of paying these people for their trouble are much cheaper than doing things the right way in the beginning and protecting their safety. Well, the families of Woburn Wells wanted no part of the money. They just wanted the problem fixed and an apology from the ones who caused this tragedy. Jan Schlichtmann initially didn't want to take the case because he doesn't think that there will be any money in it for him and his firm. Even though he goes and sees how much pain this company has caused to the people in Woburn Wells, he still doesn't care because of the money. Not until he realizes how big the companies are does he take the case. The firm took the case and went to work. The first hearing ruled that Beatrice Foods wasn’t to be held accountable, just W. R. Grace Company, There were many scientific and complex tests that had to be run in order to prove that the water was contaminated by W. R. Grace. This was all at the cost of Schlichtmann’s firm. As the case goes on he isn't able to achieve what he ultimately wanted to do because the Grace Company has so much money that they will almost always win. Schlichtmann’s firm goes into debt trying to win this case but ultimately has to settle because they can't go on. Schlichtmann ended up settling with W. R. Grace for 8 million dollars. After all debts are paid (all of the equipment that was rented, the Dr. ’s that ran the tests, the scientist’s, etc. and the fee for Schlichtmann’s firm, the families were awarded $357,000 per family! This made the families very upset. Not because of the amount of the money, but because when Anne Anderson initially spoke with Schlichtmann, she had told him that the families weren’t interested in the money. All the families ultimately wanted was were apologies, someone to take the blame for the cause of their loved ones deaths, and for the contaminated water and area to be cleaned up so this type of thing were to never happen again. After that final meeting with the families, Jan Schlichtmann and his partners all ended up all going their separate ways. Schlichtmann had a â€Å"come to† one day. He ended up questioning one of the workers of W. R. Grace once again, who told him the whole story regarding the disposal of the chemical waste. He told Schlichtmann how and where they got rid of everything, which was in the river behind the plant. This was negligent on the companies’ part. Schlichtmann didn’t have the money for the appeal process, so he sent everything he had to another lawyer. This case went on for years. In the end, the EPA (US Environmental Protection Agency) filed a lawsuit against W. R. Grace and the companies agreed to share 69. 4 million for cleanup of the area. CONCLUSION: Did the drinking water that was contaminated with Trichloroethylene and silicon, by W. R. Grace Company and Beatrice Foods, cause the leukemia deaths and other health issues in Woburn, Massachusetts? Yes An employee of W. R. Grace was confronted by Jan after the trial was over with, who came clean about the whole cover up. He was told to â€Å"get rid† of the barrels that were filled with the toxins, which he did along with several others. They dumped the hundreds of barrels into the river which was one of the main sources of water in the city. There was an autopsy on one of the children’s bodies. The Dr. onfirmed that the child died from leukemia which was caused by Trichloroethylene. After many scientific tests and many years in the courtroom, both W. R. Grace and Beatrice Foods were found guilty for the contamination of the river in Woburn Wells, which was linked to the drinking water and the cause of the leukemia deaths. This toxin, T. C. E. , was found to be in the drinking water of the city, and was digested by the children on a regular basis. The wrongful deaths of the 12 individuals in the city lay in the hands of both W. R. Grace and Beatrice Foods. It was their duty of care to dispose of the chemicals in an appropriate manner.

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Bush vs. gore essays

Bush vs. gore essays In a democratic system every citizen has a chance to participate in politics and make a difference, or do they? Not too long after the founding fathers established the Constitution of the United States the Supreme Court was established to be the ultimate court of justice. For long it was the Courts approach to stay out of politics as much as possible and solely perform its duty as the ultimate legal expert. It all changed in the year two thousand when the court announced its opinion on Bush v. Gore. As the result of this particular case many people lost their faith in the system and ultimately the government and unfortunately during the years after the elections the Bushs administration make little effort to gain the public trust back. It is crucial to understand the motivations behind the Supreme Courts decision. It is important to understand and to forget that the Supreme Court of the United States dared to make such poor decision. Nevertheless it is very important to mention one more point before we study the courts opinion and that is the question of does a judge decide how a case will come out, and then find a justification in the law or does the judge approach the case with no strong prior principle and follow the legal material where they lead? In this particular case did the court want to make George W. Bush the 43rd president of the United States or was it simply a bad interpretation by the justices? Perhaps no event better illustrates the power of the United States Supreme Court than the resolution of the 2000 presidential election. Just when most people thought the separation of powers issue had been settled once and for all, the Court stepped in to adjudicate who had won the political contest. Going back in history well encounter the presidential contest of 1876 between Democrat Samuel Tilden and Republican Rutherford B. Hayes that resulted in a similar problem. Governor Samuel J...

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Looking At Employees Of Big Brothers Big Sisters Public Agency Social Work Essay Essays

Looking At Employees Of Big Brothers Big Sisters Public Agency Social Work Essay Essays Looking At Employees Of Big Brothers Big Sisters Public Agency Social Work Essay Essay Looking At Employees Of Big Brothers Big Sisters Public Agency Social Work Essay Essay their grade, and so on. Another of import standard is the professional experience, preferred in the field of instruction, including establishments and organisations, where an applier has been working and how long the applier has been working at that place, any wagess and other Markss of professional development. In add-on, the bureau pays a batch of attending to psychological feature of appliers carry oning psychological trials to uncover their basic dispositions and traits of character suitable for work in the bureau. Literature Review The bureau pays a batch of attending to the quality of services and effectual direction of the bureau to guarantee the high quality of mentoring being provided by professionals working at the bureau to the young person. At the same clip, the quality direction begins with the enlisting of the forces and proviso of mentoring services to kids in different states of the universe. In such a state of affairs, human resource direction in Big Brothers Big Sisters becomes important for the overall success of the organisational public presentation. On analysing the development of the Big Brothers Big Sisters bureau, many specializers ( Schein, 1999 ) point out that the bureau was traditionally oriented on the development of single attack to kids enrolled in plans of the bureau. As a consequence, the bureau had to choose the forces carefully to be able to use the best specializers, who can execute their occupation absolutely and to happen an single attack to each kid. At the same clip, the usage of the single attack to each kid enrolled in the bureau s plans implies that professionals working in the bureau can make their occupation efficaciously and, what is more of import, they can analyze the personality of kids and utilize effectual methods in mentoring them ( Furano, 1993 ) . Basically, this means that professionals working at Big Brothers Big Sisters should hold an in-depth cognition in the field of psychological science. In this respect, Big Brothers Big Sisters is interested in the employment of psychologists and professi onals with the educational background ( Clarke, 2000 ) . What is meant here is the fact that the mark employees and voluntaries the bureau is interested in are professional pedagogues and psychologists. As the affair of fact Big Brothers Big Sisters efforts to spread out its activities and supply kids with mentoring services utilizing pedagogues and psychologists working at the bureau. In this respect, it is peculiarly notable to advert the fact that Big Brothers Big Sisters employs professionals to make the voluntary occupation ( Hussey and Ong, 2000 ) . The latter is peculiarly of import, taking into consideration the fact that Big Brothers Big Sisters is non-profit bureau. Therefore, the bureau can non afford undertaking professional pedagogues and psychologists en masse to mentor kids. In this regard, specializers ( Hart, 2004 ) point out that Big Brothers Big Sisters involves voluntaries to supply kids with mentoring services. At this point, it is deserving adverting the fact that pedagogues and psychologists working at Big Brothers Big Sisters do parttime occupations and frequently they combine their work at a school, college or university with their voluntary occupation at th e bureau. As a consequence, pedagogues working at Big Brothers Big Sisters have an extended experience and they are eager to work with kids to assist them. At the same clip, Big Brothers Big Sisters employs contracted employees but these employees are employed for the direction of the bureau chiefly ( Bovee and Thill, 2005 ) . Obviously, the effectual direction is important for the positive organisational public presentation and endurance of the non-profit bureau because Big Brothers Big Sisters can non afford transporting on its mentoring service, if the bureau is managed ill and is running out of money. On the other manus, the managerial staff of the company is non wholly contracted ( Peters, 2007 ) . In other words, there are both contracted and non-contracted directors working at the bureau. The employment of non-contracted employees and directors is highly of import for the bureau because these employees and directors bring in enthusiasm in the work of the bureau. These employees and directors are concerned with their work and they do non see fiscal wagess and material benefits as the ultimate end of their work. Alternatively, they are concerned with the non-material values and benefits they can give to kids enrolled in the bureau s plans. Furthermore, the bureau conducts the scheme of the employment of contract employees for preparation ( Notorantonio, 2006 ) . The preparation of the forces is really of import for the bureau and comprises an built-in portion of the organisational civilization and scheme of Big Brothers Big Sisters. The development of the bureau is accelerated due to the preparation of employees working at Big Brothers Big Sisters. In this regard, it is deserving adverting the fact that Big Brothers Big Sisters provide professionals working at the bureau to better their making through preparation. In such a manner, the voluntary occupation in the bureau allows professionals working at Big Brothers Big Sisters to develop their professional accomplishments and abilities and to increase their professional degree. From the really get downing it would be indispensable to observe that human resources are in the centre of the probe of BBBS public bureau. It is indispensable to observe that Big Brothers and Big Sisters is non-profit-making organisation that is why it has a twine trade with the volunteering and realisations of the plans it provides got to match to modern-day U.S statute law. It is a good known fact that the company plays in the service oriented industry and the corporate values of the non-profit-making organisation drama rather a important function in matching to the Equal Employment Opportunity policies provided within the Civil Rights Act in 1964 covering with the protectionism the Equal Employment Opportunity: forbid the prejudiced patterns in hiring, dispatching, publicity, layoff, and wage of workersaˆÂ ¦these policies extend to the preparation, choice, or enlisting of workers ( United States Commission on Human Rights, 1969 ) . It will non be surprising that the compan y, runing on the high quality degree and playing a noticeable function in public service and working with kids, keeps to the equality policy in all the beginnings covering with human resource direction and hiring, particularly the facet of equal payment. As every successful public bureau that wishes to match to the modern-day development of HR policies and supply successful plans Big Brothers and Big Sisters public bureau supports medical insurance and benefits system for its workers, industry compensation and net income sharing benefits for those most unmarked group in the industry the client service and ramp workers. Another important jurisprudence that regulates retirement plans and protects the employees is Employee Retirement Income Security Act ( ERISA ) . It should be noted that the company does non distribute any information about the retirement plans. It happens because BBBS employs chiefly immature people, which would be easier to acquire along with the kids, the nucleus mark group of this public bureau. The followers will exemplify what is called volunteering for BBBS: You have the chance to assist determine a kid s hereafter for the better by authorising them to accomplish. And the best portion is, it is really a batch of merriment and you can portion the sorts of activities you like to make with your small. You can play athleticss together, travel on a hiking, read books, eat a pizza with excess anchovies or merely give some advice and inspiration. Whatever it is you enjoy, odds are you ll bask them even more with your Small and you ll be doing a life-changing impact ( BBBS, 2010 ) . It will non be a secret that utilizing voluntary s aid could be related for the regular employees have as so called provisional period in order to understand what is the nucleus purpose of their work and does it suit for those who want to maintain on working in the industry of public service and societal working. Large Brother and Big Sisters is considered to be a public bureau that employs a batch of people and it would be obvious to observe that such service oriented company should correlate it recruitment policies with the Equal Pay Act, which provided a important influence on the company s HR and protects work forces and adult females who perform well equal work in the same constitution from sex-based pay favoritism ( Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, 2009 ) . Large Brothers and Big Sisters public bureau seeks for the energetic people who eager to work in societal domain and understanding the troubles connected with societal working, particularly with such a debatable inquiry as turning up healthy new coevalss. The company provides a figure of benefits for the workers and their households, pulling people who are intended to recognize themselves within the corporation. Harmonizing to the independent probes BBBS Public Agency is a just public bureau, which HR construction and hiring does non really match to the modern-day American norms and statute law. Hence the information covering with the benefits and compensation could barely be observed within the organisation. It should be noted that the company employs a figure of people lawfully and among the benefits it provides, despite medical insurance is changeless instruction and sharing experience between the different sections located all over the state. It should be noted that BBBS is a immense bureau and so ill developed system of benefits and compensation could barely add to its popularity as a public bureau. Taking attention about the new coevalss and the hereafter of the state is truly deserving of praising. But such an old societal establishment should be more careful and attentive to their work demands and demands for the changeless growing It would be indispensable to observe that developing good benefits and compensation system for the employers and edifice HR policies on the wages and benefit system the company would do the BBBS Public Agency attractive for extremely qualified and perspective workers and specializers, who are eager to have competitory rewards and extra figure of fillips for them and their households. It goes without stating that such a system needs important betterment. The major end of the bureau is to mentor kids and assist them to happen their ain manner in their professional calling. In such a context, Big Brothers Big Sisters bureau pays a peculiar attending to the preparation and professional development of its employees and voluntaries to guarantee the high quality of their work and positive organisational public presentation to maximise the effectivity of the work of the bureau and minimise costs spent by the bureau on the care of its installations and human resources. First of wholly, it is of import to put accent on the fact that Big Brothers Big Sisters bureau focuses on the usage of attacks which allow the bureau to develop and develop employees and voluntaries within the bureau ( Furano, 1993 ) . The company uses portion cognition plan, which involves preparation classs for employees working within the bureau. The preparation plan includes the organisation of developing squads headed by a manager, who conducts the preparation. Team members portion their cognition and experience they have acquired in the class of their work. The manager works as a usher to squad members. As it was written before the manager besides play a important function in educational plans for the employees. It goes without stating that is really responsible and of import procedure in the bureau. In this regard, the cognition sharing direction is an highly effectual scheme used by the bureau in relation to its employees and voluntaries. The cognition sharing direction implies the organisation of preparation classs and plans within the bureau affecting employees working in the bureau merely. In fact, this means that employees working in the bureau portion their professional cognition and experience with each other in the class of their preparation plans. As a regulation, more experient employees train new comers, whereas directors can develop voluntaries and employees to execute their occupations decently ( Peters, 2007 ) . As the bureau has started to distribute its operations internationally, professionals working in the US trained new employees and voluntaries recruited in other states. As a consequence, the bureau did non affect professionals and trainers from other companies and, therefore, saved costs on preparation and professional development of its employees. Another effectual attack to preparation and professional development of employees used by Big Brothers Big Sisters bureau is the deputation. The deputation means that employees change their places and execute maps and responsibilities of each other, replacing each other ( Beiswinger, 1985 ) . In such a manner, employees learn to execute the occupation of other employees. They get new experience and spread out their professional cognition, develop new accomplishments and abilities ( Greif, 1997 ) . In add-on, they become more responsible and able to understand other employees better because they perform their maps and cognize troubles of their work ( Hussey and Ong, 2000 ) . In such a manner, the deputation contributes non merely to the professional development and preparation of employees but besides to the betterment of interpersonal relationships within the organisation and formation of the positive organisational civilization. The appraisal of the effectivity of the preparation plan is grounded on the employment of pupils mentored by BBBS professionals. At the same clip, the work of each professional is assessed on the footing of his or her appraisal by his or her co-workers, who rate the work of the mark employee from one to ten points severally to his or her success and effectivity. It is of import to reason that BBBS is an effectual organisation that helps kids and immature people to happen their manner in their professional and personal life. Through instruction, BBBS helps the younger coevals to get down a successful and socially incorporate life. Today, the bureau operates internationally that increases the function and effectivity of BBBS as a non-profit organisation. Specialists ( Keener, 1999 ) point out that Big Brothers Big Sisters bureau stresses the importance of the employment of well-qualified professionals to maximise the effectivity of the organisational public presentation and to guarantee the high quality of mentoring services being delivered to kids enrolled in the bureau s services. In this respect, the bureau efforts to keep the high professional degree of its employees and promote their voluntary occupation. On the other manus, the bureau efforts to steer and mentor kids enrolled in its plans throughout their instruction and professional dev elopment to the point, when kids can get down their professional calling. Therefore, taking into history all above mentioned, it is of import to put accent on the fact that Big Brothers Big Sisters bureau uses the cognition sharing direction and deputation as the major attacks to preparation and professional development of its employees and voluntaries. Both attacks are effectual and contribute to the professional development of employees and betterment of the organisational civilization. Decision. Recommendations for Further Improvement of HRM Strategies at BBBS. After careful alteration of the Big Brother and Big Sisters HR schemes, functionality and undertaking public presentation at that place have been drawn out a series of recommendations that will assist to better the HR organisation in the public bureau. It would be indispensable to get down with drawbacks. The most important disadvantage noticed within the human resource scheme of BBBS is societal exposure of the workers. This non-profit-making organisation, despite its high degree organisation and purpose to pull extremely qualified professionals does non supply satisfactory system for the employees and voluntaries, who are working on it. This is the first thing needed betterment. Human resources schemes in public bureaus should include societal protection and compensation and benefit system for employees. This would do the work in this bureau more attractive and provide dependable dealingss between employees and employers. This drawback should be improved every bit far as possible, as it was mentioned before the bureau is seeking for extremely qualified professionals to take the squads and supply undertaking public presentation preparations for the staff. Unfortunately information about the staff turnover is non available for the bureau. But it would of import to observe that development of effectual compensation and benefits plan would significantly diminish material turnover within the bureau and do the professional be more interested in working at BBBS. Another strategic drawback that is among the most noticeable is age favoritism. In their hiring schemes Big Brothers Big Sisters public bureau East chiefly on the young person as the mark group for the employment ( it chiefly deals with the voluntaries and the aims and plans the bureau has ) . But it wo nt be a secret that modern-day preparation plans developed by the public bureaus could easy accommodate to those who are in their after 40-s. The aim of the bureau could be interpreted and include non merely youth in the employment plans of the bureau but people which are elder than 40-s. That would assist to develop effectual preparation plans for voluntaries and profession and concentrate on the better organisation of the undertaking public presentation. The cognition and experience of such employees would give bureau the new breath. This information is particularly acute in the present twenty-four hours deficiency of professionals to take the squads and manage and develop preparati on plans for the voluntaries. It goes without stating that solution of these nucleus jobs would better current state of affairs with the firing HR countries in BBBS

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How to Win a National Merit Scholarship

How to Win a National Merit Scholarship SAT / ACT Prep Online Guides and Tips Being named a Finalist is the highest academic recognition you can achieve from the National Merit Scholarship Corporation (NMSC). It is a national distinction that places you at the pinnacle of academic achievement. Not all Finalists are chosen to receive scholarships, however. Only about 8,000 of 15,000 students gain this award. In this article we’ll talk about what scholarships are available through NMSC and what you need to do to get one. The Path to This Point First, 1.5 million high school juniors take the PSAT/NMSQT. Only 16,000 students are named Finalists, and, after an extensive application process, only 15,000 of these students achieve Finalist status. If you haven’t read our detailed articles yet on the steps to take to become a Semifinalist and Finalist, check them out here: National Merit Semifinalist and National Merit Finalist. Now that you know what it takes to get to this point, read on to learn about the three scholarships available, how much money they give, and how Finalists qualify for scholarship awards. 1. National Merit Scholarships Every Finalist is given consideration for a National Merit Scholarship. Finalists are named Scholars (in other words, receive the scholarship) based on the strength of their applications. Scholars have outstanding applications that demonstrate academic commitment, extracurricular and community involvement, passion, and drive. Your first choice college is not a factor under consideration for National Merit Scholarships. In fact, the NMSC committee members do not even see this information. These scholarships are awarded to only 2,500 Finalists, or about 1 in 6 Finalists. They are a one-time award of $2,500 and are not renewable throughout your years of college. To sum up: Every Finalist is given consideration for the National Merit Scholarship based on their applications. 2. Corporate-Sponsored Scholarships The second type of scholarship offered by NMSC is a corporate-sponsored scholarship. Finalists are also automatically given consideration for these scholarships based on their applications and the information they provide about parental employment, intended majors, and career plans. Most corporate sponsors give awards to students whose parents or guardians work for them. A small number award non-employee children if they indicate an interest in a major or career choice that the corporation wants to support. As this changes year to year, you should check with your corporation of interest to learn about their award criteria. Sponsor corporations include UPS, Boeing, Macy’s, BP, Southwest Airlines, and the General Mills Foundation (see the full list here). About 1,000 students receive corporate-sponsored awards, and they range greatly in amount. They are usual renewable, or awarded annually, and tend to be transferable to any four-year accredited college. To sum up: Finalists are automatically given consideration for corporate-sponsored awards based on their applications and the parent employment information they indicate therein (or occasionally, major and career interest). 3. College-Sponsored Scholarships Finalists who do not receive either the National Merit Scholarships or a Corporate-Sponsored Scholarships are considered for College-Sponsored scholarships. Check thelist of college sponsorsto see which schools are eligible. Some popular sponsor colleges include Boston University, Boston College, Tufts, Bowdoin, Colby, University of Chicago, University of Southern California, and Pomona. Some colleges who do NOT sponsor include Harvard and the other Ivy Leagues, MIT, Williams, and Middlebury. Students must indicate one of the sponsor colleges as their First Choice college on their applications. Students who put â€Å"Undecided† will not be considered. So, even if you’re not sure, you should still put one of the sponsoring colleges as your first choice or add one to your application ASAP. Students can log into their NMSC applications and change their first choice college up until May 31st, UNLESS they have already received an award offer from the college they indicated. NMSC sends rosters of Finalists to sponsoring colleges in March. Scholarship offers start in early May and continue for the next few months. Page 3 of the application goes over the College-Sponsored Scholarships process in detail. If you have any questions about it, definitely clarify by calling NMSC Scholarship administration at 1-847-866-5100. About 4,100 students receive college-sponsored scholarships in an amount between $500 and $2,000. Colleges may award even more merit-based awardsif that’s the case, NMSC will cover up to $2,000, and the rest of the award will come from the college or other sources. Since every school differs, students should contact the school directly to discuss their merit-based financial awards. College-sponsored scholarships are renewable annually and non-transferable. To sum up: You must put a sponsor college as your first choice in your NMSC application to be considered for a college-sponsored scholarship. Since college awards and policies differ, you should contact the school of interest itself to learn how much merit-based scholarship money you might be eligible to receive. Want to build the best possible college application and financial aid package? We can help. PrepScholar Admissions is the world's best admissions consulting service. We combine world-class admissions counselors with our data-driven, proprietary admissions strategies. We've overseen thousands of students get into their top choice schools, from state colleges to the Ivy League. We know what kinds of students colleges want to admit. We want to get you admitted to your dream schools. Learn more about PrepScholar Admissions to maximize your chance of getting in. What Do You Need to Do to Maximize Your Chances? Put together an outstanding application. Review instructions for Semifinalists here: What story do your extracurricular activities and community service tell? Do they show a progression to a position of leadership? Do they show â€Å"depth over breadth†? Besides having flawless grammar and spelling, does your personal essay show that you are thoughtful, reflective, and draw meaning from your experiences? How strong is your recommendation? Give your teacher a â€Å"brag sheet† of the qualities, accomplishments, and even adjectives you would like them to include to make your recommendation stand out as one of the best. If you were on the committee choosing which Finalists become Scholars, what criteria would you use? What would impress you about a candidate and make you want to award him/her a scholarship? Research sponsor corporations and be aware of your parents’ employment. Make sure to include any relevant information on your application so you will be considered for a corporate-sponsored scholarship. Indicate a sponsor college as your first choice on your application. Make any changes by May 31st. Page 3 of your application explains this process in greater detail. Put Your Best Foot Forward - A Timeline Maximize your chances of getting a scholarship by following these steps and meeting all the deadlines. Prep for the PSAT in sophomore year. Make sure you're scoring above the score cutoff for your state, or else you won't qualify as a Semifinalist. Take the PSAT in the fall of your junior year and qualify for Semifinalist by scoring in the top 1%. Study for the SATs in the spring and summer and take them in the fall of your senior year. Get a high score that shows NMSC that your PSAT scores weren’t just a fluke. Submit your NMSC application in early October of senior year. If for some reason your school received late notification of Semifinalists, just let NMSC know. In this instance, they won’t penalize you for having a late application. Receive word that you made Finalist in early February of senior year. Receive word that you won a scholarship starting in early May of senior year. Preparation Is Everything Start preparing as early as possible to become a National Merit Finalist and Scholar. This doesn’t just mean studying for the PSATs and SATs. It also means joining clubs, gaining a leadership position, and cultivating good relationships with your teachers. All of this preparation will not only help you succeed on the PSAT and SAT, but will set you up for success in your future academic and professional careers. What's Next? Make sure you read about our National Merit Semifinalist and Finalist articles to have the best chance of qualifying for each stage of the competition. The National Merit Scholarship uses the PSAT, but the SAT is far more important for college admissions. What's a good SAT score? Learn what a good target score is, based on your college goals. Aiming for a perfect score on the SAT? Read our guide to getting a perfect SAT score, written by one of our perfect scorers. Want to improve your SAT score by 240 points?We have the industry's leading SAT prep program. Built by Harvard grads and SAT full scorers, the program learns your strengths and weaknesses through advanced statistics, then customizes your prep program to you so you get the most effective prep possible. Sign up for our free 5-day trial today:

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Application Nursing Care and Practice for patients with Irritable Essay

Application Nursing Care and Practice for patients with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) - Essay Example The scope of nursing further identifies functions such as provision of care, educative roles, counseling, administration, and clinical specialist services. Proper background of health issues is fundamental to a practicing nurse and such knowledge bases as causes of a health problem, its symptoms, and preventive and control measures are therefore necessary for a practicing nurse. This paper demonstrate this competence through exploration of irritable bowel syndrome, its signs, symptoms, and causes, medical and alternative interventions, nursing care assessment and considerations in acute care settings, and plans for community follow up and support systems for management of irritable bowel syndrome. Signs, symptoms, and causes of IBS Irritable bowel syndrome is symptomatic, offering a basis for prediction among the public and diagnosis by care personnel. The primary symptom of the syndrome is pain in the victim’s abdomen. ... A slight variation in either direction may initiate discomfort wile extremely lower or higher changes in movements may lead to extreme levels of pain. Observable changes are also made on stool that may be adverse and change with variations in bowel motions. Some cases of irritable bowel syndrome report loose stools that worsen to be more watery while others report harder stools that normally experienced by patients. A number of secondary symptoms also exist to suggest existence of the syndrome. The loose or watery stool may be experienced frequently to define diarrhea, more tat three watery stools per day, and may be associated with sudden need for bowel movement. Frequent hard stools in a week are another secondary indicator of the syndrome and victims may have trouble with bowel movement. Another symptom is the â€Å"feeling that a bowel movement is not complete† and this may lead to longer periods of trying to pass out stool (Digestive, 2012, p. 1). Other symptoms are †Å"passing mucus† and â€Å"abdominal bloating† (Digestive, 2012, p. 1). The symptoms must however have been reported for a minimum of three days in a month in order to suggest existence of irritable bowel syndrome in a patient. The exact cause of irritable bowel syndrome is not yet ascertained but many health complications are believed to initiate the syndrome, either individually or collectively. â€Å"Brain-gut signal problem,† impaired coordination between the brain and nerves in the small intestines is one of the factors. Coordination between the brain and the nerves regulate the intestines’ functionality and poor coordination initiates variation in movements towards changed bowel behavior and associated pain (1). Complications with gastrointestinal

Spirtual care in nursing Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Spirtual care in nursing - Article Example In phase 2, they used unstructured focus group interviews to allow the participants to expand on their responses from the questionnaire. The questionnaire was validated by a multidisciplinary palliative care committee, who deemed it appropriate for use. Allen S. and smith maintained a clear audit trail through the journaling technique. There was a correlation between the questionnaire and the focus group data. Ethics approval consent was sought from the University Ethics Committee. Permission was also granted from the hospital’s ethics committee in the rural facility. In addition, the participants were assured of independence and confidentiality, and they gave a written consent. In the analysis and discussion of the results four major themes emerged: understanding spirituality, assessment of spirituality, difficulties and education. Also, study limitations emerged. A focus group interview was not appropriate data collection method to use in the study. This was evident from the responses in the focus groups that the meaning of spirituality was inconsistent based on the individual understanding and belief. Also, the questionnaire did not provide an opportunity to give examples of spiritual care. According to the journal article, it is important for the health workers to realize the spirituality as an important component in delivering nursing care in any setting. Smyth, T, & Allen, S 2011, Nurses experiences assessing the spirituality of terminally ill patients in acute clinical practice, International Journal Of Palliative Nursing, 17, 7, pp. 337-343, Consumer Health Complete - EBSCOhost, EBSCOhost, viewed 15 March

Spirtual care in nursing Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Spirtual care in nursing - Article Example In phase 2, they used unstructured focus group interviews to allow the participants to expand on their responses from the questionnaire. The questionnaire was validated by a multidisciplinary palliative care committee, who deemed it appropriate for use. Allen S. and smith maintained a clear audit trail through the journaling technique. There was a correlation between the questionnaire and the focus group data. Ethics approval consent was sought from the University Ethics Committee. Permission was also granted from the hospital’s ethics committee in the rural facility. In addition, the participants were assured of independence and confidentiality, and they gave a written consent. In the analysis and discussion of the results four major themes emerged: understanding spirituality, assessment of spirituality, difficulties and education. Also, study limitations emerged. A focus group interview was not appropriate data collection method to use in the study. This was evident from the responses in the focus groups that the meaning of spirituality was inconsistent based on the individual understanding and belief. Also, the questionnaire did not provide an opportunity to give examples of spiritual care. According to the journal article, it is important for the health workers to realize the spirituality as an important component in delivering nursing care in any setting. Smyth, T, & Allen, S 2011, Nurses experiences assessing the spirituality of terminally ill patients in acute clinical practice, International Journal Of Palliative Nursing, 17, 7, pp. 337-343, Consumer Health Complete - EBSCOhost, EBSCOhost, viewed 15 March

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Language Acquisition Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Language Acquisition - Essay Example Several theories have been put forward that try and explain this process (Pinker, language acquisition). Some theorists believe that the acquisition of language is a natural and intrinsic part of the child growth process and down play the importance of parental feedback while others believe that it is the result of their surrounding environment and how they interact with others, thereby according significance to adult- child interaction. This paper seeks to analyze the different theories that have been put forward to explain language acquisition evaluating how they all explore the importance of parental feedback in the development of linguistic skills. Nativist theorists believe that a child is born with an intrinsic ability to learn a language which makes it relatively easy for them to learn a new language as opposed to adults who wish to learn a second language. In this sense, language is viewed as part of the human genetic make up; a natural trait similar to birds learning how to fly and fish learning how to swim (Macwinney, 1998). As Macwinney (1998) points out, several researchers believe that since the acquisition of language seems to be unique only to humans and it must be... Theories have been put forward to support this infant innate grammar module. Children seem to exhibit an uncanny ability to respect syntax in their early speech. This lends credence to the belief that the ability to learn language is genetically wired in the brain. However, the nativist theories have been criticized for failing to properly and accurately account for their claims on acquisition of the language, causing researchers to look for other explanations to the inherent human capacity to learn language (Macwinney, 1998). Parental feedback in the Nativism theory Parental feedback is not perceived to be of any significance to a child's acquisition of language. Nativism theorists point out that children do most of the language acquisition by themselves, as illustrated when a family migrates to a foreign country. The parents seem to struggle with the new language and may not master it completely but children will always adapt faster and speak the language more richly and fluently than their parents. This by itself negates any role of parental feedback in the acquisition of language as the children are able to adapt better than the parents. Emergentism This is a branch of nativist theory approach but differs from nativism in that it views the acquisition of language as an outcome not just of the intrinsic biology of human cognition, but also as a result of social patterns of interaction and input. Emergentism views children as learning language through means of a self organizing map with auditory, concept and articulatory as the pillars. A child learns language almost independently by associating different elements to these pillars (Macwinney, 1998). Macwinney (1998) points out that there are neural networks in the brain that will influence the

California Exit Exams Litigation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

California Exit Exams Litigation - Essay Example A recent nationwide study by the Manhattan Institute revealed that only 32 percent of all American students leaving high school are college-ready. The picture is said to be bleaker for the so-called ELL (English Language Learner) students, which is 20 percent for African-American students and 16 percent for Hispanics. Among all the states, California has the highest population of such minority students, followed only by New York (Garcia, 1991), such that a big proportion of graduates from California's public high schools is unfit for college. To erase this blot in the state's educational landscape, the state legislature enacted the California High School Exit Exams (CAHSEE) in 1999, which was implemented on a voluntary basis in 2001 for the high school students scheduled to graduate in 2004. From that time until the exit exam was made mandatory in 2006 as a requirement for graduation of all public high school students, the program has been hounded by controversy. So far, two class ac tion suits have been filed against state authorities alleging that the exit exam is arbitrary and impracticable. This paper examines the effects of CAHSEE to see if there is really such a cause for action against the program and whether the changes set to be introduced in the rules as a consequence of the lawsuits can improve the situation. The California High School Exit Exam is one of many state-specific educational schemes given impetus by the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB), which was enacted by the national legislature in 2001 to reduce the dropout rates and narrow the perceived achievement gap among high school students all over the US. A priority concern of NCLB is the increasing number of special education students who lag behind in academic achievement because of physical and cultural handicaps. Students with physical disabilities and those with ethnic roots, that altogether comprise 35 percent of the public high school population in California (Greene & Winters, 2004), have the highest dropout rate and the lowest ranking in academic achievement and expectations because of poverty and lack of language skills. The NCLB mandated the adoption of testing schemes to ensure that the public school system benefits all students and non-performing public schools improve their instruction. CAHSEE was California's respons e to the measure, which has similarity in content to other schemes established in about half of the American states. There are a dozen other smaller programs, including the school choice initiative and the voucher-and-charter school scheme in which students are allowed to leave public schools for better performing private ones, with appropriate assistance (Forster, 2006). In all, the common goal is to forge a 100 percent passing rate for all public high school students so no one is deprived of the opportunity to pursue a college degree. The CAHSEE consists of two main sections: English language arts (ELA) and mathematics. Under the ELA section, examinees are usually asked 72 multiple-choice questions and have to write a 2 and page essay. To obtain a passing grade in this section, the students must get 60 percent of the questions right. In the math section, which comprises 80 multiple-choice questions, the passing score is 55 percent. Sample questions in the ELA and math tests

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Reading summary 4 Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Reading summary 4 - Assignment Example First, hisba turn out to be a coercive, public power that may potentially punish individuals for holding to religious practices and beliefs; thus, violating liberal secular prescriptions for the religion’s good boundaries. Second, the subsequent legislations and the courts articulate hisba differently from how it is elaborated classically in the Islamic shari’a (Agrama 498). Shari’a aims at cultivating and securing certain moral values. But, the court judgments along with legislation hisba get articulated as a legal practice that connects with the protection of public order, public interest, religious beliefs and public order. Thus, explaining why it is hard to know if the country is a religious or secular state (Agrama 515). Therefore, the presented facts relating to present situations shows that secularism incessantly blurs along with politics and religion and its power depends on the precariousness categories it establishes. Thus, Egypt’s political-religious ambiguities express the deeper indetermination at the secular power foundation. Hence, the country is gradually abandoning its religion and adopting secularism following the introduction of different laws. Thus, it is not concluded if it is still a religious or a secular

Total Quality Management in International Business Essay

Total Quality Management in International Business - Essay Example Gerber views quality from the definitional perspective in that quality is the top priority of the company and serves a generic marketing strategy for promotional purposes. The company uses quality to solidify the firm’s brand value. The company wants the logo Gerber baby to be associated with the highest quality standards. Based on Gerber’s trajectory during the 20th-century quality has been a critical success factor that has helped the company become the industry leader in infant care products. When quality is used to define the product line of a company and the product’s the firm offers are in reality superior to the competition an enterprise has a great formula for success. Quality at Gerber has become so important that the company seeks feedback from a variety of stakeholders including the customers, suppliers, and employees.2. Gerber Corporation realized since its inception that quality could provide the company with a competitive advantage due to the importance parents place in the care of their creatures. The business integrated quality into the manufacturing processes in order to create greater consistency and reliability in the quality of the firm’s products. Gerber has benefited from using teamwork in the quality assurance process. The use of teamwork allowed the company to spread quality functions from departments to being used throughout the plant. The human resources practices that encouraged teamwork help the firm achieved synergy. Synergy in the workplace occurs when the whole is greater than the sum of its parts (Schermerhorn & Hunt & Osborn, 2003, p.174). Another technique that has helped Gerber achieve quality improvements is getting frontline employees involved. The floor workers are the individuals that at times have the greatest insight into quality control problems because they are the ones that see the production lines with their own eyes day.A strategic move that improves quality in the company was the implementation of managerial incentives for quality performance.

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Reading summary 4 Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Reading summary 4 - Assignment Example First, hisba turn out to be a coercive, public power that may potentially punish individuals for holding to religious practices and beliefs; thus, violating liberal secular prescriptions for the religion’s good boundaries. Second, the subsequent legislations and the courts articulate hisba differently from how it is elaborated classically in the Islamic shari’a (Agrama 498). Shari’a aims at cultivating and securing certain moral values. But, the court judgments along with legislation hisba get articulated as a legal practice that connects with the protection of public order, public interest, religious beliefs and public order. Thus, explaining why it is hard to know if the country is a religious or secular state (Agrama 515). Therefore, the presented facts relating to present situations shows that secularism incessantly blurs along with politics and religion and its power depends on the precariousness categories it establishes. Thus, Egypt’s political-religious ambiguities express the deeper indetermination at the secular power foundation. Hence, the country is gradually abandoning its religion and adopting secularism following the introduction of different laws. Thus, it is not concluded if it is still a religious or a secular

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Wisdom Tradition and how life is best lived Essay

Wisdom Tradition and how life is best lived - Essay Example They determine whether one lived his or her life the best way or not. This has always been the way of life for communities that have been guided by the teachings of their religious books. Besides, clergymen can be used to teach a number of people in the field to bring about the desired final effect. Plato and Augustine observed that all religions in the world did share number of specific truths. Among them are the wisdom books and teachings that are used to guide the respective folders. Through the perennialism theory, the various religious groups in the world have various truths that take care of their flock’s social, intellectual, and psychological needs of a given culture over a period. A number of people that include the founders of the various religions, prophets, and philosophers have further echoed this. Despite the fact that the scriptures might oppose each other superficially, one can distinguish a common doctrine for the final purpose of human life (Brown, 88). Through Socrates and Augustine, a number of philosophers have gained insight on what is meant by wisdom tradition that has been of the great contribution to the development of the field. Plato had a clear picture of what wisdom is. He defines it as the best thing in life. Essentially, he comes up with three platonic images of wisdom to make his wisdom perception clear. The icon of leaving the cave depicts wisdom as a factor that enlightens and illuminates the mind and the nation. With its possession, one is at the verge of having a new dimension of life. The second iconic point is wisdom as the tool that cares for the heart. Primarily, it does insist on ensuring that the knowledge is put into practice (Brown, 89). Most significantly, he professes that to mean that he is ever willing to learn. One must remain committed to learn and satisfy the intrinsic

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Policy Implications of Psychology Model of Mental Disorder

Policy Implications of Psychology Model of Mental Disorder This essay will review the article Policy implications of a psychological model of mental disorder (Kinderman, P., Sellwood, W. and Tai, S., 2007), and discuss how this article is relevant to my future career, by comparing the ideas that it espouses with those in other articles within the same field. The broad idea that underpins this article is that existing mental health service policy is predicated on the medical model of mental disorder, and that a psychological model of mental disorder could help to inform or even replace the medical model in terms of shaping policy. Kinderman et al’s (2007) article presents the view that mental disorders are â€Å"implicitly assumed to be biological disorders requiring treatment with variants on the traditional medical care systems†. The article presents evidence from a number of different sources, including the National Office of Statistics, and the charity Mind, in support of the view that people suffering from mental disorders often receive inappropriate care, and that the underlying reason is the assumption of medical rather than psychological models of therapy. The mediating psychological processes model of mental disorder (Kinderman, 2005, as cited by Kinderman et al 2007) is the psychological model proposed to enhance or replace the existing medical model. This model sees social and cultural influences, as well as biological factors as causing disturbances in the psychological processes of people suffering from mental disorders, as the diagram from Kinderman et al (2007) below illustrates; The benefits of using this model are that interventions would be designed to benefit the underlying psychological processes rather than to treat a diagnosed ‘illness’ as part of a generic medical response. The model suggests causation is external to the individual, and that mental disorder is a response to external factors. The difference with this model in relation to the medical model is that the medical model only considers biological factors, and ignores social and cultural factors. Interventions, from this perspective, would therefore be much broader, and would include in large part mental health workers, with less emphasis on the more medically inclined psychiatric approach, and more emphasis on a multi-disciplinary approach. Kinderman et al’s (2007) article goes on to look at how services could be structured around a social rather than medical framework and how existing organisational and operational structures would be altered across management and front-line departments. How users would engage with a service restructured around psychological concerns is looked at, particularly with respect to the stigma felt by patients that is currently associated with the medical model of mental ‘illness’, and the implications for patient recovery models. The more community-based, ‘quality of life’ approach to caring for people suffering from mental disorders is emphasised across all of these sections of the article. A breakdown of how the roles of specific mental health workers would be affected by adoption of Kinderman et al’s (2007) psychological model is also provided. The role of the mental health worker in this brave new world would be very much as part of a multi-discipl inary team. The role of psychiatrist focuses solely on biological interventions in terms of impact on psychological processes, and the traditional emphasis on psychiatry over other disciplines would be replaced by a more collaborative approach within a team of professionals across a number of disciples. Kinderman et al (2007) propose that nurses take on a broader role that encompasses psychological interventions, may carry more responsibility for clinical decisions, but still based on personal therapeutic relationships in both community and residential care settings. Psychologists are seen mainly as supervisors and trainers, and as formulating appropriate interventions as part of a multi-disciplinary team, rather than carrying them out. Social workers supply the social perspective to the team, and would be involved in socially based interventions, as opposed to psychological or biological interventions. Finally, occupational therapists also focus on the social aspects of care, speci fically social inclusion, and the article suggests that a closer relationship between occupational therapy and return to work advice may come about. I have attempted to place Kinderman et al’s (2007) article into context by reviewing literature related to this topic, so as to understand the issue of the medical model within the mental health services from different perspectives. Petrie, K., Broadbent, E., and Kydd, R. (2008) look at the affect of the patient’s own perception of their illness in terms of how the patient engages with mental health services and rehabilitative efforts. The self-regulation theory proposes that individuals form common-sense beliefs about their illness so that they can â€Å"understand and cope with health threats† (Leventhal et al., 1997; Leventhal, Nerenz, and Steele, 1984, as cited by Petrie et al 2008). Individuals actively try to understand their symptoms and their illness, which â€Å"†¦drives the patients coping and emotional responses to the health threat.† Petrie et al (2008) are arguing that the perceptions of the patient influence how they seek help, cope with interventions, rehabilitate, and respond emotionally to mental disorder. This view aligns to Kinderman et al’s (2007) view that social and cultural factors are as important as biological factors in how the mental health services engage with people suffering from mental disorders, and how well people respond to interventions. People’s perceptions of themselves are heavily contingent upon how they think other people see them, which is a social and cultural influence on an individual psychological construct. As an example of this Kondo, D. (1990), in reflecting as a researcher on her own experiences as a Japanese American describes how people â€Å"seemed to be constituted in and through social relations† and how the self is a dynamic construction. From this point of view, it is likely that an individuals’ perception of themselves, because it is a social construct, will change over time, and particularly with respect to how they perceive the state of mental disorder they suffer from, and how any intervention progresses (or not). This fits with Kinderman et al’s (2007) recognition that individuals are stigmatised through the application of the medical model to them, in the hands of the mental health service. Rose, Thornicroft, Pinfold, Kassam, (2007, as cited by Petrie et al 2008) point out that â€Å"the diagnoses used for mental health problems are more often associated with negative connotations.† Mà ¼ller DJ, Mandelli L, Serretti A, DeYoung CG, De Luca V, Sicard T, Tharmalingam S, Gallinat J, Muglia P, De Ronchi D, Jain U, Kennedy JL. (2008) carried out research into the influences of genetic and non-genetic factors on adult Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). According to Muller et al (2008), there is â€Å"strong evidence that ADHD is highly heritable and has a neurobiological underpinning† (Faraone and Biederman, 1999, as cited by Muller et al 2008), and that â€Å"low socioeconomic status, parental psychopathology, and family conflict† (Scahill et al., 1999 and Biederman et al., 2002, as cited by Muller et al 2008) are all strong contributors to the risk of ADHD. This view aligns to Kinderman et al’s (2007) view that social and cultural factors as well as biological factors need to be incorporated into the model that underpins mental health services policy. Muller et al (2007) concludes that the inclusion of â€Å"environmental factors in genetic studies, [would help] to resolve†¦Ã¢â‚¬  inconsistencies in studies of ADHD and of â€Å"†¦other psychiatric disorders.† Again, the importance of social and cultural factors as well as biological factors in understanding mental disorder is emphasised. Much research has linked suicide, and having suicidal thoughts, to depressive disorders. For example, â€Å"most adolescents with depressive disorders report significant suicidal ideation, and a significant minority report having made a suicide attempt during the course of their depression (Myers, McCauley, Calderon, Treder, 1991, as cited by Brown, R., Antonuccio, D., DuPaul, G., Fristad, M., King, C., Leslie, L., McCormick, G., Pelham, W., Piacentini, J., Vitiello, B., and Brown, R. 2008). It can be argued that suicide is a profoundly individual act. According to Durkheim, the motives of an individual could be explained by psychology, but psychology did not provide a general explanation of suicide as a ‘social fact’ (Smith, M., 1998). In Suicide (1897/1952, as cited by Smith, M. 1998), Durkheim studied suicide rates across time and place, and found patterns between suicide rates and amongst other factors, the geographic location of people that committed suicide, and membership of religious groups. It would seem that social and cultural factors had a very real impact upon the state of mind of individuals, and that there may also be psychological factors at play. In relation to the article under review here, it would therefore seem that not only do social and cultural processes need to be taken into account when caring for people with mental disorders, but psychological factors also influence, or perhaps mediate how social and cultural factors influence, the individual. This is broadly in line with Kinderman et al’s (2007) model, although the relationship between biological and psychological factors is not clear, and could stand further research, notwithstanding the limitations of this particular essay. It would also seem that professionals and researchers across several disciplines and schools of thought relating to mental disorders agree with Kinderman et al’s (2007) article, in terms of the need to include social and cultural factors in understanding and caring for people with mental disorders. In terms of my own career, Kinderman et al’s (2007) article illustrates the inadequacies within the existing structure and approach of mental health services, and how the mental health services could be improved by broadening the focus of the underlying model to include social and cultural causation of disruptions to individual psychological processes. I am unsure of how biological processes and psychological processes interrelate in terms of Kinderman et al’s (2007) model, but I would assume that in line with the deterministic causation of social and cultural factors, that psychological factors were are derived from biological factors. As a student considering a career in the mental health services, I see Kinderman et al’s (2007) article as very relevant. I chose the Kinderman et al (2007) article for review as it was of personal interest to me, and relevant to issues I may have to confront both in my future studies, and in my chosen career. I am specifically in terested in how people are engaged with by the mental health services, and how effective that engagement is, in terms of promoting individual agency, and respecting individual differences. My own feelings and thoughts around how people shape themselves, how people are shaped by external factors, and how people should be treated by society and by the mental health services, tend toward equality and non-judgemental institutions, processes and workers. Kinderman et al’s (2007) article and the thinking it embodies is provocative and very interesting, as it challenges the status quo, and the accepted medical model; a model that sees people as merely organisms rather than people with their own feelings, thoughts, histories and needs. As someone planning to work in the mental health arena, I would prefer to work within a structure that aligned with my own ideals and values, rather than being constrained by the ideas and values of the institution, and not being able to work in a way that I thought was effective and valuable. In writing this essay, the academic skills I have used include summarising, picking out key points, selecting relevant materials relating to the article under review, and constructing a logical flow of argument. I read the article itself through several times, first just to get a broad idea of the thrust of the article, and then again more carefully, paying attention to the points raised, and any thoughts I had related to the points raised. I noted down all of the ideas I had about the article at each reading, and used them to formulate a list of subjects for searching under on-line. These subjects included the main ideas underpinning the article, which included terms like medical, biological, illness, sickness, treatments, diagnosis, social / cultural influences (family, environment, socio-economic) psychological disorders, and related ideas like mental health, mental illness, intervention, child development, genetics, and psychiatry. I accessed the Open University library and carri ed out key word searches using different combinations of the terms themselves until I found articles that I could relate to the Kinderman et al (2007) article under review, and read, summarised and picked out key points. I then wrote up a rough essay plan that threaded all of the articles together, incorporating the key points of each, and led to the conclusion I had in mind, that is, the article was relevant to me, and was more or less supported by the additional reading I had done. I find studying academic skills as a subject useful, in that I feel as if I am developing a technique for better comprehending information and better expressing myself, by utilising evidence to support my views. This helps me to feel confident in approaching tasks that I may have felt previously were challenging because I was not comfortable that I knew how to achieve the objectives. I think I understand more about the process of working through information and evidence, with a view to applying that evidence to what I need to achieve. I feel as if I can see a logical path, which will help me to understand something and apply it in the way that I need to. In reflection, I think that one of the skills I have learnt is to break down things into smaller chunks that are more manageable. Taking a more methodical approach allows me to make sure I understand something fully before I move on to the next thing. This makes me feel as if I am achieving something at each step, rather than just gr inding through a long task with no clear end in sight. It helps me to feel as if I am in control, and as if I know what I am doing, which I think is what makes me feel more confident. In conclusion then, studying academic skills makes me feel more confident about tackling difficult tasks for which I would not previously have had the skills or confidence to tackle, and I demonstrated this to myself in carrying out this assignment. Bibliography References Kinderman, Peter, Sellwood, William and Tai, Sara (2007)Policy implications of a psychological model of mental disorder, Journal of Mental Health,17:1,93 — 103 Kinderman, Peter, and Tai, Sara (2008)‘Psychological models of mental disorder, human rights, and compulsory mental health care in the community’, International Journal of Law and Psychiatry, Volume 31, Issue 6, December 2008, Pages 479-486 Petrie, Keith J. ; Broadbent, Elizabeth ; Kydd, Robert , (2008), Illness perceptions in mental health: Issues and potential applications, Journal of Mental Health, Volume 17, Issue 6 December 2008 , pages 559 564 Mà ¼ller DJ, Mandelli L, Serretti A, DeYoung CG, De Luca V, Sicard T, Tharmalingam S, Gallinat J, Muglia P, De Ronchi D, Jain U, Kennedy JL. (2008). Serotonin Transporter Gene and Adverse Life Events in Adult ADHD. American Journal of Medical Genetics Part B 147B:1461-1469. Kondo, D. (1990), Crafting Selves: Power, Gender and Discourses of Identity in a Japanese Workplace, Chicago, University of Chicago Press, pp. 9, 11-24 Brown, R.T.; Antonuccio, D.O.; DuPaul, G.J.; Fristad, M.A.; King, C.A.; Leslie, L.K.; McCormick, G.S.; Pelham, W.E. Jr.; Piacentini, J.C.; Vitiello, B. (2008), Depressive disorders and suicidality, in Childhood mental health disorders: Evidence base and contextual factors for psychosocial, psychopharmacological, and combined interventions.; pp. 69-85. Washington, DC, US: American Psychological Association. xii, 207 pp. Smith, M., (1998), Social Science in Question, London, Sage Publications in association with the Open University Press, p84

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Comparing the Religions of Christianity and Hinduism Essay -- compare

â€Å"If I were asked to define the Hindu creed, I should simply say: Search after truth through non-violent means. A man may not believe in God and still call himself a Hindu. Hinduism is a relentless pursuit after truth... Hinduism is the religion of truth. Truth is God.† -- Mahatma Gandhi "I believe in Christianity as I believe that the sun has risen: not only because I see it, but because by it I see everything else." -- C. S. Lewis   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Hinduism and Christianity are two religions that have been around for thousands of years. These religions have developed philosophies on certain subjects that can be compared in order to show their similarities and differences. Some of the main subjects that can be reflected upon are the paths to enlightenment or salvation, the religions' treatment of women, and the concept of the afterlife. This paper will give an analytic comparison of these religions through the discussion of these topics.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  One of the most important elements of these religions is their history. The Hindu religion disputably began around 2500 years before the Common Era (B.C.E.) in India. It was geographically based along the Indus River, which was called â€Å"Hindu† by the Persians who had migrated there. They also called the land Hindustan and it’s inhabitants, Hindus. After that, the religion that followed was called Hinduism. Today, almost 800 million people practice the Hindu religion (Spodek, 261) More than a religion, Hinduism is a way of life and a philosophy that is most concerned with spirituality and enlightenment. The idealism of the Hindu religion comes from the Vedas, which are the Hindu religion's oldest scriptures and are considered to be a direct revelation of God. The Upanishads are writings that take their themes from the Vedas. The Upanishads, however, seem to be more along the lines of allegories that give a fleshy quality to the religion rather than a very dry and out of touch feel that can be found in other religious texts. Lastly, the Bhagavad-Gita is a collection of teachings that are based on the conversation between Arjuna, a soldier for one of two warring families, and Lord Krishna, who appears as Arjuna's charioteer. In these conversations the two discuss everything from the purpose of life to the basis of reality. Much like Christian proverbs, the teachings of Lord Krishna give advice and general good sense and... ... to the physical realm. The Christian version only allows for one life to determine the fate of one's eternity. It seems that the only way to miss the trip to heaven would be to denounce Jesus and not give for forgiveness, but who is going to do that if given the option in eternity.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  The comparison of these two religions is one that is full of differences with the occasional similarity. Mainly, I find Hinduism to be a religion full of positive aspects that give meaning and importance to any of its follower's lives. Conversely, Christianity is a religion that is steeped in contradiction and confusion. It uses guilt and dire consequences to push people into it arms. Where Hinduism allows for personal choice at a personal price, Christianity allows for personal freedom with almost no responsibility for personal action. Works Cited Spodek, Howard. The World's History. Second Edition. Calmann & King Ltd. London. 2001. Eastman, Roger. The Ways of Religion: An Introduction to the Major Traditions. Third Edition. Oxford University Press. N.Y. 1999 Jayaram, V. "Traditional Status of Women in Hinduism." Web. 15 May 2015.

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The Physics of Skiing Essay -- Sports Athletics Essays

The Physics of Skiing I have been skiing for about five years and I find it to be one of the most fun and challenging sports there is. A lot of the reason it is so challenging is because of the laws of physics such as gravity and friction. In this essay I will discuss how physics relates to skiing and how this physics makes skiing so fun and challenging. I will also discuss how things like wax and the shape and width of your skis can affect these laws of physics and enhance your skiing. There are really only two main forces acting on a skier, they are gravity and air resistance. The first and most important thing relating to the physics of skiing is the law of gravity. Gravity is the most familiar force in our everyday lives it is the force that keeps us on the ground it is also the force that makes things fall. We have all heard the saying, â€Å"what goes up must come down.† This saying is relating to gravity. Near the earths surface the acceleration due to gravity is 9.8 m/s^2. When you ski you are taken up to the top of a mountain by a chair lift once you reach the top of the mountain gravity wants to pull you back down the mountain. These forces of gravity and air resistance are what make skiing happen. The air resistance of a skier has a huge effect on how fast a skier is going to go. Air resistance is major factor in ski racing. A skier may reduce his or her air resistance by skiing in a tucked position. This reduces the amount of area that the wind has to hit, thus creating less drag and causing the skier to go a lot faster. Some world class skiers even have helmets that come to a point a few inches behind their head like an airplane wing to further reduce their drag. The reason that gravity is able to pull ... ...I would ski everyday if I could. I am so glad that there are such things as gravity, friction, air resistance, and kinetic and potential energy because without some of these skiing would not even be possible and without the others skiing would be really boring. If there were no gravity or kinetic and potential energy skiing could not exist. If there were no friction you would not be able to stop, and if there were too much friction you would not be able to move. And last but certainly not least if there were no air resistance there would be no ski racing. If nobody had any air resistance and they all just went straight down the hill they would all go about the same speed. There would be no way of going into a tighter tuck to go faster that another person. You may have never thought that if there were no such thing as physics there would be no skiing but it is true.